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  1. When will u fockin update DeAtHrUn.

  2. Hearthigen, The following changes have been made: Themes: Added Magnificent Purple Added Bumblebee Remade Blood Red Bugs Fixed an issue where a majority of the users were being forced to appear anonymous - making the website look empty to all non-Administrators.. Sorry about that Heliuxen
  3. Doing bursts of changes just to keep myself paced. More work to weapons on Jailbreak tomorrow. I will also be updating the Dark/Red theme & adding three more.

  4. Jailbreak DELTA Changelog v.01 Admin: Added “Freeze player” option in tab menu Added “Slay Next Round” option in tab menu Added “Remove Slay Next Round” option in tab menu Added “Slay Now” option in tab menu Added “Gag” option in tab menu Added “Mute” option in tab menu Extra: Added customizable “Death Emblem” for players Registered + to be able to use (Registered + may be a discussion) Death emblem allows users to create a little box at the bottom of someone’s screen after they kill them - something neat Added weather system Rain, snow, wind, day/night series with no impact on users Weapons: Removed Prisoner Grade weaponry Guard Grade weaponry Added Suitcase bomb Ciggy Cig Baguette Pie Bomb M14 Sniper Known Glitches: Reload issue Some weapons reload immediately with no reload animation Death Request weapons not spawning Briefcase C4 sometimes gets stuck Heliuxen
  5. oh... that was me except the logos that was @Omni
  6. Scroll to the bottom of your page. It should say "Theme"
  7. Hearthigen, The following has been changed/added to the website: Hearthigen v5 Default Theme now has a new logo Themes: Hearthigen v5 Poison - new & available Hearthigen v5 Pinktastic - new & available Heliuxen
  8. Hearthigen, The following updates have been made to the website: A few updates to the Steam Profile system have been made https://www.hearthigen.com/profile/1/heliuxen/?tab=node_steam_steamprofile (to view mine) Patched a couple of issues with Steam Login services You should be able to register without a ban now.. Added "New Members Today" This will display new registrations within the last 24 hours Added "Average Content Per Day" on your user profile This will display the average amount of posts you make every day..... So get to posting! Fixed a display issue with calendar stream display on profiles No longer will they appear as white boxes... Gross Fixed a display issue with text No longer will dark text appear on dark boxes on your profile..... hopefully New Themes Hearthigen v5 Dark/Red Theme Work-In-Progress... Yes... It is not great (should be done tonight)
  9. until

    July 16, 2018, 04:00 PM 05:30 PM @Lucifer That is the time for me (CST)
  10. I will be making changes to the way the Marketplace functions on Jailbreak. I want to make it more accessible for users in-game. I will need to test out a few options, but I think we should really get that part of the website up and going. It would be great for the community to trade in mediated sessions. Heliuxen
  11. Hearthigen, The website will temporarily be unavailable on 7/16/2018 in the morning hours from around 9:00 A.M. - 11:00 A.M. Central Standard Time. I will be making some quick updates and additions. I may take the entire time aforementioned - maybe not. Just expect at most two hours for the website to be offline. Heliuxen
  12. ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo the boyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Fates dawg, are you coming back
  13. until
    Sign-up to be a part of the testing team. There are limited spots, and I want to ensure that this is available for users to be able to come test out some of the changes and new stuff. I need people to see if they can break things, of course. Please "RSVP" and comment below as to your interest.