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The real trapezoid

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Some say that trapezoid is not whom he seems. I, jimmy beans, explain it all, here. Here, is the story, or the REAL trapezoid...

He woke up (using he because I don't know traps real name fail), one day, and decided," hey, I want to fuck with someone today. He joins a jailbreak server named Hearthigen Jailbreak, his name Jesus, and just mass rdms everyone, period. He gets banned. But this is what people don't know...

A few months later, something in him snaps, he looses his shit. He remembers that one time he got banned for mass rdm. He says to himself," you know what, fuck that." Some people say he still does it to this day, but, HE , JOINED, BACK… as trapezoid… DUN DUNN DAHHHHHH. He pretends like the ban, just a dream. He created a cult called "shape nation" and to this day, terrorists the players of Hearthigen. They say he pretends to be a friendsly neighborhood trapezoid. This is where it gets interesting…

He tricks people into becoming friends with him with his dank memes, and then he strikes. He friends you in steam, finds your address, and then what? You may be asking… then… HE FILLS YOU WITH SPONGEBOB MEMES!!! The PAIN of all the dank memes filling you, so painful, and right when it's all over , you fall on the floor, and you see him, see who he really is, you see.…A


more like


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