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  1. Very big surprises coming soon for all of you!

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      The Magic Arrow

      cool yay what is it?

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      *cough* #Derrick4Owner2017 *cough*

  2. do you know where imasin has been?

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      He is around, just working a lot! Send him a PM on here and he will respond.

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      i haven't seen him in months

  3. I should change my name to Wabbit and it will be my hoe ego.

    This had my dieing.

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      You can play it on the bot one of these nights.:360_strawberry:

  4. Hearthigen, I have been seeing more and more as changes occur one method that is being used to make a point. I want to address it because I'm tired of reading it. Multitudes of this community stem from other communities people have traveled from -- this is no secret. All of you come from different walks of life. HOWEVER. There is a REASON you are here, yes? Hearthigen is unique. It creates a new atmosphere. We pride ourselves on being friendly and loving, different. When I read a suggestion and it says: "Well I was in [x] community. This worked well. I definitely know this will work here because it worked there." I'm sorry, but the minute you use another community to justify the viability here is the moment I stop reading and forget your idea. You cannot offer an idea and back it up with something that has NO correlation to us. Hearthigen prides itself on being different. It's how we've been so successful. Do you think we will all of a sudden cater to uniformity? No. We have always been on the outside of uniformity, it's why our community functions the way it does. Now, I realize we learn from our past. We tend to use it to propel our future. I do the same. However, I need you guys to let go of the past when it comes to this. We cannot conform because it just will not work in the atmosphere we've all built. Does it need work? Yes, of course. Is it easy to fix? No. It is not. But we will take every issue head-on the best we can to try and create a better environment. I hope this invigorates you to think critically and innovatively. Be creative. Don't conform to norms, try and set new ones. We have a long way to go, but we have to unite to make the path more bearable. This is not attack against anyone specifically, just a message to remind you all what it is we do here. Hearthigen is unique. It's how it has worked for so long. I invite you if you have ideas, please share them. But please, keep in mind this community is a living and breathing creature we have all created. You're Hearthigen, you're great. Love you all, Heliuxen
  5. Thank you. The Justice Department will be with you shortly!
  6. Yes he is, but he is not shown on the website for some reason.
  7. Did they die or did they spawn in after map in spec?
  8. This post alone made me want to demote you immediately. I would have but I will restrain myself, for now. "A lot of people really don't give a flying rats ass about making servers better, as well as not even knowing the rules completely." I'm glad you feel that way, unfortunately for you, I have to disagree. You appear to always be of the mindset of consistently being negative, and truly that is disappointing. As a Staff member, you should work to be more positive and happy go lucky, although your appearance really isn't fitting into the TTT theme of how things work. I'm really not sure why you became Staff in this case then, yes? "Leadership is not about a title or a designation. It's about impact, influence and inspiration. Impact involves getting results, influence is about spreading the passion you have for your work, and you have to inspire team-mates and customers." - Robin S. Sharma It is assumed that because a person wins this "popularity contest" that they have indeed proven without a doubt that they are capable of being friendly, at the least. At the same time, a person can be taught rules and guidelines. They cannot be taught how to be a kind person, as seen in your post. The "special snowflake" meme has grown old. If you feel this way, don't be Staff, period. It isn't about the title, it isn't about the power it gives you. It should always be about the impact you leave on people, hopefully positive. Whether you're TTT, JB, Sandbox or any of our other plethora of servers' Staff, you should still maintain respect and integrity. Period. Heliuxen
  9. I hope everyone is enjoying class, be safe out there!

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      My teacher said i had a cute butt o//////o 
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  10. Hi Penguin, A Justice should be getting to you shortly!
  11. meme

    Let's begin the funny pet memes.
  12. Here is the FIXED version of our community changes! Thanks @kanalumaddela for the Department side. All department directors / coordinators / heads -- please ensure the information being shown is correct to your side. If it is not, please update it. Server General Duties Enforce server rules Moderate and appropriately handle situations that arise on the server Ranks (lowest to highest) Each rank will only include what is added with the promotion Officer "Not much change" Basic learning rank more involvement in community/server Cannot ban, but can endvote Deal with simple RDM situations (Reports) Encouraged activity on forums, teamspeak and watch shoutbox. Mod Max 4 weeks ban time (max mass rdm limit) Commenting on officer reports (Practically all staff should.) Able to add officers into interrogation that can’t deal with that certain report - ie : they can watch & learn. (Just watch) Expected fully to post on apps. Admins Able to give staff refs. Encouraged to apply for a trainer position. Handles more complicated in-server situations (ex. RDM trains, ghosting) Handling event things like rewards (points) Super Admin Have to apply to another department/position. Or already be in one to qualify. Should be involved. Cannot be another gaming server. Doesn’t stack among servers Expected to be knowledgeable about dep,staffing,other servers Lieutenant Groomed towards taking on a leadership position, introduction to heavier aspects of leadership Encouraged to become trainer A mentor towards junior staff, especially Officers if no OSP are on Special days responsibility (!cloak, !color, etc.) Deals with things as they come up, especially complicated situations Commander Involvement in suggestions and required forum interaction. Still being worked on Viceroy Activity, forums, encouraging people to join in the community (forums, ts, ect) Heavily involved in welcoming players or individuals Helping write reports A Rank to surpass commander requirements (Veteran among staff) Special Ranks Senator People making the rules. Department (?) [Senate? Congress?] Dedicated towards rules. Justice Deals with unban reports Deals with ban reports as well Determines if rules are legitimate Overseer Deputy Overseer cannot demote/promote on their own handles sotw (nominations and polls) possible bi weekly or make it monthly (e.g. employee of the month) Accepting/denying apps Manage promotions/demotions Keep server rules up to date Retirement Starts off as officer, go through OSP sped up If they are deemed ready for mod within a week, promote back to original rank In most cases this is normal, unless the rank was extremely high where other measures need to be taken Forum General Duties hide/edit uneeded posts/threads lock/move threads give warnings fixes broken threads/posts (visual issues) Ranks (lowest to highest) Forum Moderator confined to certain forums most likely assigned by choice or decision of forum director can hide posts (e.g. unneeded comments, posts not following rules) lock old threads to prevent necro or threads that get out of hand lock/move certain completed apps (e.g. teamspeak channel requests, name change requests) move threads to the appropriate forum (informs forum admin if thread is not in the area of their moderation) provide information for the appropriate form and link it informs forum admins of posts that need attention Forum Admin moderates all forums lock/move certain completed apps (department/server apps) can edit posts unfit for the thread or in general assign warnings informs forum directors of threads/posts that need attention that can't be handled by themselves Forum Director accept/deny department apps handle conflicts on the forums unless it requires CRD keep rules up to date assign warnings responsibilities of forum admin and forum moderator TeamSpeak General Duties accept/deny teamspeak channel requests create public channels (e.g. game specific channels such as osu!) delete old inactive channels basic moderation of channels monthly server groups Ranks (lowest to highest) TeamSpeak Apprentice accept/deny teamspeak channel requests keep the channels organized (alphabetically) moderate channels appropriately handle abusive channels/channel owners TeamSpeak Admin create server group polls take in public channel suggestions and appropriately make them delete inactive channels possibly handle the unbanning of users from a channel TeamSpeak Supervisor accept/deny department apps handles conflicts within the teamspeak unless it requires CRD keeps rules up to date views complaints and deal with them Graphics General Duties creates graphics for both the communities and the players Requirements Portfolio of some kind. Illustrator, photoshop or GIMP. Ranks (lowest to highest) Artists major works and creating Illustrators handle player requests. Director Other ranks to be added, please do not worry about those just yet. @Xyteria is working on it! Event General Duties hold community events, both on our servers and in other games Ranks (lowest to highest) Event Deputy host small events (out of server, mini events) bi-weekly movie night, cards against humanity, town of salem, etc. creates polls from suggestions for events both server and non server Event Specialist host bigger events (In game/out of game) Doesn't neccesary have to have a poll Event Sub-Coordinator host server events closes and announces server events Event Coordinator accept/deny department apps Recruitment General Duties accept member apps welcome users (profile posts, introductions) Ranks (lowest to highest) Recruitment Deputy? accept member apps makes nominations/polls for hero of the week Recruitment Director accept/deny department apps adjust usergroups to hgen member Hearthigen Times? (Newspaper/Journalism) General Duties create informative and entertaining articles hold and create polls for moment of the week Ranks Writer creates articles assigned certain category to write on (rotation schedule) is equal to editor Editor peer review articles make edits and verify authenticity is equal to writer Publisher accept/deny department apps accept/deny articles posts weekly publications or bi weekly posts articles two for this rank, must be able to work together well Community Relations (Conflict Resolution) General Duties help resolve and mend issues between conflicting community members Ranks (lowest to highest) Trial Aide has this rank for a month or less handles basic conflicts such as basic member/staff conflicts Aide perm rank after trial aide Advisor handles members and other lower cr staff issues Counselor accept/deny department apps handles extreme cases (suicides ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Community Feedback (New/Old idea, basically a better innovation department) General Duties actively test and give feedback about new and upcoming features (forums, servers, etc.) basically "beta" testers forum theme testing addon/map testing Thanks to @Lil' Poof, @kanalumaddela and @Donka for the notes I have used above. Thank you to all of "Council" for creating these changes. Thank you all, again. We spent in total around ten hours between two meetings trying to figure out how to change this community for the best. Heliuxen
  13. Thanks for the notice. I will look into it again, but I don't have any promises in regards to it. If I were to do DarkRP again, it'd be a very focused gamemode following necessary edits as usual. I will have to look into it.
  14. Spartan, While I like the idea of DarkRP, I am not a fan of the community that it is engaged in. I planned to look around at other RP types and see if those are any better. What is the sudden interest in DarkRP? I shut our server off less than two weeks ago because no one cared about it. Heliuxen