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How to use teamspeak

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So I have recently seen that some of our new players do not know how to connect to our teamspeak or how to download it. I hope this little tutorial will help you learn how to connect to our teamspeak and how to use it. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me in the comments below.


First you will need to download teamspeak by clicking here

Once you have done that you should see this page


Choose the version that your computer currently has installed for example I am windows and I am 64 bit so I choose that.

Once you do that you should be installing teamspeak or in other case it is named teamspeak 3


Once it is finished downloading you should open it up and run it, this should pull up a tab


Once you finished this set up after you click the button "Finish" and run teamspeak, you should see teamspeak pull up and it should look like this


If you look at the top left corner, there should be a button by the name of "Connections" click that and click connect


Once you get the connect tab opened up, you will fix in the information in with our teamspeak server IP ts.hearthigen.com everything should be filled out the same as mine except you insert your own name.


Once you have done that you click connect and BAM! You should be connected to our server


When you connect to our teamspeak, you will be in the lobby of stuck. You will not be able to move so be sure to contact a top tier (captian +) to set you to normal so you can have fun and talk to other players! Be sure to read our rules by clicking here


If you want another tutorial like this, comment down below on what I should do next. If you need any other assistance contact me or a teamspeak staff.



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