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    I'm making this post because it is 1:10 AM and I am a bit emotional. Without saying too much, my life has been, and still is, incredibly rough. I have a house, a loving father when he isn't drunk, a wonderful girlfriend.. and yet I still suffer through depression. It's been weighing me down for over a year now and there are only a few things that have lifted that weight, even if it's temporary: weed, my girl, and books. It's tough to say but not many things other than those three make me truly happy. That is, until recently. This community as a whole has been added to this list. Sometimes people can be a pain in the ass on the server, but being apart of it and talking to people and playing with them has helped me a lot. Garry's Mod is my time to forget about the world for a while and just focus on something else for a change. And for that I thank you all, as you have played a large role in this. However, the biggest thanks here goes to Heliuxen and his developer team. Without you guys, none of this would have been possible. Though I'm sure I haven't met you all, I plan to get to know as many as you as I can in the future. Heliuxen, you are an amazing person. I've seen how you encourage your staff and players of the community and how respectful and kind you are to them. I am so happy to be apart of this community you have created. Please never be discouraged by low player count. Like you said, it was likely because of finals. But now that school is letting out, I've seen quite a bit of people on the server during the day, and at night as well. Hearthigen is one of the best communities I've ever been apart of and I hope to see it grow even larger. We haven't spoke really one on one except for briefly tonight, but I would love to speak to you sometime, maybe play a game or two of something. I am a bit non talkative at first but I warm up to people pretty quickly. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy your trip and I hope to see you around. 🙂
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    Lucifer, I appreciate your kind words, but I must reiterate the same statement I have made countless times throughout Hearthigen's history. Without players and Staff like you, it would not matter how much developing I did. You guys give Hearthigen the life that it has, and you guys are the spark that created the flame. Every moment of our history has been a learning moment for all of us. I have made poor choices, I have made great choices. I am fallible just as all are, and I have always tried to act in the best interest in the community. I certainly have fallen short of that glory several times, but hindsight is 20/20, right? We all have something we can do better, and we all have a journey through life that will lead us down a path of success and fruition as long as we leave our hearts open and our minds sharp. Depression can be a hell of a impact every day. I used to struggle with it too, and I used to really struggle with finding my way every day. Some of our older Council (who were once Top Tier) have witnessed these moments of mine. We all have our vices, and we all have things in our life that tear it apart. However, I found a specific poem that was written by Tupac Shakur to be one that inspired me to consider the world in a much different way. I will share this with you and everyone else below. What I took from this poem is a representation of our life. We all have tribulations that restrict our future, maybe it even creates an environment that seems unlivable. That is the rose that grew from concrete. The concrete is the lifeless and life-restricting environment, but the beautiful rose still found a reason and a way to grow and thrive. Your purpose in life is one that you will find, but I have often stressed that self-serving purpose is what corrupts and causes confliction in our growth. You have to give all you can give because that is all you can give. I hope that helps inspire you. Thank you for the post, but even more so, thank you for your constant dedication to the community, the server, and the members of this community. Because of people like you, Hearthigen thrives and grows. It evolves. It becomes a home for many. Heliuxen
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    https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=768294750 Ahhh the good ol days #BringBackOldJB
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    Remember when we used to just take reports through the @ chat? Those were good times.....
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    On vacation in Japan for 2 weeks, brb. If you want to schedule an interview, contact @Tiny Monklynn instead uwu
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    Hearthigen, I have many different ideas for how to handle the ranking system, and with every idea comes strengths and weaknesses. A concept that I have been working on came to my mind the other day when I was thinking about how we are possibly handling our member ranking. Even more than that... We'll have MEMBER RANKING!!! When it comes to Staff, we have constantly sought out a way for every rank to have a meaning and reason. This becomes nearly impossible when you look at the grand scheme of what we do as a community. We are constantly evolving. We are constantly growing. We are constantly addressing our future and how to improve that. We have several core values here in the community that I have constantly demanded of our staff and members, but the main core: family. When I think of family, I think of many different concepts. I think about the old days when Al Capone ran. I think about families way back into genesis. So what does a family do? A family grows. A family is made up of certain people and jobs. In genesis, you would need someone who was good at a certain necessity... Such as hunting. You need the leader of the pack (usually the father, but sometimes if the father had died, it would be the eldest son)... etc. The point of this rant is to show an important value: teamwork. Teamwork to achieve survival, but even more than that, this teamwork builds comradery. The obvious is already in this paragraph.. We are not back in genesis.. However, the standards still remain true. If you work hard, you perfect your craft. You become recognized in a "tribe" for your superior skills, etc. Using these concepts is the foundation of power. The foundation of what gives everyone hope and a goal to strive for. With that said, I think we have approach the concept in a much different way than maybe we need to. Below is the chart that I have created that I think best explains the power, and what each rank represents. So what are we seeing here? Interconnection. To save time, I made the brackets to show the connectivity of all ranks to one another from top to bottom. Ranks within these areas are not meant to have more responsibility to the server or community inherently, but because they are in those roles, they should be willing to commit more. Instead of saying "Lieutenants! You need to be doing xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx," the Overseers should be able to say, "Hey guys, this is what we need done..." Server staff then act to help make the server and community better. By placing excessive expectations, we limit the abilities. We begin to micromanage all the way down to the smallest increment. With that said, I want to talk about every role that I have listed above and the core values that I expect. Players Players are the base of our community - the foundation. They help us maintain and continue. They are what started our community, and they also are what keeps it going.. It should go without saying... Players become members.. then staff.... so on. HGEN Member HGEN Members have committed to the values that we hold here in Hearthigen. Members are expected to uphold our values by spreading happiness and positivity. It is pretty simple. HGEN Members are the core of our community. We are all HGEN members no matter what rank we hold. We are all one massive family! Server Staff Server Staff are related to our servers. Their role is to help protect and create an environment that promotes healthy gaming. Staff help keep our servers running, and they contribute to the growth of our servers. Without them our servers would be riddled with chaos. They bring life and happiness to a much more dreary environment without! Departmental Staff Departmental Staff are related to our departments. Their role is to help create and grow our community from our department point-of-view. They enforce department standards and help contribute uniquely to our community. Without departments our community is missing a key factor of our community. Sub-Council Sub-Council function as an ethereal leadership portion of the area they are involved in. Departmental Sub-council work to integrate all departments together and server sub-council works to integrate all servers and departmental together, too. This group will primarily be ethereal regarding their votes and actions - they will be available to public view. Council Helps generate the future of the community while also working to develop new departments and other necessities for the community. A greater push for ethereal changes is being implemented (as seen by my posts), and we hope to continue to integrate the community into one massive collective unit. Council functions as a major player in the direction of the community, but all roles also have a major role in that, too. Feel free to discuss. I will post the ranks for servers soon after the discussion on this slows. Heliuxen
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    kos oveerides command is the stupidest shit ever, especially when a lot of the warden's have lisps or shit mics and decide to talk fast because hey, fuck you. and before y'all get on the offensive at me, know that i'm usually the biggest supporter of unbanning war day and spaceship day, because those days are fun. this shit just plain ain't fun, and it's essentially a day where you're baited into dying because the warden changes a few words. it's a pain in the dick for everyone, because 9.9 times out of 10 it ends in a mass rdm because the warden fucked up, and since he uses a mic and the staff love to touch themselves during the game (since they need a report to actually pay attention to what's happening), nothing gets done about it, so everybody ends up being unhappy. so yeah, blam this piece of garbage.
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    A lot of people have thoughts on that command. I don't really care if it stays or not and I don't think I've ever used it so it doesn't really matter to me. I just found it funny that he said, "I don't enjoy killing my cellmate". lmao, he developed feelings for his cellmate.
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    Hearthigen, The following ranks are my proposal for community ranks that can be obtained. I have not set criteria for each rank, but I think these ranks give a wide variety of recognition for deeds done in Hearthigen. We can always add to this or detract from this. Obviously, the "Registered" rank is related to registration on our website. HGEN Member is application based. Trusted and those after will need requirements to reach to dignify their existence. This is really for community members who contribute but are not staff. These ranks are also for those who were Staff but no longer staff on our servers. Discussion related to this would be great. Heliuxen
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    I am new to Hearthigen but I still see a lot of old faces that I used to see a lot like IncendiaryBlitz, L.T. KittyKat, Flats Flounders, Heli, and more. It's been a while since I saw these people but they don't remember me (kinda figured). Thanks for inviting me to your community and now it's time to do my part. Be a member in this community.
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    Keep your eye on the ball, if all else fails, keep on going. Everyday I try to strive to achieve greatness and success, but it hasn't come yet. Focus on the good and not the bad.
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    Glad that I get to staff alongside you Lucifer. Best of wishes to you.
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    Damn Stoney XD I was a wee ladd back in 2016, weird time too.
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    Ez don't buy a PC right now the GPU and RAM prices are way to high.
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    Great times when we forget to complete the report
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    Every day you must give your all to the ones you love. You must always be the best you that you can be, because there can only ever be on you.
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    Hearthigen, I have heard many different questions regarding the state of Garry's Mod and Jailbreak. I want to reassure everyone that these times (usually end of school year total) we see the lowest point in activity in general. Players are not playing games, and this impacts us negatively as a game host. To show you how inactive gamers are in general right now: From our vision: From a much larger vision: Reality is that we are seeing a very huge downward trend in gaming over the last month or so due to final exams, graduation, etc. We recognize how this makes playing our servers a bit difficult (when it's only you.. @Incendiary), but I will reassure you - it will all return to normal come Summer time. We are working to expand outside of Garry's Mod to help bring in new players from those games as well, and we are excited for our new adventures. It is that very strange time of the year. We have Staff, Council, and many others who are unable to log on and participate. We know that this is a common occurrence during this time. Hold tight - it is almost all over. We will continue to make massive changes as we prepare for the wave of returnees to approach. We have seen several old members return - to them - WELCOME! I just wanted to be sure I spoke regarding this I know many of you have felt obligated or even guilty of your inability to log on during this month. It is OK. We are well aware of the strenuous month, and I am very hopeful for the future! As always, thank you all for your constant dedication. You're our family, and we are working to make this place better for everyone! Heliuxen
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    Fair enough. But each server has its own unique problems and advantages and we can't guarantee we can build a following of randoms by just leaving the server up there. It's always better to have a person in charge of making the server grow. scp breach needs more players than guesswho for it to be fun at least imo.
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    TTT work tomorrow.. Then @ForgetfulCat takes control.... hehe 😄
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    Legend of zelda: Twilight Princess, Ocarina of Time, and Majora's mask. My childhood all in three games.
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    I could help enforce that 😛
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    Everything James said is true lmao Also, people who are used to 60-100 FPS (or more) will definitely feel the difference when playing at 30-45 FPS. It is annoying and feels super shitty to play at, so when people who are used to those settings judge 45-ish FPS it's usually very biased. I dealt with 20 FPS for many years and I know that it was acceptable, not great but bearable. Don't be afraid to go for an affordable mid-range computer; computer elitists are the worst.
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    1. 7 years 2. infinite 3. infinite
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