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      Welcome to our community! While we are primarily a Garry's Mod community. We have expanded our servers to other areas and are welcome to new ideas and players. After registering with us, feel free to apply and become a part of our family! https://www.hearthigen.com/forms/2/hearthigen-member-application/


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Lil' Poof

Community Meeting 11.8.16

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  •  26+ staff members since last month.
  • Need staff on TTT, Stop it Slender,ecttt... (prophunt)
  • Remind JB people that there's other servers like TTT.
  • Jailbreak player models UPDATE for Christmas!
  • -Will allow custom player models for gaurds.
  • To apply for DARK RP you only need ONE reference.



  •  nothing
  • i think scot did put "push-to-talk" server group is about it
  • it's ok to AFK on teamspeak, just know that you should be on if you're staff. :)



  •  Staff need to encourage people to comment on the website ( Topics/apps) and to get on the teamspeak.
  • Took away the report staff option, you have to use feedback to report a staff now. (Negative feedback is basically a way to report someone, we then message the person reported to see what's up.)
  • https://www.hearthigen.com/feedback/
  • When leaving feedback- leave actual feed back not things like "+1 good guy"
  • If you want to create a game team you can always bring the idea to @Heliuxen.
  • When you have a team; they get their own badge on the website! 
  • OSP is being revamped and we encourage people to apply for OSP! (Apply before the new stuff is implemented!)
  • Allowing feedback from players and new officers for the OSP trainers.
  • Vermont · Population
    Vermont · Population
    626,042 (2015)
  • 2.8% of Vermont voted in this election. it was hilaryies clitens win #fuckvermont
  • Need leaders on the community to stand up and make decisions! :)
  • Mention our other servers to others- let our other servers get some love as well.
  • We should be thinking about the future should we add a new game so please tell us your idea
  • <17:34:36> "[Heliuxen] Heliuxen": 69% of florida reported
    <17:34:37> "[Heliuxen] Heliuxen": just note it
  • <17:37:35> "[Heliuxen] Heliuxen": Unless I know who is abusing, who is not getting punished repeatedly, etc. there is nothing I can do to reinforce change.


Additional notes from @crytpic 

  • I have some notes from the meeting 
  • Heli talks about how Trump retweets apparent neo-Nazi twitter posts
  • Teamspeak channel requests will be back up when teamspeak staff is put into place
  • Hearthigen will be 1 year old on December 4th 2016
  • Forum Officer applications are now available for people to apply
  • This month there were 116 new Hearthigen members in the month of October and 26 new staff members
  • Heliuxen wants more staff members to post more on the forums
  • DarkRP officer applications should be ready soon
  • We need more staff members on other servers like TTT
  • Website host will change possibly in January
  • All staff must be active on teamspeak even if you are AFK and ask others to join
  • In jailbrake the Player Models will change December 1st for the christmas update
  • There will be more playermodels for you to choose from
  • The OSP system is going to be changed
  • Apply now for OSP before the big change happening sometime in the next week or 2
  • There is a new hashtag it is #FuckVermont because only 2% of there population voted
  • We should be thinking about the future should we add a new game so please tell us your idea



  •  crzshes- "is there a actual box for hearthigen?" Yes we have a  actual box in Chicago.
  • Killordie54 - "DarkRP- New weapons and new jobs?" There's a ton of new stuff on there.
  • Killordie54 "Application for TS channels?" When we have TS staff it'll go back up.
  • Dradaus- "Will I be demoted or anything if I'm only able to come on weekends and be on forums" As long as your active that's OK- you can also leave a temp absence if you think you'll be gone for longer.
  • Veigar - "When we gonna fix the map?" When fatesdeath gets back and can actually fix the issue.
  • Illustriouswolf - "Whta if some1 mass rdm's and no mod+ r on?" Get a screenshot+STEAM ID and interrogate them, ask a  higher up to get on.
  • James - "What's happening about events?" Trailer is busy, feel free to apply for event coordinator. Applications are up.
  • some random guy called derp or some weebaoo shit said there's too many weeaboos in the community (stumpy,drad,dradaus,arch kid didnt even mention me tsh smh)
  • King - "when promotions out?????" Soon™


>heli is talking about Christmas updates and stuff

"What about turkey day?"  - flwuffie

"Fuck turkey day" - heli

(Special thanks to cryptic for adding some notes on! <3 )


Love you all!

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