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    Taking a short break since I worked almost three weeks straight on the RP server. Some updates coming to DRP as a result of the storyline shift. DELTA is on the way, and I am excited to see the results.
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    costco pizza or chicken habatchi
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    BREAKING NEWS! Police have discovered Froggy dead at his home tonight, People suspect he was apart of the killing of Leon Hill and was assassinated by a member of the Reaperz Gang.
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    Am I the only one that drinks coffee exclusively when I don’t get enough sleep to function the next day? Otherwise I stay away from it
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    Who likes coffee you weebs? My mother loves coffee but whenever I drink it, it tastes like I'm drinking wet sludge. And that's with milk, cream, and sugar.
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    Well Been quite some time hasn't it? Last time I my comeback was very brief, as everything came back x10 and was like a tsunami, thus my comeback being cut short. But this time everything is sorted out. I am back and here to (hopefully) stay!
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    You are allowed to. Hell, I encourage you to try black coffee.
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    +1 great fucking idea. Now I can fuel my gambling addiction even further! Also if this does get added, I would enjoy 5 card stud and texas hold em
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    Coffee aint my thing chief. If I drink it I gotta drown it in sugar and creamer
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    As school approaches, I feel as if my mood has been improving. I don't know about you guys, but I feel like vidya has been burning me out. If I were a few years younger, I imagine I would be gaming hardcore and longing for a longer moratorium from school instead.
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    +1 current report system is broken.
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    +1 I don't like the current system. Infact I'd rather them type reports in admin chat then use the current report system.
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    I hate the current report system. The ui is ugly
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    The Reaperz Gang have been found smuggling weapons into the village of Norhaven. Weapon shipments have decreased in value due to the increased number of guns available. Norhaven PD are on high alert regarding Reaperz activity.
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    I nominate @A Keybrand (Green Knight) For staff because he is a very hard worker. I nominate @sadfasdfsdf for hero because he is a very kind squeaker and usually doesn't squeak when I inflict pain on him, others squeal like a pig... I'll stop I nominate @๖ۣۜSmiledog.Jpg๖ۣۜ [LP] For warden of the month because his days a very creative. I nominate @WardenPotato for prop of the month because, well, he can hide anywhere tbh. I nominate @/WG\ MeMe Jr. For meme of the month. He killed Meme Sr. I nominate @Lars for Hunter because he always can clutch a good prop hunt. Good luck to all of you and may the best man win! Edit: or woman, my bad.
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    what I left the community in May, and it officially shut down around June-July. Zelaliese was not an Owner of the community that I can remember (or maybe she was at one point.. Unclear.. Unsure... It was a long time ago), and @ForgetfulCat barely spoke to me because he was a bougie ass biatch at the time. I am not sure what an "APB Server" is... But I can tell you more regarding this if that is truly your interest. It was a small group of me and my friends. We stuck together for a little over 3 years, and when I began making massive changes in my life (major, etc.), I also didn't think I was capable of handling the pressures of that community. I resigned my role because I felt as though I was unable to give them everything that I could anymore. It did not die because I left. They went elsewhere and expanded their horizons. Some of them are around - including @Boomstick. There are others that traverse our website / TeamSpeak that were also apart of the community ( @Sequoia ). The community was smaller. We primarily played TTT, but we played other games together as a group such as APB, WoW, and CSGO. @Moon was also there - that was the community I community banned him in once before. Moon has been with me for about 5 or 6 years. @Kolor, too. Even though now he is off exploring life and doing great things! I learned a lot of things from my time as the Owner there. I appreciate the diligence it took to look into the past of my failures and successes. I have actually shared this several times, but I will share it again. That was our logo (below). That was quite some time ago now. About four years ago almost. Heliuxen
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    vro girls really b complicated and straight ridiculous. smh
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    So sad, can we please lock policers in the place they're supposed to defend???
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    disagree athena is sexy as fuck its just dysfunctional
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