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Server Group of the Month Poll (TeamSpeak)

What do you want for the next Servergroup of the Month?   22 members have voted

  1. 1. Vote for the next Servergroup of the Month

    • Dragon King by Stoney
    • Kermit by Dozy
    • Cornhub by Exler
    • Youtuber by Icebait
    • Lil' Cupcakes by Charlie

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This is the poll for server group of the month of December the winner will get their server group on the ts for 1 month. There will be more info on how to submit a server group next month as this is the first time implementing this feature.


Here are the icons for each group

DragonKing By: StoneyStone rsz_dragon.png

CornHub By: Exler rsz_december_group_of_the_month_1.png

Kermit By: Dozy rsz_december_group_of_the_month_3.png

Youtuber By: Icebait rsz_december_group_of_the_month_4.png

Lil' Cupcakes By: Charlie December group of the month 2.jpg

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This topic is now closed to further replies.