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Wishful Kitty

Little Problem with my account

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So uhm I changed my google account (deleted made new email) without changing this email first, and now I'm kinda screwed. I never had a password due to using steam login and now I can't change my email and can't make a password since you need an email for that (it has to be sent but my old one doesnt exist anymore) Plz help

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[QUOTE="Gore, post: 5931, member: 86"][FONT=Tahoma][SIZE=7][COLOR=#a6ff4d]Goddammit Wishful why would you delete it in the first place? Is that email also linked to your Steam? [/COLOR][/SIZE] [COLOR=#a6ff4d][SIZE=7]Aside from that, Wishful is the new Skyy. Good job.[/SIZE][/COLOR][/FONT][/QUOTE] Yes but u can change it all u need is password But I dont have a password here because im stupid

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