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Green's (LicketySplitHD) Introduction

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[SIZE=7][B][COLOR=#ffff00]HEY YOU! [/COLOR][COLOR=#00ffff]YEAH YOU!!!! [/COLOR][COLOR=#b30000]IT'S LICKETYSPLITHD OR NOW KNOWN AS...[/COLOR][COLOR=#00ff00] MY FAVOURITE COLOUR IS GREEN!!![/COLOR][/B] [COLOR=#ffffff]Let us get down to the basics of myself, I like vanilla and [/COLOR][COLOR=#00ff00]Green stuff. [/COLOR][COLOR=#ffffff]I do have a short fuse, so don't piss me off. I'm currently a hobby artist, although I do tinker with other stuff like game development from time to time.[/COLOR][COLOR=#4d4dff] I hope to become a well known and valued player of this community [/COLOR][/SIZE]
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