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Gay Boi Beefcake

The Gayest of Beefcakes

Name change or nah?   7 members have voted

  1. 1. Should my name be Gay Boi Beefcake or Blueears

    • Gay Boi Beefcake
    • Blueears
    • (Hidden Option) Heli's Left Nut

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Hello peoples, I'm sure a lot of you have met me if you play JB and that a lot of you haven't. I'm a pretty chill dude and feel free to poke/msg/move me to whatever channel on TeamSpeak or on this site if you wanna have a chat. I usually play in the afternoon or at night fyi.


As far as the poll goes, I've been thinking about changing my name. The name I use on everything email, vidya games, etc is Blueears. I've used it for years, but just decided to go the funny route with my Steam name recently. So since I've became staff I've been thinking about changing my name as far as being taken seriously goes. However it is pretty funny to get interrogated by a guy named GayBoi. So do the poll and let me know what you think.


PS: If you're gonna pick the third option pick another one too.

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