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  1. DELTA release soon! Will have quite a long weekend!

  2. Sounds like it may have been default. Let me see if I can turn them back on tomorrow.
  3. Jailbreak DELTA Changelog v.04 Weapon Function Server Function Added in new reward system Rewards for being in Discord Registering on the site Steam group etc. Updated new report system Heliuxen
  4. Hearthigen, I recently ate the cost to host a Minecraft server for Hearthigen myself. I will take ideas below. This won't be anything ridiculous, and I will eat the cost every month as long as people enjoy what we have. More to come as to why I have done this - there is a whole plan coming to fruition. We will have a community meeting soon, too. All Minecraft "staff" prior from @SCOTSCHIEF's attempt have been absolved. You may reapply for our server. I would appreciate any of your assistance with choosing mods to upload, but I am not going to go crazy with it. Heliuxen
  5. Heliuxen


    fuck @Eggsident Donald J. Trump why you expose me like this
  6. Next up on DELTA is complete weapon function re-works and new sidearms. 

  7. Just a patch part. There are two posts prior to this one.
  8. Jailbreak DELTA Changelog v.03 Server Function Added new sleek report system New sleek logging system Map Additions Added jb_breakout_v1a ( thanks to @Ryan ) - UPDATE Added jb_penitentiary_v4 Added jb_vortex_dimension_v2_1 Added jb_new_summer_v3 Heliuxen
  9. v2.1 *UPDATE WILL BE LIVE ON SERVER IN A SHORT BIT Job Related Reaperz Gang Removed from job listing.. they have been ELIMINATED Entities Related Quick patch to the Bitminer system Added a new printer system Removed the OLD printer system Server Function Report system updated Quick patch to the inventory system New Gang system added Create your own gangs... rule the world! Logging system updated Added new property system TIME TO SELL REAL ESTATE BITCHES Heliuxen
  10. Yeah, I always forget about that. I will update it.
  11. Had a  rough week. Should be on Saturday to hopefully get DELTA and RP done.

    1. Rabbit


      No worries of course. It happens.

      See ya around bud.

      Snap me them fish and hip-hop

  12. Hearthigen, I have many people ask me the following questions: Where's Delta? Where is the RP update? Where is TTT? When will "x" be updated? I have been working non-stop the last two weeks in preparation for a massive event (that is now over). Working twelve hour shifts doesn't give me a whole lot of time when I get home to really do what is needed for these updates. I would rather delay an update for quality than release it under-quality and atrocious. I am planning to release some updates to RP either tonight or tomorrow, but after that I will be solely focused on getting DELTA finished next week. After I finish DELTA, we will begin making TTT. TTT is rather easy to put together. It takes me about a day or two to really get something going that players would enjoy. That is because there truly are no "RESTRICTIONS" in TTT. It is meant to be chaotic and crazy. Please hang tight as I play catch up. I know this is disappointing to some, but I would prefer to release an update that you all LOVE than an update just to meet "the deadline." As I have mentioned before, I do all of this completely free. I make no gains out of the community monetarily, but that does not stop me from putting my best foot forward that I can. It just means that when it comes to priorities, it is important for me to make money in order to continue doing what I am doing for free. I love you all, I look forward to having some of you test Jailbreak DELTA update. Heliuxen
  13. The server will populate again when I release its update. no u
  14. I fucked yo bitch you fat motha fucka 

    1. KiNG


      That is not nice alpha. I can vouch that he IS NOT FAT. and you are a virgin so no. U won't fuck his bitch. Das his bitch. And she think u ugly anyway 💀