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Just Some Guy

Just Some Guy's Introduction

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Hello friends my name is Just Some Guy and I'm here to tell you a few things about me!

I am obsessed with Gmod (Over 5900 hours)

I am decent at making SFM posters.

I like playing with friends/people

I'm a talking person

I like to play games / animate / make posters / and hang out

If you want to be friends then feel free to add me.

I am on steam everyday so you don't need to worry about me being offline for a long time.

I love DarkRP / Jailbreak / Deathrun / Maybe Prop Hunt

I hope I get to meet some new friends c:


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5,900 hours? Holly Molly!

That's some pretty neat and sketty stuff you got there!

So seem really nice, that's a lovely addition.

If you ever want to chat or play something together, feel free to hop into Teamspeak and get to know us. >:3

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/ animate

Nice, I animate too, though they're usually really lazy sketches with a shitty plot I thought of 5 minutes ago.

Welcome to the community, and I hope you enjoy your stay here :3

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