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      Welcome   11/15/2016

      Welcome to our community! While we are primarily a Garry's Mod community. We have expanded our servers to other areas and are welcome to new ideas and players. After registering with us, feel free to apply and become a part of our family!ย https://www.hearthigen.com/forms/2/hearthigen-member-application/
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      PoliceRP Beta Apps (Open)   02/20/2017

      PoliceRP Beta Tester Applications are now up, Feel free to apply for them though this link https://www.hearthigen.com/forms/69/policerp-beta-tester-application/ Keep in mind you need to at least be an HGEN Member+ to apply for it, If you're not I suggest you apply for that.


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    But the real question is.... Who gets LR?
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    Find Information about Ministry of the Interior here! : We're proud to announce that we've compiled questions that you'll have to answer in order to apply for this position, seeing as it's a important position- Please be thoughtful on your responses! We will thoroughly go over there and consider each and every one for you! Find the Application here : Application HERE! Thanks! Heliuxen
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    Mom said that if I can get 5 likes on this status she'll make Tacos tonight
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    Excited for the changes here. We'll make Hearthigen better yet.
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    Guys if I can like get 10 likes on this status my mom said she'll take us to Toys "R" Us and get me a toy.
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    Its come to my attention that Feed back, Ratings, and Applications votes are just not being used for their intended purpose or understood when they are. Over the cores of my return numerous of you have come to me about similar or the same problems. When two or more people get into a disagreement the first thing I see them do is use Feed back or Application votes as a way to complain about their actions and dissatisfaction with the situation at the moment. Then when the problem is solved it has to be removed or changed. This is not what they are supposed to be used for and I'm disappointed that, that's how some of you choose to use it. The purpose of these features is convey CONSTRUCTIVE criticism and Positive Feed back. These things help each other grow, and builds bonds with one another. It is not to be used for you to complain and argue with some one you got into a fight with on the servers. At times when some one gives you negative feed back or a -1 with a constructive reason behind it, some of you take it as a personal attack of your character and either retaliate negatively or come to me about it. I will never turn you away and I have no problem explaining anything you don't understand out to you or getting to the bottom of the problem, but taking it upon yourself to go an -1 each others apps, leave negative feed back, or fallow all their post and rate "Disagree" on all of them is not okay, or tolerated. This forum is not a place for you to persecute each other. Its for you to get connected and make friends not enemies. Not here, because this is a family. If you guys are at odds with some one come to Conflict resolution. This department was made so that when you are fighting with one another, common ground can be found, even new friendships. These people will help you. These people will listen and talk with you. @Nova @Donka @Lil' Poof @Asriel @SCOTSCHIEF @XGN FTW @Aznwarrior707 I will help you. Please help me to help you guys. Lovingly -Mama Rabbit
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    Changing my abstain to a plus 1. This man has grown soo much. One of the most well rounded players I've met even though he can be a douche at some points but so can everyone else
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    Your mind is a powerful thing. When you fill it with postive thoughts, your life will start to change.
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    See ya later bud. So proud of you, all of the work you have done, and the amount of growing you've been through since I first met you. Good luck on your future endeavors! Heliuxen
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    Great, hoping to see a better outcome with the community and with all of you. I appreciate eveyones input at the meeting it really changes peoples perspective on things as well as opens new doors for a better resolve. We are all hearthigen I appreciate you all for being a part of it. Cheers to a better Hearthigen (Our second home)
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    I think being officer does not affect his status for this application, for ex. I was officer when I was accepted for Dep Overseer. Moreso, I think you're levelheaded and you put a lot of effort into this application. +1erino
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    Name you go by: [K]Toxic  Is your Date of Birth correct on your profile?: Yes  Your in-game name, TeamSpeak name and your forum name all match: Yes  Are you active on TeamSpeak? (ts.hearthigen.com): Yes  Do you have an active microphone?: Yes  How would other people describe your personality?: I'm describe as a sweet, patient, compassion, understanding, person. I put people problems before mines and I try to solve the issues in a clam, non-defensive, and respectful way.   Do you have experience dealing with personal and interpersonal issues?: Yes  What is the purpose, in your own opinion, of having a Conflict Resolution Department?: Everyone needs to feel understood, nurtured, supported, respect and consideration.  Why do you want to be part of Conflict Resolution?: The reason why i want to be part of conflict resolution is to help this community come to an agreement and solve the issues to make everyone feel safe and comfortable with each other. As well making this community feel welcome and respected from others.  I, the creator of this application, agree to uphold absolute confidentiality, and understand that unnecessary breaches of confidentiality will lead to permanent removal from the department.: I Agree.  Hearthigen Embassy is a community about family. We all reside here to make a family unit and incorporate all players in our lives and enjoyment. By agreeing to these terms, you promise to uphold these values. We are all friends, as it should be. By agreeing to these terms, you also promise to make a safe-haven for all players of all calibers and ages. By agreeing to these terms, you agree to follow all guidelines set for you as a Staff member.: I Agree.  I, the creator of this application, agree to adhere to the rules set before me. I agree to hold the server's best values in my heart and to work to create a better community inside of Hearthigen. By accepting these conditions and posting this application, I agree that my Conflict Resolution position can be terminated at any time and that I fully agree to the rights and conditions of this service: I Agree. 
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    When I announced the PoliceRP I didn't expect so many people to be interested.
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    Guess Who server please??? Please??? Please
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    Going to refrain from quoting but 100% yes @Sarcothice. You hear my sad laughing and terrible singing. And you catch me saying "someone give me 300 points so I can join the kkk" :^) (it was for the player model). This was probably one of the most fun nights I've had on teamspeak and the server.
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    On Sunday, January 29th, we will be holding our first ever Murder event on Hearthigen's Murder server. It will be a fun event, not as competitive, but there will still be prizes.
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    Hearthigen, I have kept this to myself for some time, but I have decided I would bring it to light now because I've made significant headway. In the past, we've tried multiple RP types. Most of which always end up in failure. I'm not afraid to say it, you've all thought it and I definitely agree! Well, this time I'm doing something that I have always truly loved, police! We are going to do a PoliceRP-esque server. This is to say that the primary focus will be gangs and Police, but the Police will be heavily roled and the gameplay will be on crime and justice. This time, we have a focus that we can all understand. Cops vs. Robbers. Now, I'm very excited to announce this because I know many of you have been waiting for some time to play something of this nature. This has been in the works for about a month. I have spent time thinking about it, deciding and conversing with others what to do. I have a plan, and I plan to share it with all of you, below. PoliceRP set-up: Police will navigate the streets. They will tend to issues found (i.e. items stolen, etc.). There will be a S.W.A.T. team, which will be confined to base unless called upon. The Police will be under the guidance of a Police Commissioner, which will control all departments at once. This will be the law and order. There is the possibility of Judges, Lawyers and Jury. I have not gone through this yet, but I imagine I can do it with little-to-no problem. The Gangs will be based on destruction. Their goals will be directed by their Gang Boss of sorts. They will commit crimes, and essentially act like the guys from the famous movie and play, "Warriors." I have been working to get all of this ready because of the fact that I love each of you and I want you all happy. I've heard the pleas and the cries, and this time I'm going to invest no matter what. We'll make this work, with all of your help we will do this! From here, I will be asking for Beta Testers who will sign up. This will be very limited, and I will ask for them very soon. I am very excited, and I hope all of you will enjoy the amount of work that will be placed in. We have our goal, we have set our crosshairs, now let's do it. What jobs to expect, you may ask? Justice Police S.W.A.T. Lawyers (Possibly) Judges (More likely than anything) Jury Security Guards Crime Gangs Pimps Prostitutes Drug Dealers Neutral Gun Dealers Bank Tellers Citizens ... more to come. I am very excited to have this announcement. Also, yes. There WILL be a bank to rob! Alright Hearthigen, that's all for now. Much love, Heliuxen
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    No U @Lazy120 @Heliuxen @Sarcothice @Spartan2496 @ismool @Fighterh2o5 @ForgetfulCat @kanalumaddela @Edward_Elric64 @staffmage @jeff_fan @Donka @zeme @Sir Lance @Kolor @Armegardeon @GamingX13 @popdog7 @ Your friends to totally "No U" them.
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    Some strides have been made, I'm in the homerun sector but we gotta nail it. Thanks to @Markozeeko, @Rabbit, @Archthious and @SCOTSCHIEF for working on the pay rate and the descriptions. Heliuxen
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    I love this post so much. It's an unprecedented level of shitposting, it may revolutionize the way we think of shitposting in fact.
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    @Derrick @Derrick @Derrick @Derrick @Derrick @Derrick @Derrick @Derrick @Derrick @Derrick @Derrick @Derrick @Derrick @Derrick @Derrick @Derrick @Derrick @Derrick @Derrick @Derrick @Derrick @Derrick @Derrick @Derrick @Derrick @Derrick @Derrick @Derrick And most of all, @Derrick "From my calculations, I can confidently prove that, no it is u"
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    Happy birthday to that one guy who's not part of YYG but still helps populate TTT when no one else will <3
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    Happy Birthday, Ismool! ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽŠ๐ŸŽ‚๐ŸŽˆ๐ŸŽ
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    Happy Birthday Ismool, I Hope You Have A Good Day ^^
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    I'm so proud of everyone. So many requests to help, you guys are great. You're ALL making Hearthigen great, let's continue on the path!
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    Resolved! Savage and I spoke. He will be assisting in some way, we will figure this out. Ness, thank you for bringing this to my attention. I will be your official OSP Trainer. When are you usually on and playing?
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    With the new system it was suggested we change the name of the "Owner" rank. With that, I'd love to hear opinions. It is only ForgetfulCat and I labeled as Owners. Therefore, what are your thoughts on changing the name to "Founder"?
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    Rabbit! Hello. We have not talked in awhile on teamspeak due to me being busy I wish I had time to talk to you like I did in the past..
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    Having it set to "Owner" makes it give more of a vibe that you guys are the ones in control, you own this community and you are the most important. While that may be true, i feel it is better to emphasize that it is our community that everyone is a part of. Think of the same thing in real life : Yes the government is in control of everything, it's better to just say "We are part of this country and we do things together!" Hopefully that makes sense.
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    happy birthday all the birthdays
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    That's still condoning unjust judgement. Why have such a system if you're going to condone injustice anyhow? It's blatantly injustice to convict a man because of his past. *Siapa makan cili, dia rasa pedas.
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    I am a law student by day and Batgirl by night.
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    Thank you guys for your support it always brings my day up
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    @Xyteria you're just the best <3
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    your signature gives me hope for this world.
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    i really want some pizza with pineapple on it
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    We will hold a meeting on Thursday, the 2nd. See you there!
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    Hey arch i donated $25 so can u promote me higher? thx
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    Hey i have donated $25 can someone promote me again Thx
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    Trailer park supervisor? More like G A Y park supervisor. HA! GOTEEEMMMMM
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    Happy birthday you smart fucker <3
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    Hi kisune~. I'm dad.
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