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Alucard The Warden's Ex

A spooky day in prison

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Once upon a time, there was a little prison, and everything was good. There was no gun control, so the prisoners could enjoy the second amendment to the fullest, and the warden was nice.


That was until @Loud J became spooky. Suddenly, @Loud J disappeared, and in his place stood someone who looked exactly like him, except that his name was Spooky J. All the prisoners freaked out, as Loud J had seemingly disappeared. 


Just when things couldn't get any worse, @Dreamster disappeared, or rather in his place stood someone named Spookster, who looked exactly like the him. Now there were 2 new faces in the prison. Could things get any worse?


@Bill Nye rushed to the scene. The disappearance of the two guards freaked him out. 


"Bitch!!!!!!" Spooky J screamed spookily. Everyone freaked out.



@Bill Nye too, was spooked, and he transformed. He looked exactly the same, except his name was now Spoopy Bill Nye. @Archthious then sent in the fire squad to literally set everyone on fire, and the day was saved. Nobody was spooked out anymore. The End.                                

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REALLY great now people are writing stories about me. what next? Loud J as Danger Dolan fan fic? anyway spooky J will be gone until next Halloween. or until next October whichever I feel like


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