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Days R Banned

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[USERGROUP=48]@Jailbreak Certified[/USERGROUP] This is saying that ANY VERSION of Jailbreaks Banned Days are not aloud!!! I realized people do this a few days ago... HERE'S THE STORY!: So I was in my cell waiting for a command, the warden says in a fuzzy and blurry mic "Its sitting ducks day, guards' come with me to the Cafe" but I heard "Its Cafe Day, all prisoner follow me" so I followed. As I got there he was playing breakable boxes. I realized what he was doing and said the day was banned, he didnt listen or couldn't hear me and killed me, I told them the day was banned but they didn't read chat.. So I am just getting this out HERE! Heres other names for banned days or similar days Siege Day: Sitting Ducks, Reverse H&S War Day: GvP Brawl Hunger Games: Gun Fight If you have ANY MORE names I DID NOT say, please mention them in a comment

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[QUOTE="Jaws, post: 6695, member: 298"]Here is the official list according to the rules: Warday / Siege Day Hunger Games Shoot or don't shoot Change of elevation day Weeping Angel Day[/QUOTE] There is other names for those days though

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