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      Welcome to our community! While we are primarily a Garry's Mod community. We have expanded our servers to other areas and are welcome to new ideas and players. After registering with us, feel free to apply and become a part of our family! https://www.hearthigen.com/forms/2/hearthigen-member-application/


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    Today I Was Born No Wait Nah 15 Years Ago I Was Born, So Like So I Win My Birthday I Came Out Of A “Clitoris” 15 Years Ago Added The Mass Tagging Back Pretend That All Of Hearthigen Is Tagged
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    Okay so all of you loved hearing me name off promotions But for people who weren't there here u go -stay tuned for the next official HGEN meeting hosted by yours truly ( @Lil' Poof, @Asriel, @Nova and uhhhh, the overwhelming support of people who waited a hour for us.) Little moderators @BorkJr @MR_BangZ @DevMod @FortRay @Midnight Zoroark Bigger (Super) Mods @InfernoBorkExclusive @YourMCGeek @NoCookies Super (duper!!!!) Admin @Loud J @Swiss Cheese @BorkLord -Congratulations all, keep the hard work up <3
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    Hello there, if you guys don't know me yet then let me introduce myself. My game name is ValentinoLucious and i am the Overlord of Jailbreak. I am going to talk about my life, and i hope in the end you guys get to know me on a more personal level. I was born in the country of Malaysia, it is a multi-racial country and we live in a peaceful state. I was given the name Sharan and it is the easiest to pronounce in my family. I come from a family of 6, me being the youngest among 4 siblings. My parents are government workers, my dad works in the Police Force and my mother is a nurse. Among all 4 siblings, only my oldest sister is working. She is a doctor, my second sister is currently studying chemical engineering and my brother is studying mechanical engineering. During my school years i always had the ambition to be a chef, but after graduating things change. I talk a lot, if i have not yet achieved the level of comfort with people, they tend to think i am shy. My dad sort of wished one of his kids would be a lawyer, and since no one took it up, i told him i would. Today i am studying law and am about to enter my first year of degree. I still do cook once in a while, but my passion for law has increased after taking up the course. I hope that in the future i can work with the United Nations in the International Court of Justice. My dreams are most definitely high and this is because i was inspired by my dad who used to work for the Security Council in United Nations. I am going to go a bit more deeper about my background, i am a Sikh, if you don't know what is that then google it. The only reason i follow the teachings of my religion is because of my parents. I know i am an agnostic and i stand by my opinion. Growing up, i was never really surrounded by my dad, he left multiple times to work with the United Nations. Over the period of 18 years, he was gone for almost 5 and those were the crucial years of a child needing their parents. Even though my dad was away, that doesn't mean i don't have a relationship with him, our relationship is the best in the house. My dad is a very strict man, when my dad would pick up the cane, you bloody run. But over the years my dad calmed down and today you can do shit, but he will only advice you. As for my mom, i would say she is still strict. I love sleep, there is no denying that sleep is bae. But i was the kind of person who would sleep during the day and stay up during the night. My study sessions would only be from the frame of 12 AM to 4 AM. Everyone in my family are straight A's students, i don't know about my parents though. >.< . Education has always been a priority in my family, and we were embedded with the need to constantly achieve the best. There are times i can loose my cool, but as i said i stand by my opinion. I can be strict when needed and friendly when needed. Sometimes my friends would think i am partially mad, and i won't deny i am. I can give you the best advice but yet fuck up my life. That is how i am. I love reading, not a day goes by without me reading. I can finish 3 books in a day, and yes i download all the books illegally. Please don't report me >.< I make extremely delicious double chocolate chip cookies, i self praise myself because i personally know it is delicious. If you were to ever meet me, i would make them for you. If you guys were to ever come to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia please do hit me up. I will be the best tour guide you ever met. Anyways, that is pretty much i have to say, if you guys have question please don't feel shy to ask. -ValentinoLucious
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    Hearthigen, I have been suffering in many different ways. I have spoken on some of it, but for the majority I have kept to myself. It is my burden to bear, and the world doesn't need to know the struggles I have to go through. I do owe you all an apology, though. Hearthigen, I'm sorry I've failed you. Every moment of every day I think of what I could do to make this community be a better place for all and not just a few. I just never seem to get it right, I'm still trying for you, Hearthigen. I'm still putting my heart into it. This is my home, this is my family. You are all my family. Hearthigen, for the last five weeks I have not had one day where I was not being pushed beyond my limits. I mean this with my heart that mentally I have been pushed beyond my limit. This is not because of any of you, and is not even related to Hearthigen itself. However, many of you have seen the backlash of such a strenuous mar into my life. Hearthigen, I hope that no matter what, at every nightfall and every sunrise, all of you know that I love you all. You're what makes Hearthigen possible. You all contribute to this world we have created together. Every day I think about this, and no words I ever say will truly scratch the surface of what each of you has done here. Hearthigen, you're my family. I hope you are all ready to fight to make this community better, because I know I am. I hope you're all ready to become the best we can be, because I know I am. I hope you're all prepared to make this community home again, because I know I am. I hope you're all ready to make Hearthigen the best it has ever been, because I know I am. I am not sure when you will read this or even if you'll read all of it. I do hope that in the moment you read this, you recognize what it is we have built here. I hope that you all recognize the hard-work we have to put in for our future. Hearthigen, I don't fear it. I don't fear it because I know we have YOU. YOU, the person who dedicates unbelievable hours to our community. YOU, who fuels our drive for love and family. YOU, who makes this community possible every single day. Hearthigen, you're my family. Heliuxen
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    What server do you wish to apply for?: Jailbreak   Name you prefer to go by: Bork   How old are you?: 14   Would you consider yourself "Active"?: Yes   What's your current goal in this community?: My current goal in this community is to help make it the best it can be, I want to make everyone apart of the community feel good when on the community and I want everyone to feel safe when they are on this community. That being said I also want to help make this community be fair for everyone that is in this community. (what I mean by everyone is everyone of all ages.)   Why do you want this role?: I want this role because I think I can help everyone feel safe and feel welcome to be on this community while being fair at the same time.   If you could change any current rule or add a rule to the server what would it be?: I would make the baiting rule more clear, for example. if the warden were to place any type of marker and said to go somewhere else that wouldn't be allowed and be considered baiting.   What experience do you have with being a leader?: I have some experience being a leader, When I'm in groups most people look to me to guide them and or make decisions for them so I have some experience being a leader.   How much experience do you have in this gamemode?: I have a lot of experience in this gamemode, I know the rules very well, I know how to be a great warden, I also can normally tell who's telling the truth and who's lying, I know what chat and mic spam is, and I know when I see a rule breaker and when I see a person who follows the rules.   What can we do to improve this server?: Get the staff trained properly, make sure all rules are inforced and change some rules to clear the confusion that happens often.   How would other people describe you?: Others would describe me as an honest, fair, a meme, a good role model, knows what I'm doing, very funny, mature, active, good staff, charismatic, trustworthy, all around a great guy.   Members of the community you know on a Personal Level: BorkJr   Link one video on Youtube that you feel gets to you the most.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i1H0leZhXcY   By applying for this position, you are well aware of the responsibilities put upon you. These including: application oversight, event oversight, and recruitment oversight of your server. You will also be in-charge of the your server's staff as a whole. You will be in-charge of the overall success of the server, which includes responding to any suggestions given by the community.: I Agree.   You will be a major part of the servers success and therefore should be continually active unless otherwise deemed. There will be at most (2) Deputy Overseers for this position. You understand that you may be working with a person you do not know well. As an Overseer, it is your job to get to know every staff on your server. You are to keep constant connection and make them feel as they should, a major part of the server's success.: I Agree.   I, the creator of this application, agree to adhere to the rules set before me. I agree to hold the server's best values in my heart and to work to create a better community inside of Hearthigen. By accepting these conditions and posting this application, I agree that my Deputy Overseer status can be terminated at any time and that I fully agree to the rights and conditions of this service.: I Agree.   By agreeing to these terms, you agree to follow all guidelines set for you as a staff member, you understand you are not above the players, and you promise to make your server a safe-haven for all players of all calibers and ages.: I Agree.  
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    I will be holding a Leadership seminar to teach others the different ways to be a leader. This seminar is available for all to attend; however, I ask that if you plan to attend to please RSVP below. I will be setting the agenda soon as to what we will cover.
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    Hearthigen, After working for four hours tirelessly we have determined our new ranking systems and the expectations of said group. We hope that these reflect a better community, and that you all approve of these. This is not completely official as we are giving a grace period for you all to leave a comment below. We have changed rank names to make it easier for non-Staff to recognize who is where and what. We REMOVED the departmental requirement. Upon this being finalized (tomorrowish) we will announce official promotions, etc. Officer A Officer is a staff member in training. Their duties are to enforce the rules while on the server and to handle simple reports like, an RDM that would not require a ban, as well as chat/mic spam and disrespect. They should be trying to be on forums replying to new applications. Officers will also have a point in time they will do trial moderation and they will learn the basics of banning and how long to ban. They must be on Teamspeak when onduty as a staff member. Requirements to become an Officer: Make an application on the forums and get good feedback on it. Be active on Teamspeak with some given activity on the forums. Moderator A Moderator is a Staff member who has completed training as an officer. Their duties are to enforce the rules on the server and help officers as it is needed deal with reports that would require a ban. The max ban time they can deal is 4 (four) weeks. They should also be on forums replying to new staff applications and member applications as to help make new members and staff feel welcomed to the community. They must be on Teamspeak when on duty as a staff member. Requirements to become a Moderator: Complete OSP training (Officer Strategic Program). Be active within the community including the Teamspeak. Super Moderator A Super Moderator is a staff member who has shown a lot of improvement as a moderator and has met the requirements to become a super moderator. Their duties are to assist officers and moderators when needed they also deal with more complex reports that would require more investigation with in the logs. (Required to look into logs regarding RDMs that would not show up in the current logs for the current round). Super moderators can choose to join a department to help grow the community.Super Moderator is the first rank that can apply for OSP trainer. Super Moderators should also bemore active on the forums and replying on new member/staff applications. They must be on Teamspeak when on duty as a staff member. Requirements to become a Super Moderator: Succeed as a Moderator Show a nice amount of activity on their respective server Display good behavior and a diverse knowledge of the rules. Be active within the community including the Teamspeak Admin A Admin is a staff member who has shown high leadership skills as a staff member. And is knowledgeable in the rules of their server. Their duties are to assist Super Admins in learning how their rank works as well as helping any rank below them as it is needed. One of the main duties of an Admin will be to help monitor all lower staff to make sure they are doing their jobs correctly and effectively. Admins should be on the forums replying to applications And helping members that need help understanding the rules or finding something within the forums. Admins must be on the Teamspeak when on the server staffing. Requirements to become an Admin: Show good leadership skills. Have a diverse knowledge of the rules. Be polite in all situations and scenarios. Be active within the community including the Teamspeak. Super Admin A Super Admin is a more senior staff member who has a great understanding of the rules and how to enforce them they look forward to advise and mentoring by lower staff. They would still handle reports as do all staff but an admin would be someone who helps the Lieutenants and higher in handling reports of hacking. This does not mean they can ban for hacking, but they are to help in proving that someone is or is not hacking. Their duties are to assist in reports of hackers, help lower staff when needed and to be a mentor along with a role model to new staff and moderators. Super Admins should be active on the forums to reply to new applications and hop on every so often to see if anyone has asked for their help. They should also watch the shoutbox on the forums in case staff is needed on the server, and hop on if they are able to. Super Admins must be on Teamspeak when they are staffing and try to be on if they are available to get on the server to handle situations. Requirements to become a Super Admin. Show exceptional leadership skills. Have a diverse knowledge of the rules and how to enforce them. Be polite even when someone is trying to upset you. Be more active within the community including Teamspeak. Lieutenant A Lieutenant is a senior staff member who has an exceptional understanding of the rules and how to enforce them they are a mentor, a leader, and be friendly to all other staff. They should still handle normal reports but should focus extra on reports of hackers. The Captains and Lieutenants will gather evidence of the accused to prove if they are hacking or are not hacking. Lieutenants should take what they have found to the Overseers and Owners for a decision on if they should be banned. Super Admin’s and Admins can not decide if they should be banned. Although can execute the ban if told to do so by an Overseer or Owner. Their duties are to help anyone who needs it, deals with normal reports, reports of hackers, and to be a mentor to staff and players on the server. Lieutenants should try to be in a department to help the community grow and function if they are not able to an exception can be made. Lieutenants should try to get on the forums to reply to new applications and periodically check it for any update or request for help. They should also watch the chat box on the forums for request’s for staff to get on their server and get on if available. Lieutenants should be on the Teamspeak even when they are not staffing to be easier to contact when needed to handle certain situations on their server. Requirements to become a Lieutenant: Show exceptional leadership skills as a super admin. Have a diverse knowledge of the rules and how to enforce them. Be polite even when someone is trying to upset you. Be more active within the community including Teamspeak. Commander A Commander is an admin in charge of monitoring the Officers, Moderators, and Super Moderators. They write a weekly report to the overseers on any issues or recommendations that should be dealt with. They’re also a mentor to all members and staff members of the community and should be on their best behavior when dealing with situations. Their duties are to help in teaching Officers, Mods, and Super Mods when they make mistakes. Report abuse of power to the overseers, and write a weekly report that gets submitted to the overseers, and deals with other staffing duties. Commanders should try to be in a department to help the community grow and function if they are not able to, an exception can be made. Commanders should try to get on the forums to reply to new applications and periodically check it for any updates or a request for help. They should also watch the chat box for request for staff to get on their server and get on if available. Commanders need to be on Teamspeak even when they are not staffing to be easier to contact when needed to handle certain situations on their server. Requirements to become a Commander: Show exceptional leadership skills as a lieutenant. Have a diverse knowledge of the rules and how to enforce them. Be polite even when someone is trying to upset you. Be more active within the community including Teamspeak. Needs a good understanding of how to write reports. Captain A Captain is an admin in charge of monitoring the Admins, Super Admins, and Lieutenants. And they’ll write a weekly report to the Overseers on any issues or recommendations that should be dealt with. They’re also a mentor to all members and staff members of the community and should be on their best behavior when dealing with any situation. Their duties are to help in teaching Admins, Super Admins, and Lieutenants when they make mistakes. and report abuse of power to the Overseers, they also write a weekly report that gets submitted to the overseers. And also deal with other staffing duties. Captains should try to be in a department to help the community grow and function if they are not able to an exception can be made. Captains should try to get on the forums to reply to new applications and periodically check it for any update or request for help. They should also watch the chat box for a request for staff to get on their server and get on if available. Commanders need to be on Teamspeak even when they are not staffing to be easier to contact when needed to handle certain situations on their server. Requirements to become a Captain: Show exceptional leadership skills as a Captain. Have a diverse knowledge of the rules and how to enforce them. Be polite even when someone is trying to upset you. Be more active within the community including Teamspeak. Must know how to write reports. Viceroy A Viceroy is an admin in charge of monitoring the lower staff they also write a weekly report to the overseers on any issues or recommendations that should be dealt with. They are also a mentor to all staff and non-staff members of Hearthigen and should be on their best behavior when dealing with any situation. Their duties are to help in the teaching of other staff members, when they make mistakes. Make sure to report abuse of power to the Overseers. They should write a weekly report that gets submitted to the Overseers. Also, dealing with other staffing duties should be a priority. Viceroys should try to be in a department to help the community grow and function, if they are not able to an exception can be made on a per case basis. Viceroy should try to get on the forums to reply to new applications and periodically check it for any update or requests for help. They should also watch the chat box on the forums for requests for staff to get on their respective server and get on if available. Viceroys need to be on Teamspeak even when they are not staffing to be easier to contact when needed to handle certain situations on there server. Requirements to become a Viceroy: Show exceptional leadership skills as a Viceroy. Have a diverse knowledge of the rules and how to enforce them. Be polite in all situations and scenarios. Be more active within the community including Teamspeak. Must know how to write report We hope this is to all of your liking. Feel free to share your opinion! Heliuxen
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    Hello, I am Top Legends (Officer on JB Hearthigen) I have been staff for a long time and thats all because of the great staff. I want to say that I am sorry about all the stuff i was talking about yesterday ( I just got mad because I am a retard). I am 15 years old, I live in San Diego, California. I was born in Jordan. My favorite hobbies are playing soccer and football. The videos games I play are Gmod, Gta 5, and MY FAVORITE is League of Legends. I have been playing gmod for over 3 years and started playing League of Legends in the 1st season. I am a gold player on League and I love that game so much. If you want to 1v1 me then I DARE U TO. Garrys Mod is also an amazing game. I am a LEGEND at no scoping. If I am a guard, and if you rebel, you will be dead because I am a guard. If you play soccer then nice job, I play goal keeper, Striker, and LM. I have been playing soccer for about 6-8 years and I love it, I got 5 golden medals and 3 trophies. If you think I am lying then I dont care actually. Now Time for complements, I want to say that @ValentinoLucious I love you and thanks for all the help you did for me, you are a great girl. @BorkLord you helped me so so so much, I cant even count it. Thanks for all the help and I promise I will try to be a better officer and a better guy. @Swiss Cheese You are a great guy thats it. JK i love u No Homo @SCOTSCHIEF I cant believe the help you did and the stuff u do to this community. You are a great guy, Thank god we have you in this community @Heliuxen You made this community amazing and it will always be amazing @BorkJr @Loud J @Tyrone'Biggems and all other staff but i am in school so i cant add so many. I love all HEARTHIGEN
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    Hey! Reading through @Valentio “Who is Valentino?” post, it inspired me to make one for myself. I know I’m not a Jailbreak Overlord and that I’m only an officer, I do hope that I will become a bigger part of this community and I do hope you will feel more comfortable around me after reading this (even though some of you will look at this and say “fuck this, don’t care” :P. Anyway, for those of you who do read this, I hope you enjoy and I Invite everyone to write one about themselves to help everyone in this community get to know one another a lot better. I am SIK ICE and I usually go by the name ICE. How I got this name I will get into later. I was born on August 2, 2000. I was born in Moscow, Russia, which comes as a surprise to many. I studied at AAS (Anglo American School of Moscow) until I was 13 after which I moved to England. Moving was hard since all my really close friends were at my old school and I only got to see them on holidays. Once I have moved to England I now study at Malvern College. I have been studying here for 4 years and I have 1 more to go! After which I will have to go to the Russian army for a year, fun? right? At the moment, I am studying higher math’s, higher physics, Spanish, computer science and TOK (Theory of Knowledge). I love programming and hacking. When I finish college, I am going to apply to MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). My family. Oh, my family is a great bunch! I have sibling and my parents are divorced. My dad takes care of the family financially and all of the children live with our mom. My dad lives across the street from us, but we still rarely get to see him due to his work. As you can probably guess, I am by far the dumbest and laziest sibling, son or just person. I am by far dumber than my 2 sisters. My sisters by the way are 22 and 18. However I try to ignore the fact that I’m dumb and move on. I am so lazy; you wouldn’t believe me if you met me. I leave all my work to the last minute and don’t know how I’m going to get on with life. Even though I’m lazy, I feel like there is not enough time and therefore I feel like sleep is a waste of time. I usually have minimal sleep, however I can fall asleep easily and I use that to my advantage on long plane flights and stuff like that. My dad is very strict and he expects me to be greater than I am and to do stuff that he wants me to and I don’t. I totally disagree with him. My mom on the other hand, honestly is the nicest person I have ever met. She lets me do whatever I want as long as she knows what I’m doing and she supports me in all my decisions. My name, SIK ICE. Where did it come from? Well, at the age of 10/11 I was playing with a group of friends and we were playing MW2. It’s a funny story. I was crawling through a lake and I started saying “I am the water”. So, this became a thing, I am the water was my new name of Steam for quite a while. Then a week later my friend came up with the idea of creating a clan, so we all brainstormed for an idea and we called ourselves SIK and added an element of the end. The element thing went to after a bit and it was just anything. Here are some friends I remember: SIK LIGHTING, SIK WATER (me), SIK CURRY, SIK FIRE and more that I can’t remember. So, I was SIK WATER but I didn’t like it because it didn’t sound good, but I wanted to keep the WATER theme. After thinking for a while I decided to change it to ICE since it’s still water but solid and it sounded better. After that, the so called “clan” fell apart and everyone changed their name to their own stuff. I was to lazy to do that so I kept it. And that is how I became SIK ICE. Thank you, so much for reading and I hope all of you know who I am and will feel more comfortable around me. Once again I invite you all to write one of these staff introductions. -SIK ICE
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    It is not the only place he said these remarks, but his intentions are clear. I will not go into too much detail over post because I am not in the game of defamation. However, I will say that his ban has been long coming, and many warnings were issued. None were heeded. The constant disrespect to us [Staff, Council] and to Hearthigen had become too much from this individual who still wanted to use our services to further this agenda.
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    I'm sad to say this, But: Like a lot of people, I haven't been enjoying playing jailbreak anymore. I do not want to keep doing something I do not like, I've played on a lot of other servers, and I feel like I've wasted everyone's time. Goodbye friends, If you want to keep playing with me just send me a friend request on steam. I love you all, Especially: @BorkLord, @Silverad, @Loud J, @NoCookies, @Romulus, @Watermelon, @GamingX13, @DevMod, @Jacob, @KiNG.
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    hi, my name is InfernoBorkExclusive to you all but fuck that Hi my name is Taylor, i was born in 2002 im 14 about to be 15 i have a problem...... so let me jump back a few years ok so in late 2014 early 2015 i started to feel really down and bad about myself and thought no one cared about me or loved me or wanted to be around me (i was wrong) so i tried to hang myself in the summer of 2015 my parents did what any responsible adult would do and got me help they sent me to this amazing hospital with people just like me who had the problems as me and i was in there for about a week or so well i got out and i haven't tried to kill myself since then but in 8th grade i found this nifty little thing called xanax for those of you who don't know about that which is a good thing if you dont well its anxiety pills and they made Taylor feel good and happy but Taylor struggled and Taylor had just gotten dumped by a cheating girlfriend of 2 years so Taylor fell slow into a dark hole and he started buying xanax by the bottle he told himself "take 3 a day and all the pain will go right away and put a fake smile on your face" well this went on for about a year then Taylor was in 9th grade the big leagues Taylor starts off the year very shitty by catching 2 charges for simple assault x2 and getting put out of school for 3 months so Taylor fails all four of his classes keep in mind Taylor just fucked up his whole freshmen year by doing this because you need 6 credits to pass 9th grade and at most he can only get 4 so Taylor gets back to school and hes good for about a month then he hears about this kid throughin his name out sayin hes a junkie an talkin so Taylor confronts him the kid says "your a junkie and wont amount to anything in your life your a worthless piece of shit" so Taylor Punches this kid in the face and then punches him in the temple and knocks him out then Taylor who already has 2 charges pending gets disorderly conduct x1 and sent out of school for 3 months fast forward i'm back in school just got back everythings pretty calm and chill for about 2 weeks then i get a call and hear that one of my best friends shot himself i didn't believe it at first but then they started talking about it at school that made Taylor cry and Taylor fell deeper into the void he upped the dosage 4 and a half a day and lets through in 2 adyd that will make all the pain go away IT DIDN'T i'm fucking stuck..... i want so bad to get clean and to be the person i once was but its so fucking hard withdraws are a bitch i don't know who i am nobody knows me i need to get clean because i have court on monday and they WILL piss test me i'm scared and sad i didn't make this for sympathy i didn't make this to get attention i made this because this is were i belong and it should be my only addiction you guys are my family and iv'e failed my family Also show my nigga Father some love he needs it @ur father im trying my hardest to get off of the pills but its gonna take some time i hope you guys forgive me
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    I logged on after a very rough day to see our server at 46 players. 46!!! I know we achieve this almost daily, but let me place the perspective. In a day where hope seems lost, you, Hearthigen, make hope abound.
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    Hearthigen, I'm curious to read what you all say. They will be private, so feel free to vote! I want to know where YOU see yourself in the next six months! Heliuxen
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    Greetings and salutations, everyone! For those of you who know me, I have missed you all! For those who don't know me, I've missed you too!!! Wait... I mean it's nice to meet you! My name is Thomas Lyon, though I usually go by 2ThirdsLegsLyon (shortened to either 2Thirds or Legs, your choice really). I am another member from the twice-dead clan, YYG. And yes, I say twice-dead because it died twice. The first death was from NexGen (which I was a part of as well), and the second being YinYang. I have not been on G-Mod very much lately, as most of my time has been poured into CS:GO and LoL as of late, along with work and things of the sort. School is a bit fuzzy at the moment, but will resume again next semester. Anyways, time for you to get to know me. Personally, I try to be a nice guy. I dislike confrontation, almost to the point that you could call it a phobia or anxiety-inducing. At the same time though, I dislike people who ignore rules even more so, and will quickly report anyone breaking rules, unless everyone involved is okay with it. Because of this little quirk, I quickly became known as the "Report Master" in NexGen, and people would often poke fun by telling their friends to stop messing around, or the "wanna-be Mod" will report them. When I did become a mod, that joke died out instantly, though I actually didn't mind it. In terms of what I do for fun, as I mentioned earlier, I play CS:GO and League of Legends for most of my entertainment. However, I also rap, and have been beat-boxing for a few months. I would say that I'm good, but not like, SUPER good. I can manage some lip bass, throat bass, and I'm actually really good at robot voice (if you want me to elaborate on what those are, just ask me to show you, and I will do so gladly). I used to play almost every sport (except for basketball, which is kind of ironic* [EXPLANATION LATER]), but fell out of tune with that around highschool, because people are... Interesting... to say the least. I play bass guitar and drums, and have dabbled a bit in piano, albeit that my piano experience includes exclusively the Song of the Dragonborn. *[EXPLANATION HERE] I'm 6'5" (see why it's ironic?), caucasian, male, and currently engaged as of February 14th, 2017. If you have any other questions, feel free to message me, and I will do my best to answer you quickly!
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    Fkn getting accepted looking ass fkn aunt jemima looking ass fkn why weren't you up here to begin with looking ass congrats looking ass hope to work with you more looking ass fucking just went to bed won't see this till the morning looking ass On a real note congrats from the long time we've known each other in this community youve always had a positive outlook on things you always keep calm, even when chaos comes your way...you are a perfect example of a staff member I'm very proud of you... you were a part of the reason why people including myself love and stay in this community congrats and cheers mate hope you do the best you can stay strong and work hard for this family ..for your family ♡ mark
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    You're dead to all of us right now.
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    I DID IT, I WON, I BEAT THIS CHALLENGE STARTED AT 9:15PM AND ENDED AT 7:16AM I'd like to thank everyone that knew I was doing this challenge, mass tag in 3..2..1.. @Bensuperawesome @Derrick @staffmage @InfernoBorkExclusive @mars
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    Is staffmage hot?
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    Being a part of CRD doesn’t mean drama, that’s taken care of mostly by the advisers.. While normal mediators/trial mediators deal with personal problems such as talking to people who are having a rough time/day. But, Like people said already, you have good intentions but you word it in a way that it’s just a joke. And when you’re talking to someone that might be contemplating suicide and making it seem out to be a joke then that’s really not helpful at all. While that person might misinterpret your jokes as you making fun of them or plain not giving a shit. You’re a sincere guy and I genuinely like you Zeme, but you don’t seem to show you can or want to be in a mediator position besides for own personal amusement. Abstain..
  21. 2 likes
    this is a masterpiece https://youtu.be/IWQ-SpeymyM @Heliuxen And @Rabbit Just Need To See This also @Midnight Zoroark and @devas
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    II. Racial slurs are to not come out of your mouth or fingers. Nigga is okay, the hard r is not allowed. Ive been told by other staff members you can use the hard r if its a song, I tried to explain you cant use it at all and they kept using Racial slurs are to not come out of your mouth or fingers. against me. Higher ups can you confirm that you can use it if its a song?
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    Is it too late to make one of these? No? okay, anyways as most of you know, my name is BorkLord, I'm 14 years old, I'm currently in middle school so I have exams here and there, I currently have 4 dogs living in my house, they're wonderful, that's also one of the reasons my name is BorkLord, when I first joined hearthigen I was kinda afraid of staff, especially higher than moderator but every staff I had met had been very nice which pushed me to join the forums so I did, so I've been here for three months and I've enjoyed it a lot, now you know a bit about me, looking forward to staying here on hearthigen for a long time! Thank you all for taking the time to read this.
  24. 2 likes
    I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for the support you have shown me when I was not able to get on JB much. I am now done with my exams and I have a lot more time. I will be going on JB a lot more often now. Thank you once again to all of you for the support.
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    hmhmhm a grill…….. time to start barbecuing
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    Thanks you! You seem really funny. Don't worry I'm not planning on applying anytime soon and if I did I have tons of jailbreak experience so I don't join a staff team if I know I can't be on a lot and if I ever do go inactive I will always post something on forums telling why or tell the owner/owners about it. The only way most likely for me to actually try for staff if someone told me that I should be staff and that the server would need my help. The reason why I do that is when I staffed other servers they treated me like i'm no help and I don't want that to happen again.
  27. 2 likes
    Oh god.. fluwffy 2.0 ur prob gonna get co ow.. oh wait, there isn't co owner anymore.. :/ Ashley 2.0 well for your birthday you will get owner.. then heli will "forget" that he gave you owner for your birthday and you'll have it for a week. But if you apply for staff your most likely to get a high rank.. if you be inactive for 5 months while you have that rank.. you still won't be demoted.. just pop in once a month and your all good Welcome tho
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    @kanalumaddela It finally happened: https://support.mozilla.org/t5/Problems-with-add-ons-plugins-or/Why-do-Java-Silverlight-Adobe-Acrobat-and-other-plugins-no/ta-p/31069
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    I would make a real response but @AFKnot is a nig. who deleted my response multiple times.
  30. 2 likes
    Jailbreak Overseer(s) will be chosen tonight. As well as promotions!
  31. 2 likes
    Application DENIED! Actions this morning led to a demotion. Disrespecting other Staff and the community is not tolerated. Heliuxen
  32. 2 likes
    Hearthigen Jailbreak, I will be working on the following updates for Jailbreak today. This will be tested this afternoon if you'd like to help! If they work well we will implement them officially tonight! Here is what is to come: New weapons!!! New DRs Possible Prisoner purchasable skins Fix for Warden initial orders (broken textures) New pets Implementation of Community player ranks (Regular, Veteran, etc.) This is what I have so far. More to come possibly by tonight. Heliuxen
  33. 2 likes
    THIS WILL BE UPDATED THROUGHOUT THE NIGHT!! So far what has been implemented: Fix to Wubinator (also rename temp. to Lil Poof uwu) Addition of Paintball Pistol NEW DR: Paintball ARMAGEDDON! NEW DR: Earthquake!!
  34. 2 likes
    This was part of our promise when we reformed that we would be more transparent with the community.
  35. 2 likes
    Here is what I will do. Since I do not want to argue back and forth, I will ask people if they would like a reset or not in about 2 weeks. I will take a vote. I will then decide if we will or will not have reset. I expect you not to go around asking people to vote no for a reset.
  36. 2 likes
    Hearthigen, In the coming days here is what you should expect. We were left with a bit of a mess, but we will clean it up as always and make Hearthigen even better! Here is what I have slated to come in the week of 3/6/2017 - 3/12/2017 Beta Testing of PoliceRP Official Opening of PoliceRP Staff restructuring -- mission objectives updated to better suit our Staff Staff members current rank movement -- we will be moving Staff members around into higher positions if they have been deemed to have earned it. Stronger ties to overall community Re-work of how community unbans work Re-work of how community bans work Re-work of how we handle Staff applications Re-work of how we handle member applications Murder additions TTT additions (playermodel) Sandbox additions (playermodel) Jailbreak playermodel switch (Guard & Warden) Jailbreak new DR requests Prepare! Heliuxen
  37. 2 likes
    Hey, Inferno, you know that I am here for you. Look man you know I am here for you. I and many other care about you here in this community. You are an awesome friend, and an amazing person. I am glad that I was able to meet you and I'm glad when I talk to you, you are a fun person to be around. I know I have told you my opinions on drugs, but please don't take that to mean that I am unwilling to listen talk and try to help you. I here if you need me. I hope things get better.
  38. 2 likes
    That was a very touching story dude if you want to start helping get off your pills try this about every week down your dosage by about 1/4 a pill it takes a while but it helps stop the withdraw
  39. 2 likes
    everybody needs a little bit of positive vibes every once in a while. let's dedicated this thread to giving a compliment and rating other people's posts good things, and overall posting things that give you (or other people) positive vibes. spread the love <3 e: somehow forgot the compliment smh @NoCookieshas a very comfortable jacket irl :-)
  40. 2 likes
    Listen Bork, your probably the realest guy on here and my closet friend, my family has been through alot of the same things that's going on with you right now, just know that everything WILL get better and no matter what you do, you'll always be valued and one of my dearest friends and not just to me, your a friend to borklord to so dont give up, get better, and the one good thing about hitting rock bottom is that you can only go up. see you soon
  41. 2 likes
    you haven't failed, duder. everybody makes mistakes, it's okay. everybody needs breaks every once in a while, so if you've been pushed past your limit, don't be afraid to take a break. we'll understand, Heli. you're doing your best. i'm so glad that you've worked so hard, but you've only given me smiles in this amazing place of a community. i'm sorry you feel this way (about being pushed and how you think you failed us), but it's not true. if it wasn't for you, all of these amazing people wouldn't have met each other. i wouldn't know amazing people like BorkLord, ur father, staffmage, and many more. you've only made me happy for the amount of time i've been here, Heli. you're trying, dude. remember, there's a difference between failure and a mistake. you haven't failed yet. and as long as you keep this attitude, you never will. i love you, Heli. :-) e: i really need you to know that i mean this. so that you know it comes from the heart, take this. <3
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    @staffmage Do I Need To Advert For Sandbox Staff *cough... Sandbox Is Greater With U :p. @popdog7 Oh God, We Were Using Mic, That is Pretty Bad, If We Continue The Meme Will Be Broken... @SkyDive @ur father You are both cool, Like Ultra Cool Man !!! @NoCookies Is A Great Staff With A Great Heart, I Luv Him. @BorkBoy636 @BorkJr @BorkLord Are The Bork Crew, That Is Pretty Meme, I Luv That !!! @Murder Crew (Oh Rip Cant Target Them All) You are All Good !!! We Will Keep Murder Server Up In Rank List! (Advert) Apply For Murder Staff -Silverad 2k17
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    I just wanted to say thank you for everyone that supported me through myself getting demoted I made a big mistakes it happens I will hope That I will learn from my mistake and move on, but anyways from the bottom of my heart thank everyone who helped me when I was done and couldn't help myself some special thanks to @BorkLord @Big Don @Rabbit you guys are the best <3 I would also thank @Heliuxen for explaining everything to me, helping me, and being a great owner
  44. 2 likes
    You are a calm person, i have seen you handle some pretty nasty situations yourself. It takes a lot of patience to do such, and you can do that in a good way. +1 from me.
  45. 2 likes
    God damn I love you aux, dude you're an amazing person with only intentions for the best, I'll be here when you need me.
  46. 2 likes
    the important thing is that you're learning from your mistakes and that you're willing to try again and put the past behind you that's the right attitude, sport. :-)
  47. 2 likes
    I honestly don't care what rank I get. As long as I am making Hearthigen a better place, I will be happy. With that said, if I HAD to pick, it would be an overseer of JB.
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    We will be hosting an event on Minecraft Towny Server to help get it populated and recognized. IP: vmc.hearthigen.com The events will be the following: Spleef Fastest Harvesting Build Off This event will be @ 5:00 PM EST
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    Channel your inner Mcree..... test your High Noon skills at this Trouble In Terrorist Town event!
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    It removed all the members of the community i know on a personal level...let me tag them here: @BorkJr @BorkBoy636 @Romulus @AshleyStar819 @Silverad @PassTheAux @InfernoKushExclusive @Donka @Deport @Top Legends
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