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Rust Server Release

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Hearthigen's own Rust server is now up and running for the community and friends to use!


You can find it under the "Modded" servers by simply searching for "Hearthigen". Or with our ip @ rust.hearthigen.com


3x Resource Gather | Bi-Weekly wipes (Starting Today 2017/1/9) | 1/8th Crafting times (And alot more!).


As always, we're open to suggestions and don't forget to report ANY issues/exploits and such.


There's some stuff still left to do and I'll be working with those today. Please don't hesitate on joining.




-What is Rust?-




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Anyone add me to play rust together, I got like 400+ hours on it. Steam is linked to my profile. Hope to see you all there sometime!

4 hours ago, Lethal Bacon said:

Not fair! I was deciding if I bought ARK, H1Z1 or DayZ.


Now I have to include Rust on that list!!


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