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      Welcome to our community! While we are primarily a Garry's Mod community. We have expanded our servers to other areas and are welcome to new ideas and players. After registering with us, feel free to apply and become a part of our family! https://www.hearthigen.com/forms/2/hearthigen-member-application/


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    Ok so this is a list of people that have MOSTLY helped me throughout this month. This month was a big month for me. I became many members of departments and became officer. Btw Happy Easter!! I apologise if you are not on the list and you have helped me comment if you want to be on the list and I'll add you… @SIK ICE@Rabbit @Daddidud @Loud J @DPS-BangZ @Nova @GamingX13 @NoCookies @devas @apple @War Kid @Heliuxen @Lazy120 @Kolor @Alucard The Warden's Ex @Jex Shade @InfernoBorkExclusive @Spartan2496 @A 5 Year Old @[K]Toxic @SCOTSCHIEF @OmniRider @ValentinoLucious @Rabbit @BorkLord @BorkJr @Savage @LT.Kitty-Kat @Astra @Bensuperawesome @PassTheAux @Swiss Cheese @GASHERMAN @Miss Mady @Lincoln @21 HULKGROUND @zeme
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    These are the 10 merit based project ranks 1 Grain of Sand – Create a colorful bathtub with a seat and boosters 2 Sand Between Fingertips – Create a spinning death machine that accidentally prop kills everyone 3 Sand Castle – A car that can steer and perform a loopdiloop on a loopdiloop that you made 4 Beach – An obstacle course with a swingy axe and a pit you can fall off into and die with spikes 5 Ocean – An overly complicated control center with lots of buttons that do useless tasks 6 World – Create a Helicopter that can have 3 passengers, 1 passenger must be singing “I’m a Little Teapot” 7 Galaxy – Create a 2 story house with a garage that can fly that has a rube golberg contraption inside that is resettable 8 Universe – Create an oversized toilet that can burrow underground like Diglet from Pokemon 9 Truth – Create a teleporting office cerberus (3 headed beast), with 1 head being a pencil, 1 head being whiteout, and 1 head being the leg of an office chair 10 Enlightenment – 3 rank 9’s will approve of a project, 5 rank 9’s must approve of the result
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    I'm giving out these shoutouts because these people have helped me during tough times. They are all great friends. Also, sorry if I forgot your name, comment and I'll add you. Here we go: @happyfacetoronto @Miss Mady @Mistyisty @Swiss Cheese @Nova @BorkLord @Bensuperawesome @Heliuxen @ValentinoLucious @ThatGuyWithTheAfro @Derrick @A 5 Year Old @BorkJr @InfernoBorkExclusive @nignog1 @Tyrone'Biggems @Jiwon0813 @War Kid @NoCookies @zeme @Rabbit @JamesIsMyName @Kolor @Chespin @Astra @PassTheAux @Savage @xenobi @Sarcothice @TinySniper
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    I’m glad I could help bud, keep doing what you do and stay efficient at it!
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    You forgot to tag Kana for no reason just to trigger him
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    Russian Rap xD
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    This is lovely. Happy Easter! -Easter Rabbit
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    Happy easter bro your doing great
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    @DPS-BangZ Compliment: You’re bad at staffing and need to stop Critique: Get more mature and you will be staff again m8. Sop being emotional about stupid 0 Like this
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    Club penguin. Which game did you play? HoLV was my personal favourite.
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    This was a very sweet post. Thank you for making it Gasher. Have a good day.
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    Always glad to help.
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    Hey! Thanks for the mention GASHERMAN, glad I could help you out. See you in-game soon bud.
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    I'm glad so many people were able to help you.
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    Some new features have been added as I got bored and decided we needed some new fun things. These are all of the things! New Members Today on homepage sidebar Reputation shows in user bar Underneath thread author information is some important buttons such as contact Chatbox now has the top spammers Heliuxen
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    That’s impossible
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    I only really like mash-ups. vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv Everybody's circulation
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    Anytime man Happy Easter!
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    If someone makes fun of your voice come to me and I will deal with them I hate when people are made fun of for their voices
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    Thanks for all the welcomes guys. :3
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    Today It Was Weird XD My Hockey Trainer Said That I Need To Be The Goalie For 1 Match… Because The Other Goalie Feelt Sick… (I'm Left Winger In Attack Normally) Result: I'm The Worst Goalie I Have Destroyed 1 Goalie Stick When I Have Raged I Got A Fight With Someone Who Hit Me With His Hockey Stick Behind My Head We Have lose 5-2
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    Hello Loves, Its me MamaRabbit as some come to know me over time haha. I said I would make this post and here it is. I'm the proud mother to a few of you growing boys and girls. For the most part I'm very proud and please with you all. I've recently adopted the entire Bork clan. I claim em! Thier mine! But you must know @Nova is the og of my adopted kids, so show him some loving respect💙💙. @BorkLord @Bensuperawesome Can list the clan out for you all to see the family tree.
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    should not be a worry. as long as you are genuine getting demoted is unlikely.
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    I nominate @Swiss Cheese for jb staff of the month because he is very helpful to me in game @Derrick for biggest meme because it is derrick and @zeme for helpful member because zeme is so nice to everyone and has helped out to community alot
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    I Nominate @Silverad For Staff Of The Month For Being A Great Murder Deputy Overseer! I Nominate @happyfacetoronto For Most Helpful member because he helps me a lot I Nominate @ValentinoLucious For Best Meme Because She Memes on JB
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    I Nominate @GamingX13 For Jb Staff Because He is Very Active And Deal With a Ton Of Report
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    Dude. I am your friend. Also, stop being so hard on yourself, I swear to god man. You where great. You just so happened to be on JB one of the slowest to promote. You where a great guy and you will be missed. However feel free to hop on and I’ll play with you anytime.
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    I'm obviously a pre-pubescent African black child living in Antarctica. I study English intensively so I can pass off as a regular guy on the internet. I am a secret agent prodigy in disguise working for Anonymous. We are Legion Kinda surprised why none of you figured that out, it was obvious “Secret agent prodigy in disguise"
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    +1 the reason for my plus one is that i think he is a really nice guy i do not care about the past i just care about what happens now and if he has changed and is now more respectful and is polite then i give him my +1
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    Is staffmage hot?
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    Happy Birthday Borky bork !!! I Hope You Will Have A Great Day ^^
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    Oh neat, I’m old enough to drink with my followers: http://puu.sh/vtdVX/cbdb9ecc3c.png
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    Current: Name: Midnight Zoroark Requested Name: Midnight Nightslash   Why do you want to change your name?: Due to the Zorak / Zoroark fiasco. Its extremely confusing for myself cause I hear both names and I think they are talking to me sometime.   By choosing to change your name, you agree you cannot request another name change for 1 month. However you can request to go back to your previous name within 5 days of the name change.: I Agree.  
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    +1 -Mature -Friendly -Cool person -Responsible -Active -Would be just splendid in this position
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    I like a plethora of genre to be honest. Like techno, trance, old rock, 8-bit, old rap, pop, New age, alternative, the list can go on.
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    Mama's form of Easter baskets is love. Oh shoot, I was tagged twice. Haha So sweet you all are. My hearts warm and humble.
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    Compliment: You used heli’s name Critique: You said that heil needs to stop playing pokemon go in meetings @Heliuxen
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    I'm JB staff :3 unless you plan on doing every Justice member from Dep justice+
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    Happy Easter, my dood The quest for the most awards is in full swing now
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    Just an announement- I am not the only Justice. Please tag the other Justices as well. @Savage @jeff_fan @Ryan @Alucard The Warden's Ex
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    When I click the reputation button it goes to @kanalumaddela, and as much as I like him I’d rather be narcissistic with seeing my reputation
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    Sorry bud. I’m gonna have to ABSTAIN. You’re a good person, but I don’t see much effort put into this application. Sorry! I will change my vote if the application is edited to show more effort.
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    Hi, it’s me! A lot of you don’t know who I am, don’t remember me, or maybe you do. I won’t be going on the server anymore sadly but I’d like to say thank you. During my time in this community, I was struggling with anorexia. I have hospitalized for a bit for that and depression. (which isn't good but I’m better now) Talking to my friends on here and in real life have really helped me. So thank you for helping me through my life!
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    friendly reminder if you’re up late
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    This was part of our promise when we reformed that we would be more transparent with the community.
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