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Event Poll 11/15/16

Vote for the next Hearthigen Event!   33 members have voted

  1. 1. Vote for the next Hearthigen Event!

    • Town Of Salem
    • Cards Against Humanity
    • JB Attack On Titan
    • Karaoke Night
    • Kahoot!
    • Movie Night

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Vote for our next Hearthigen Event!


The options for this week are:


Town of Salem:

A game based on the Salem Witch Trials with the Mafia and the Town competing for victory


Cards Against Humanity:

An online card game like Apples to Apples where you are given cards and a sentence and use the best card in your hand to finish the sentence. The host picks the winning card.


JB Attack on Titan:

One person is given a large sum of health and prisoners/guards have to try to kill them for a prize.


Karaoke Night:

Users come together on TeamSpeak and sing.



A trivia type game in which a question is asked on a main screen (rabb.it in this case) and 4 possible choices are given. Answer questions as fast as possible to score as many points as you can.


Move Night:

Users come together on rabb.it to watch a movie.


The event will be selected based on the poll 2-3 days after the poll is released.

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Town of Salem, all the way, hopefully I get chosen as Veteran. My tactic as Veteran is to say "Hello" on the first day because nobody fucking talks on the first day and anyone who does gets targeted by the Mafia, but usually targeted by the doctor and the lookout and the invest, the sheriff, and basically every good role in the game. Then I laugh maniacally because I killed all the good roles and I actually don't give a fuck about who I kill as Veteran. I'm evil.....wait, did I just tell everybody my plan? MY GOD STOP READING THIS, STO


Town of Salem, all the way

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58 minutes ago, futurescape101 said:

What time is the event?



Look on the front page, it shows it in your timezone.


7 minutes ago, Boxic said:

12-2pm EST

It's at 7:00 PM EST, you must be in a different timezone, where it's 12:00 PM for you.

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