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    Hearthigen Embassy, (If anyone wants a sick ass soundtrack to listen to while you read this.. Totally epic.) I write this thread as I sit the last few weeks through recovery of my surgery. To say that the journey was anything but eye opening would be an understatement, but I want to share some sentiment with all of you to remind you all what you mean to me - what all of this means to me. If you do not know me, my name is Heliuxen. I was not always the person you know now, and I can not even say I was ever a good person until I began changing my life. As my life changed every day I found myself asking more and more one question: "Why?" I knew I had purpose, but I had to find that purpose. Today, I feel like I have found and lived my purpose to the fullest that I can possibly do. I could never have done that without Hearthigen. I could never have done that without all of you. Enough about me, let us talk about all of you. I can say for the five hundredth time... I never thought we would get here. When I say we, I mean all of us. Hearthigen was never meant to be something large, and we never thought we would be more than just a band of friends playing together on Trouble in Heli Town. Those days were simple, and they were riddled with so many exciting times that it almost feels unreal. Those first twenty days of our creation were the days that would shape the rest of our history. When I think of what Hearthigen is, I constantly think about who we are as an entity. I want to say a few things that may not be favorable, but they are honest. I will never say that I am beyond reproach or that every choice I have ever made was perfect. I am mistake-ridden just as any human is. I am not beyond the laws that I hold all of you to. As a leader, there are many things that I personally need to improve on. As a friend, I have so many things to learn that I can not even begin to explain. As a family member, I feel I have neglected Hearthigen in so many ways. I have always wanted to be the best I can be for Hearthigen, but I know that as the time goes on the more I find myself struggling to pull together my life to bring all of you in. Even worse, I miss the old days where I would be able to talk to our users, members, and Staff about their day and life. I can say safely that in the last six months I have not had such privileges to do so, and that is something that boils inside of me. You are all my family, and I know that there are some here that do not believe I care about them or for them. If you feel this way, please allow me to put to rest such feelings. I come off as rough because I am placed in a role where I make decisions. Decisions that are never easy to make, but that is the role that I took on - I knew that going in. When person "A" comes to me with a problem and person "B" comes to me with a problem, I have to make a decision that impacts both "A" and "B." That concept is hard for me because I truly love everyone. I love people. I love when I see you guys laughing and playing games.. Just enjoying your lives like ALL OF YOU DESERVE. When Hearthigen was founded, that was our goal. Our goal was to create that environment for all players of different nationalities, creeds, ages, and sexes. We created Hearthigen for people who did not have a home and desperately needed one. We created Hearthigen because we love our family. We love all of you. There have been many days where I felt my heart strings pulled because of a choice I have had to make, and there have even been days where I felt as though my time here has diminished. However, when I look at the family we have built here at Hearthigen, all I can do is smile. I smile because I love all of you. So to speak about how I view all of you, I want to share this paragraph: Each of you are so unique. Every person that comes into this community has such a unique personality. Every person that comes into this community has such a unique voice. A unique laugh. Every person who comes into this community have a different view of the world and different experiences to share. Each of you have a story that I will never fully understand, but I appreciate that you made it to here. I appreciate each of you, and even to those who push me to limits, I hope you know I appreciate you too. You are my family, and as a family we will always challenge one another to become better than they were. We may fight, we may scream, we may say hateful things we do not really mean, but in the end we have each other. We have a family that has been built for the greater good of "Internet gaming." A place where toxicity has spread into the crevices of our every day experience on the Internet. We have tried to purify such things by creating an environment that all of you can thrive. An environment where even those who are doubted are given a chance to be something more than anyone ever thought they could be. Hearthigen has grown so much in the last two years. I can not believe just how much it has grown. We would never be here without all of you, and I can not stress enough just how important all of you are. Going forward all I can hope to do is continue to give updates that make each of you recognize just how special you are. I can only hope that the updates I bring will give the best I can give. I can only hope that each of you realizes the one true meaning we are all here in Hearthigen: To make your sparks turn into flames. To give oxygen to the lifeless. To give opportunity to those who never had it. Finally, to give love to all of those who need it. Heliuxen
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    Right now, I am going through shit. I don't want to be like the rest of the people on here and act like my life is terrible and I am going through some trama. I will be fine, just give me a day or so. I make this post because mainly the paper might be late this week. I normally wouldn't suddenly push it away but I have to for just today or so. I gotta get over this little bump in my life and get back on track. I am okay, I am happy, I need to make a decision. Love you guys! <3
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    Alright, so a few months back (2 or 3 months), I posted about a real-life issue. The post spoke about my having a form of Cellulitis on my leg. Around that time, I picked up antibiotics for Cellulitis which failed to work. I left the infection on my leg for about a month. Now, the Cellulitis is much worse than expected (due to its failure to spread or its rapid growth on my leg). Now, the past week or so, I have been experiencing a lot of pain when walking, specifically in my knees and my right ankle. Due to this, I have received a doctor examination and took a urine test as the doctor has stated, he has no idea why the previous antibiotics aforesaid has not worked. So he took my urine and gave me a new antibiotic, and referenced me to a skin care cream. The next day (today) my parents receive a call from the doctor's office with bad news. The whole time, I believed I had Cellulitis, it was instead a bacterium named MRSA (Mercer or Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus). So, my parents freak out and my mother takes me to the doctor's office again to get the mercer checked and to update anything. All they say is to take the new antibiotic, they prescribe me an ointment for my skin. As of now, I have missed school Monday, yesterday, and today, due to the Mercer bacterium strain on my leg. I am taking my antibiotics (on day 3 of 10) and starting to apply the ointment onto my skin (This is 3 times a day for 10 days). As of now, it looks like I should be ok. If anything serious happens I'll keep everyone updated. Have a good rest of the week, thanks! Btw, if anyone wants to see what MRSA (Mercer) is, you can read this: https://www.webmd.com/skin-problems-and-treatments/understanding-mrsa#1
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    Jailbreak Charlie v.8 To view previous changes, click here Keep in mind all additions are not guaranteed permanent. We are testing these new systems the best we can. We want a better balance and a greater want to be Guard - while also promoting teamwork through Prisoners. Weapons AWP Sniper Rifle You no longer need to hold down right click to zoom-in Changed level of view of weapon (you can now watch your bullets fly out) Fixed scope issues when zooming in Claymore Let us have some stratagem for guards and prisoners alike.. Getting into armory may be a bit more difficult! M4A1 Fixed Ironsights Added a crosshair Better zoom-in Slows down movement for better aim M4A01 You no longer need to hold down right click to zoom-in Changed level of view of weapon (you can now watch your bullets fly out) Fixed scope issues when zooming in AK47 Fixed Ironsights Added a crosshair Better zoom-in Slows down movement for better aim FN P90 Fixed Ironsights Added a crosshair Better zoom-in Slows down movement for better aim MP7 Fixed Ironsights Added a crosshair Better zoom-in Slows down movement for better aim Deagle Fixed Ironsights Added a crosshair Better zoom-in Slows down movement for better aim H&K USP Fixed Ironsights Added a crosshair Better zoom-in Slows down movement for better aim Heckler & Koch UMP45 Fixed Ironsights Added a crosshair Better zoom-in Slows down movement for better aim Steyr TMP Fixed Ironsights Added a crosshair Better zoom-in Slows down movement for better aim MP5 Navy Fixed Ironsights Added a crosshair Better zoom-in Slows down movement for better aim Earthquake Added Ironsights Added a crosshair Better zoom-in Slows down movement for better aim MAC 10 Fixed Ironsights Added a crosshair Better zoom-in Slows down movement for better aim Glock Fixed Ironsights Added a crosshair Better zoom-in Slows down movement for better aim G36c Fixed Ironsights Added a crosshair Better zoom-in Slows down movement for better aim FAMAS Fixed Ironsights Added a crosshair Better zoom-in Slows down movement for better aim Bizon Fixed Ironsights Added a crosshair Better zoom-in Slows down movement for better aim Popcorn Added Let's meme around with some Popcorn! Watch the guards annihilate rebelling prisoners together... Karabiner 98k Added Let's make some new rifles for guards and prisoners alike Gameplay Functions Warden armor has been BUFFED No more one shotting Warden. It should take multiple individuals to kill this high profile target Guard Rewards Let us reward guards for... well.. being guards. Guards now receive points for being guards. Heliuxen
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    Feel free to vote. I may bring this back as I love to give to those who can not afford some of these things. Heliuxen
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    I nominate myself @AlphaBravoCheesecake for everything.
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    anybody who nominates themselves for meme of the month needs to fuck off. seriously. none of you are funny for doing that. regardless, i nominate @Heliuxen for hearthigen hero of the month since he prevented two extremely toxic players from coming back to this community
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    I nominate @Moosee for warden of the month because of his amazing voice
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    Hearthigen, This coming week I will have a working Jailbreak version CHARLIE up and ready for public testing. I am still not cleared to be in situations of stress by my surgeon. This does mean that when we are doing testing, I will need order and peace in the channel I am in. While the testing is going on, I fully expect for us to find bugs and things we do not like. When testing becomes live, I will have a forum up on the website that you will be able to post in regarding the update and any suggestions/bugs. I have missed you all very dearly. You will start seeing me around again Monday morning. Thank you all for being so great... Let's make Jailbreak the best it has ever been. Heliuxen
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    Last Updated: 3/20/2018 Department Name Currently: Murder Can be changed? No Overall Responsibilities Be active on website Be active on TeamSpeak Be active on Murder Maintain records of Staff members on a week-by-week basis Maintain records of Staff members on a month-by-month basis Monitor Staff member progress and action Monitor logging system for users Certify new members and alter Staff ranks as necessary Decide on promotions within the server Initial Responsibilities Create requirements for server application Create application for server Create punishment logging system for Staff in extreme cases Requirements Applicant should be charismatic Applicant should have a clear vision of the future for the department Applicant must be able to handle sensitive information Applicant must be able to display proper customer service skills Applicant must be able to effectively navigate website Applicant should have some understanding of Google Document Applicant must be able to work with a diverse group of people Heliuxen
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    I hope it all works better than it has. Much more to add - should be ready very soon
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    I think there could be other types of gambling. I like the slots so far when I was testing. Other types of gambling could be Crash, Roulette, or Jackpot. It would be really cool to have these. Keep up the good work Heli!!!
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    You're too late he died after his colonoscopy
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    I invite everyone to attend the community meeting. I will be discussing plans for the future, and I would love to hear opinions on these plans. I will also be making certain requests, and I hope that everyone is as excited as I am for the future that is being created here. We have some great things coming, but we can not do it without YOU.
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    +1 Beautiful server, beautiful update, beautiful pointshop, beautiful owner, beautiful monkey bombs, beautiful maps, beautiful players, beautiful scenery, beautiful game, beautiful jailbreak
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    Hearthigen, There will be a Jailbreak update stress test at 4:00 P.M. C.S.T. tomorrow (3/18/2018). I will need as many players as we can get into the test server as we will be testing a very massive change that I need to see the impact of on regular players of the server (or non-regular players). If you would like to participate, please comment below. Otherwise, I will assume you do not want to participate. I will need to shift the server slots to the predicted, so please be courteous and comment below. Otherwise, I will not let you in. Heliuxen
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    a good reason for me to update gmod for once
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    There is no need to thank me. I have weathered the storms because it is my place to do so. If the last thing I did before I died was tell all of you how much you meant to me, then I would die knowing I have accomplished the greatest things I can in the world. I always try to remember that my life is meaningless without others. I have been blessed with the people who come through Hearthigen. The music does not fit the thread at all. I just really liked the song, and I figured it was an easier way to get others to listen to it willingly.
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    A return, I've left Hearthigen to take a break but I feel its been too long since I left. I did not make any post or I so think I didn't and I know I'm not of any importance to the community. I don't know why I am making this post as no one will probably care and say: "Oh he is back? Oh ok cool." and I feel I have never made any impact here. But I'm going to be more active so expect me to come around and say hi. It is I the annoying bastard.
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    this is the case with practically everybody.
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    I nominate myself for meme of the month because my department is a meme. I nominate @her majesty for warden of the month because like every good warden he is always mad about something.
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    I feel like one sexy mtherfker sometimes. I was sitting in this class and this girl likes well used to like me her bsf started to flirt with me. I was giving her the middle finger. the ol' crank technique you know.. and then she looks and says when. I'm like shes over there laughing and I'm over here getting flies in my mouth. so after the class ended we were standing at the door you know getting ready to leave we're all crowded in that bit like sardines and she gives the girl that used to like me a hug and she was really slick in this one. She made the girl face the other way during the hug just to touch on me and my mouth was still open, and she gimme that look and a lick of the lips like she hasn't eaten in three days and I looked like a whole ham to her.. I love school.
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    I nominate @Moosee for meme of the month because of his Luigi Mansion let's play when he was 11.
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    I nominate @[test]Asnue for Prisoner of the month because I got like 50 LR's I nomiante @[test]Asnue for Hunter of the month because I find everyone's spots on Hide n Seek day :3 I nominate @PJtrey for Jailbreak Staff of the Month because hes put a ton of effort in this server Lastly I nominate @[test]Asnue for Meme of the Month because I just screw up a lot and its funny asl <3
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    Q: What was the name of The Lone Ranger's horse that he saved from an enraged buffalo? A: Silver Q: Which American writer wrote the narrative poem "The Raven"? A: Edgar Allan Poe Q: How old must a person be to run for President of the United States? A: 35 Q: Regarding data storage, what does the acronym SSD stand for? A: Solid State Drive Q: What is known as the "master gland" of the human body? A: The pituitary gland Q: Located in Northwestern Turkey, which strait separates Europe and Asia? A: Bosphorus Strait Q: What do the letters "ZIP" stand for in the United States postal code? A: Zone Improvement Plan Q: The use of reflected sounds to locate objects is known as what? A: Echolocation Q: The highest temperature ever recorded in the United States occurred in which State? A: California Q: Who wrote the 1936 novel "Gone with the Wind"? A: Margaret Mitchell Q: According to the popular Christmas song, "Frosty the Snowman", what are the snowman's eyes made out of? A: Coal Q: In what year was the United States Pledge of Allegiance written? A: 1892 Q: Au is the symbol for what chemical element? A: Gold Q: What is the capital of North Korea? A: Pyongyang Q: What is the first element on the periodic table? A: Hydrogen Q: Which country has the most volcanoes? A: The United States Q: In which US city was Walt Disney born? A: Chicago Illinois Q: Which city in the United States is known as the "Windy City"? A: Chicago Q: What was the second president of the United States? A: John Adams Q: In our solar system, which planet has the shortest day? A: Jupiter Q: What planet is closest to the sun? A: Mercury Q: Bruce Willis played a convict turned time traveler in what 1995 movie? A: 12 Monkeys Q: In the Disney movie "Beauty and the Beast", what is the name of Gaston's bumbling sidekick? A: LeFou Q: "Granny Smith" is a popular type of which fruit? A: Apple Q: Which Christopher Columbus ship ran aground on his first voyage? A: La Santa Maria Q: How do you say goodbye in Spanish? A: Adios Q: What is the name of trees that never lose their leaves? A: Evergreen Q: What is the derivative of x^2? A: 2x Q: What was the first capital city of the United States? A: Philadelphia Q: 1,024 Gigabytes is equal to one what? A: Terabyte Q: How many people have walked on the moon? A: Twelve Q: What does HTTP stand for in a website address? A: HyperText Transfer Protocol Q: What is the highest enlisted rank a soldier can hold in the United States Army? A: Sergeant Major of the Army Q: What does the military acronym HALO stand for? A: High Altitude-Low Opening Q: The US military installation Area 51 is located in which state? A: Nevada Q: In what year did World War II end? A: 1945 Q: What was the first console video game that allowed the game to be saved? A: The Legend of Zelda Q: In what year did Nintendo release its first game for console in North America? A: 1985 Q: In the world of video games, what does NES stand for? A: Nintendo Entertainment System Q: What is the only bird known to fly backward? A: Hummingbirds Q: What is the favorite food of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle? A: Pizza Q: In the Harry Potter series, what is the name of Harry's pet owl? A: Hedwig Q: Sriracha is a type of hot sauce named after a city located in what country? A: Thailand Q: What is the most popular spectator sport in Australia? A: Australian Rules Football Q: What are the colors that appear on the flag of France? A: Blue, White & Red Q: What common kitchen item is made up of sodium and chlorine atoms? A: Salt Q: In geometry, how many sides are on a heptagon? A: Seven Q: Who is credited with the assassination of American outlaw Jesse James? A: Robert Ford Q: What is the name of a dog created by crossing a Labrador Retriever and a Poodle? A: Labradoodle or Labrapoodle Q: What country's current capital city is an anagram of its formal capital city? A: Japan (Kyoto/Tokyo) Q: Hale-Bopp is classified as which type of small Solar System body? A: Comet Q: What is the name of the specialized nerve cell that transmits information chemically and electrically throughout the body? A: Neuron Took about 2 hours going to take a break and add more later!
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    Ok, so I don't really know how to start this off but, I just failed my UST 222 midterm so yeah. Great start! Anyways I had this going on in my chest for a good minute now and I just really need to let it out. When I lived in New York I met these group of kids that would flex what they had. Their families weren't wealthy and they got those things by themselves. My family was never wealthy either so I would envy them. I would keep hanging out with them because they would help out when I needed it. Then one day they let me in on something that changed me right away. It started off with simple weed. It was very simple. I'd go to the places I was assigned to and keep moving. I thought it was fun. At this time I would make about 6-8 hundred a day for just 2-3 hours work 5 days a week. I was feeling awesome and I was killing the game. I could finally buy the sneakers I wanted, a hoodie I really wanted to cop. I met more people and gained more contacts in school. It was easy, especially since I didn't smoke. Then one of my friends tells me that he got something new and he wanted me to sell it. It was heroin. He told me to sell it for 25$ a smack. I was excited cuz that was a lot of money. I made 9 grand my first week before giving our supplier his cut, and that was my peek. I knew that cops hating heroin dealers worst of all and that I had to be on guard at all times, and I was. I would never be in the same area and I would keep moving. I even stopped spending my money in fear of getting caught. I was making money but couldn't spend it and it was driving me crazy. Then one day one of my friends gets killed for selling on someone elses block. At this time he was training to be a pro boxer. As soon as this happened I gave everything I had to my friend and left the life. 2 summers later My cousin came from Arizona and told me about this drug called K2. It was 100% legal synthetic weed. It wasn't however legal to supply. He wanted me help tend with one of his warehouses in the summer and he said he'd give me 60k upfront. I, being the severe retard I am, said yes. it was easy work, and very repetative. When summer was over I went back to school and acted like nothing happened. They found my cousin and his warehouses and arrested him with a million dollar bond. The next year school starts and I'm excited for my senior year. My mom comes up and says we're gonna go chill with her dad in Ohio. I obviously didn't want to go but I couldn't leave her alone. So, I went. The cops in Ohio are literally the biggest joke since whipped cream on tacos. During my last year here I've sold guns, weed, heroin, molly, and about everything. I was the plug up until December. One of my dealers put something in his heroin and was threatening to put it all on me. So, I dropped out of EVERYTHING. I donated 95% of my money to autism speaks through a different name and kept this secret with me. I've been hiding this for a minute now and didn't know how to say it but that's about it. Thank you for reading!
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    you have a god damn way with words, james. fuckin' beautiful. always impressed by your shit. besides that, i totally see benefits from your idea. i do believe there's already a system implemented, but a more strict & paved out pathway would be excellent. however, half of me has no issue with the current way of handling things. we throw someone out, show them how serious we are about shit (MOST OF THE TIME), they turn out to be a good pal to many and we unknowingly let 'em back in (if people enjoy them, it's hard to let them go) then, if they fuck up again, we knock their shit & usher them out. i'm not entirely sure why people are getting their dicks in a bundle over this. no hate. i do understand a majority, it just seems like an issue thrown out of proportion. we've had two cases of debatable community bans. we have 3,000 members. it seems whack. i can totally see that the leniency has created some tension among members. that's natural, but i know for a fact that people are working on their leadership skills. we're changing & we're growing as we learn to handle these situations. it has always been hard to let go of a good friend, which doesn't excuse any actions, but i can also understand why we let them back. some of us are close. it's some human nature shit. but if a majority votes them out or they aren't beneficial to the community as a whole, they're gone. i don't perceive it as too complicated. yeah, we've given inferno or ismool a few too many chances, but you gotta admit they must've had a positive impact on people if they were let back so many times. i was close with ismool, he was dope, but eventually people got tired of his shit and we gave him the boot. i see both perspectives of wanting him to change & wanting to leave toxic shit in the past. i don't flip my shit over it, i see he wasn't beneficial to the community & he hurt some people. it's not that hard to talk to him another way??? besides that, i'm not here to drag your idea through the dirt. i love that you're out there & suggesting a solution to an arising issue (even if i don't quite understand it.) i fully support a strike system & it would honestly make things go a lot smoother. people wouldn't be as mad or hurt because it would simply be how the rules work. that's radical. tl;dr i understand why people hate leniency & i think that's ok. this system would be great & it would solve issues between opinions & people. this is all just my opinion!
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    A strike system works wonders, as someone who came from a much stricter community that was mostly esports based I can say these kinds of systems work. Another thing you can do is for the First and Second strike as they are the lower tier ones you could have them have a decay timer. So let’s say someone gets a strike for flaming someone into the shadow realm and is community banned. Boom strike 1, now he could have that forever and next time is Strike 2 or you could put like a 1-2 month decay on the strike and if they don’t receive another one it is removed. This would also escalate as well. Example. Strike 1 = 1 month good behaviour and it’s gone Strike 2 = 2 months good behaviour and back down to Strike 1 Strike 3 = 3 months then back to Strike 2 You could also limit at what point there is no longer a decay so at some point it’s just don’t be bad or you gone forever punk. Giving people incentive that, if you do wrong you get punished is what we need. This would need to be tweaked and discussed a lot regardless but a system that isn’t to leanient and has a permanent solution to trouble makers would give people chances to change but also remove the toxic people who don’t change from our family.
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    Now that's just stupid. Why should ANYONE get an infinite number of chances? That's essentially telling everybody that we as a community are incompetent and that you can fuck around here all you want, because there will be little to no consequences for your actions, because hey: Everyone deserves infinite chances! No. We need to put our foot down at some point. We shouldn't tolerate this kind of shit behaviour anymore. Ismool got so many chances, and look where he is now: Back being community banned... And I'm not saying that out of hatred for Ismool, because we would always talk on Teamspeak and didn't have beef, but actions need consequences.
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    Jailbreak Charlie v.6 To view previous changes, click here Keep in mind all additions are not guaranteed permanent. We are testing these new systems the best we can. We want a better balance and a greater want to be Guard - while also promoting teamwork through Prisoners. Displayed: Reload glitch fixed - new animations (panel on the M4 moving as firing), and tracer bullets as seen Reload "glitch" has been removed No more losing an entire clip when you reload a couple of bullets just for good measure.. fuck that shit Weapon animations Some of the weapons will have new animations Minigun now slows you down significantly when firing No more Sonic the Hedgehog minigun... This will mean the Minigun has to be rebalanced Ironsights have been re-created to better suit the gamemode Scoping now has a different effect let's make it look better... New playermodel for Warden There is someone to blame for this... New playermodel for Guard Oh yes... It is coming like a STORM Glowsticks have been reimplemented Bouncy Ball has been reimplemented Ciggy Cig has been reimplemented Vaping has been implemented Shooting Pizzas.. Is that something we want? Pizza launcher has been added Bleach has been implemented Sometimes.. You just want to be dramatic. Do you know de way? You will soon enough.. New weapon added Suicide bomb has been added This will be limited.. Special spawn. This should be fun... Flamethrower has been added Not sure how long I will keep this Probably not long knowing Jailbreak Does someone want to have a party? Confetti will now be possible with this special gun.. Heliuxen
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    It is the one from January It is the one from February Garry's Mod All Currently Server +/-(All) +/-(Server) - Our Jailbreak server is currently at the 164th place of all gmod server. 164 / 3776 (Online) 1 / 25 +53 0 - Our GuessWho server is currently at the 751th place of all gmod server. 751 / 3776 (Online) 1 / 14 +106 0 +1 Our Prophunt server is currently at the 1050th place of all gmod server. 1050 / 3776 (Online) 18 / 97 +240 +13 +11 Our Sandbox server is at the 1384th place of all gmod server. 1384 / 3776 (Online) 34 /76 +906 +14 +1 Our Murder server is also at the 1384th place of all gmod server. 1384 / 3776 (Online) 40 / 91 +142 +3 +3 Our MB server is currently at the 1469th place of all gmod server. 1469 / 3776 (Online) 3 / 14 +309 +8 -4 Our SIS server is currently at the 1496th place of all gmod server. 1496 / 3776 (Online) 2 / 10 -224 -1 -3 Our Deathrun server is currently at the 1513th place of all gmod server. 1513 / 3776 (Online) 29 / 71 -75 +4 +1 Our Slasher server is also at the 1733th place of all gmod server. 1733 / 3776 (Online) 5 / 17 +45 +4 -3 Our Cinema server is currently at the 1712th place of all gmod server. 1759 / 3776 (Online) 21 / 39 -47 - 2 - Our Morbus server is currently at the 1785th place of all gmod server. 1785 / 3776 (Online) 2 / 5 +77 +1 -4 Our Sledbuilt server is also at the 1910th place of all gmod server. 1910 / 3776 (Online) 4 / 7 -198 -1 -1 Our Frag'Em server is currently at the 1965th place of all gmod server. 1965 / 3776 (Online) 1 / 2 +11 0 -1 Our ZS server is currently at the 1992th place of all gmod server. 1992 / 3776 (Online) 26 / 34 +6 -4 -1 Our TTT server is currently at the 2198h place of all gmod server. 2198 / 3776 (Online) 277 / 434 +177 +44 - Our DarkRp server is currently at the 2415th place of all gmod server. 2415 / 3776 (Closed) 102 / 187 +1 Our BR server is currently at the 2769th place of all gmod server. 2769 / 3776 (Locked) 10 / 10 +1 Our Flood server is also at the 2769th place of all gmod server. 2769 / 3776 (Locked) 10 / 10 +1 Our ______Rp server is also at the 2769th place of all gmod server. 2769 / 3776 (Locked) 0 / 0 CSS Our Hidden server is at the 1306th place of all Css server. 1306 / 2250 (Online) 1 / 4 +14 0 RUST Our Rust server is at the 281th place of all rust server. 281 / 1680 (Online) 0 +15 0 The server who arent registered on the gametracker arent taken in count
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    We are just going to talk and maybe play some gmod
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    +1 amazing staff member. -Kind -knows the rules well -knows how to deal with situations -calm -all around a great guy
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    you guys aren't funny for doing this by the way
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    Amazing to hear that you are getting better by the hour <3
  42. 1 point
    I'll do that next wipe, since I don't want to frustrate the people who were on after the wipe yesterday. Also all your blueprints and inventory weren't wiped.
  43. 1 point
    Heathigen Community is so nice, Thx guys <3
  44. 1 point
    I might have an idea, each time you spawn you have a small chance of dealing extra damage to guards/prisoners and you can reload faster (this would imply the prisoner has a history of gun use). I don't know if this is possible, but I wanna see this.
  45. 1 point
    Keep it 100 my man James We'll be here when you get back my friend
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  47. 1 point
    JUST FYI if you see a lot of edits I am most likely adding items on to the list. I am the type of guy to come up with ideas randomly after making apps.
  48. 1 point
    He was supposed to have his interview about a week ago but the guy never showed up.. rip
  49. 1 point
    +1 great guy also a good friend bullies none unless its whats known as: AphukenjokE
  50. 1 point
    @Sarcothice Happy Birthday
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