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    Hearthigen, The following changes have been made to the core website: Added "PENDING" Rating... For all of those PENDING needs Added "Spilled Chips on my KEYBOARD" Rating.. ye Heliuxen
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    Hearthigen, Today we welcome back two of our original Top Tier members (from 2015-16) @Nova and @Imasin have returned. They are taking on our DarkRP project that I am doing (not @Shadow's), and they will be TWO Overlords of DarkRP. In our history we have never had two Overlords, but given the potential size of this server, we want to ensure that there are two individuals making all of the calls. We look forward to the future, and welcome back! Heliuxen
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    this is so sad CAN WE GET 50 LIKES for this sad sad image
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    July 20th, 2018 - August 25th, 2018 We are running our SECOND HearthiSummer event. During this event we will be doing a series of different mini-events and global events. The following should be expected: Jailbreak World War II Day Jailbreak will be running a special day that I have done on TTT for several years.. It is based on World War II-era gear and weaponry. The entire server will be temporarily shifted outside of its usual playermodels and weaponry to have such weapons.. Will be locked to certain maps, too. Attending this event will get you a special weapon that you will keep permanently, and you will also get some special extra gear for your character personalization from the event, too. World War II is related to soldiers - there is to be no racial comments or other unnecessary re-enactments during the day. Doing such will result in severe punishment. Don't ruin the fun by being a dick.... OK, cool ❤️ During this day, there will be a 1 hour event that will run with me hosting it. The following prizes will be available during this hour-long event: 1st Place Winner - Special weapon specially made by Heliuxen & used by + 450k points, special trophy accessory, and special pet follower 2nd Place Winner - 200k points and a special trophy accessory and special pet follower 3rd Place Winner - 100k points and a special pet follower Point Gain Increase for THIS month We will be slightly increased the amount of points gained while you are on our servers for the event. They will be increased until the end of the event. TeamSpeak Karaoke Event During this event, you will have the opportunity to win an assortment of rewards including but not limited to.... 1st Place Prize - Special custom TS group that can be distributed or not as you wish, Karaoke winner group, and forum award 2nd Place Price - Special Karaoke runner-up group and forum award 3rd Place Prize - Special "you almost did it" group and forum award For attending the event, you will be awarded a Karaoke Attendee group and given a forum award For PARTICIPATING in the event, you will be awarded a Karaoke Participant group and given a forum award V.I.P. Events We will have planned V.I.P. events during this month that will be both for VIP, Premium Points, Regular Points, AND new weapons/items related to the event holders (i.e. @Moosee, @Flying Fladoodle, etc.) V.I.P. events will be posted a few days prior on our calendar system. Keep an eye on the forums - it will show the event times! 2x Donation All donations will be counted at x2 the amount donated (i.e. If you donated 12.50, you will be counted as $25 or Platinum status). This event will last until 8/25/2018. Jailbreak DELTA Release Jailbreak DELTA will be filled with new weapons and functionality for users and staff alike. The goal of the update is to backtrack some of the less wanted updates and provide a bit more beefiness to the current Guards and weaponry. We want to ensure that all users are able to enjoy Jailbreak gameplay whilst also giving a slight advantage to Guards.. As it should be. The release will include a new HUD, brand new weapon functionality (for ALL weapons), and brand new weapons in general. Many other features will also be coming, but you will have to keep up with our changelog updates as we progress! https://www.hearthigen.com/forums/403/jailbreak-delta-dev-center/ Trouble in Foreli Town! RELEASE We will be releasing Trouble in Foreli Town! Sometime during this event. We still have other things we are working on, but this server will be coming out soon enough.. We will just need to get together.. Right, @ForgetfulCat? This qtpie ❤️ DarkRP RELEASE I will personally be making a DarkRP server just to see how much I can get done (while @Shadow makes his!) It will be a fun project, and it will give @Shadow some inspiration. CSGO Surf Servers RELEASE We will be releasing our THREE server difficulties.. Beginner, Intermediate, and Expert. You will be able to choose the server you play on and enjoy the difficulty.. Become the best surfer ever! CSGO Private Competitive Server We will be creating a private competitive server for our CSGO team to practice on! Modded Rust Server We will be discussing the possibility of a Modded Rust Server. It is a lot of work, and we may look for someone to take on this project. Heliuxen
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    Hearthigen, The following has been changed/added to the website: Hearthigen v5 Default Theme now has a new logo Themes: Hearthigen v5 Poison - new & available Hearthigen v5 Pinktastic - new & available Heliuxen
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    Hearthigen, This looks like quite a bit of ranks, but we had a majority of these before. This is to give more opportunities to non-Staff, but it also gives more opportunities for Staff to be grow and be a part of different systems that the Overseers are working on. Without furtherado, here are the ranks: Heliuxen
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    My opinions on each of these questions: Having many different branches of jobs, as well as many tiers to them, ensures uniqueness among the playerbase. After all, having 5 Civil Protection and 3 Thieves isn't as exciting than 2 Police Officers, 1 Lieutenant, 1 Chief of Police; and 2 Thieves and 1 Hacker. An RP server does not require a theme if it does not wish to. After all, there is nothing wrong with the basic DarkRP experience. It would appear like I'm going against the grain here, but I would prefer serious RP over non-serious RP. Don't get me wrong, servers can have whatever level of seriousness they want (and CartelRP will most likely be semi-serious), but I am really drawn into the realism that serious RP provides. I still like semi-serious though. I really don't see the point in having vehicles unless the map is equally large enough that walking to an area simply isn't reasonable. Otherwise, in an area such as downtown_v4c_v2, there isn't much sense (nor room) to drive a car when it takes literally a minute or two to go from one edge of the map to the other. I can go either way with a small or a large map, as each have their own benefits and drawbacks; a smaller map doesn't support as many people on at one time but does draw them closer together, while a large map allows for a large playerbase and cars but also separates the players (assuming they don't all congregate in one town area). Although, cars could mitigate that effect. Perhaps taxi drivers might become a thing after all. I don't see a reason not to have extra jobs that allow for different avenues of gameplay and roleplay. After all, the gamemode is called Dark Roleplay. Again with having extra jobs, the freedom of being able to do stuff such as rob a bank only benefits and adds realism and complexity to the gamemode. Personally, having 60+ people at once on a server could easily descend into chaos, especially if, say, a team of trollers joins. But at the same time, having so many people only benefits the server's popularity, and from a gameplay perspective, it could just as easily provide even more opportunities of roleplay. And I'm sure shop owners would love it too. The only drawback I see is the chat potentially being flooded by people adverting raid, mug, kidnap, etc. if we enable those. But I am in strong concurrence with the DarkRP founder in that why should you have to advert these things? It makes no sense shouting to the heavens that you're going to raid somebody when that only puts you at a greater risk of being caught in the act or (depending on the server rules) targeted later on. On the subject of the DarkRP document, majority of it is genuinely good advice. After all, I'm sure you can agree with me that FearRP is not an enjoyable aspect of gameplay (and is hardly realistic if you ask me).
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    yesssssssssss I've been waiting for this. As someone with experience in DarkRP, this is my general opinion that people seem to favour quite a bit: - Big map, but not too big. Having a large map is fun, but it gets annoying for players to have to walk for like 5 minutes just to get to a certain part of the map. Ever heard of the 1942 RP that People of Gaming had? That map was the perfect size for a 100 slot server. If we find a map for that in DarkRP, that would be grand. - No SeriousRP... Seriously. That shit ruins the fun. DarkRP is all about running around and having fun, not being limited to so many rules and stupid scenarios. For example, FearRP, where you have to co-operate with your kidnappers... Fuck that. - Yes to tree succession jobs... No to a lot of them. I hate servers that have so many jobs, because it's a bitch to download when you first join the server... Also, most of them are irrelevant. That being said, there should definitely be a gangster/mob boss job, a terrorist job, and hobos. Not a hobo leader, just regular hobos, and the hobo class should be unlimited. One of the funniest things I ever did on DarkRP was build a giant hobo base and just start a huge civil war against the government, everyone had an absolute blast and a good laugh. - NO UNWRITTEN RULES. Unless it's super common sense, unwritten rules are a fucking catastrophe and just ruin the atmosphere. - Enable people being hit by cars. It's a lot of fun, trust me. If the people don't want to be hit, stay out of the road, plain and simple... Just like in real life. - EVERYONE is allowed a gun, especially hobos. - No bank robberies or bitcoins or any of that shit... Keep it nice and simple: Printers. If you need any help writing the rules, I'm your guy... Just tell me when.
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    Hey everyone! Moosee here, so with the new ranks we have made some changes to players! @-HGEN-Revand - Moderator @Kevin - Commander @Lucifer - Admin @Pizzablawk - Moderator @RareFroggy123 - Lieutenant @Rona - Deputy Overseer @Tingle - Super moderator Congratulations to all the users who were promoted!
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    what I left the community in May, and it officially shut down around June-July. Zelaliese was not an Owner of the community that I can remember (or maybe she was at one point.. Unclear.. Unsure... It was a long time ago), and @ForgetfulCat barely spoke to me because he was a bougie ass biatch at the time. I am not sure what an "APB Server" is... But I can tell you more regarding this if that is truly your interest. It was a small group of me and my friends. We stuck together for a little over 3 years, and when I began making massive changes in my life (major, etc.), I also didn't think I was capable of handling the pressures of that community. I resigned my role because I felt as though I was unable to give them everything that I could anymore. It did not die because I left. They went elsewhere and expanded their horizons. Some of them are around - including @Boomstick. There are others that traverse our website / TeamSpeak that were also apart of the community ( @Sequoia ). The community was smaller. We primarily played TTT, but we played other games together as a group such as APB, WoW, and CSGO. @Moon was also there - that was the community I community banned him in once before. Moon has been with me for about 5 or 6 years. @Kolor, too. Even though now he is off exploring life and doing great things! I learned a lot of things from my time as the Owner there. I appreciate the diligence it took to look into the past of my failures and successes. I have actually shared this several times, but I will share it again. That was our logo (below). That was quite some time ago now. About four years ago almost. Heliuxen
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    Hearthigen jailbreak now has loot boxes. $20 a pop. You can get a cool knife that does 32623572356283 damage. AWPS AND OTHER WEAPONS NOW ONLY DO 1 DAMAGE! THIS IS WHAT THE PEOPLE WANT. THIS IS.... HEARTHIGEN BATTLE ROYALE
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    hgen pay to win confirmed
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    Glad you finally came around! And thanks man I appreciate it :V)
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    [N]ate to -HGEN-grizzy1122: Please do not disrespect me, I did not like your tone of voice with me, please respect me.
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    Great progress being made on the DarkRP project. Changelogs will be available soon to view. I expect to have DarkRP ready to go before the end of this month.
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    No, fuck that. I don't mind getting my face blown off by a hobo with C4, but a lightsaber is just fucking stupid. It's DarkRP, not MallRP. Also, no perma weapons either, that's also BS. Most people HATE donator weapons, because it's usually children who use their parent's credit card to buy it and they just go around RDMing people like crazy... It's not fun at all. What attracts people to a DarkRP server isn't weapons, or servers, or jobs, or even donator perks... What attracts people is people. If we're going to do this, we NEED to populate it... That's the only way it's going to get noticed. We CANNOT neglect it like we did with all our other servers, we need people on it, and we need people on it almost 24/7. That doesn't mean go advertise on other servers, but tell your friends or something to play on it.
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    Hearthigen, The following changes have been made: Themes: Added Magnificent Purple Added Bumblebee Remade Blood Red Bugs Fixed an issue where a majority of the users were being forced to appear anonymous - making the website look empty to all non-Administrators.. Sorry about that Heliuxen
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    Doing bursts of changes just to keep myself paced. More work to weapons on Jailbreak tomorrow. I will also be updating the Dark/Red theme & adding three more.
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