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Good Vibes

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I want to spread some good vibes to you all since some people have been struggling recently.

I hope all of you know and realize how important you are to Hearthigen. Whether you are a player, Staff member, -HGEN- Member, or just a visitor. It is with your existence that this wonderful community exists. I can't tell you all what you do for this community, but allow me to list a few of the many.

Recently, as many of you know, I have been unable to play due to many different reasons. This has caused me to be inattentive to some of the major needs we as a community need to address. Allow me to say this: I AM SO PROUD OF EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU FOR KEEPING THIS COMMUNITY STRONG AND GOING WITH ME BEING UNABLE TO HELP.

The people who stood up and made this community great and kept it strong while I was gone... allow me to name you.


[uSERGROUP=48]@Jailbreak Certified[/uSERGROUP], [uSERGROUP=46]@THT Certified[/uSERGROUP], [uSERGROUP=22]@-HGEN- Member[/uSERGROUP]

All of you contributed in some way to make this community the greatest it can be.

Beyond this, I hope everyone here knows, whether I know you or not: I am here to listen. I am here to help. That is what this community is about. Assisting others and making a difference in everyone's life.

- Heliuxen

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