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Jaws intro of wtf is this

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Heyo I'm Jaws, and now that I've figured out how to make these I am going to be a genius and make one during school. I am a freshman in high school, I'm super interested in computers, and stuff like that. I have been a member on Hearthigen for like [U][S]three[/S][/U] two weeks now, and an officer for [S]two[/S] one.[S] [/S]I have done a surprising amount as an officer, like being the only staff on for 20 minutes and having to gag everyone for completely mic spamming the shit out of the server, (later finding out I'm not supposed to do that, but blade said I was forgiven and said he would put in good word for me ;) ) I am hoping for a promotion soon, and hopefully will be staff for THT and other stuff too. oh and im bi. [B]HAVE A GOOD DAY EVERYONE![/B]

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