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  1. I voted yes although I don't support a Senate, I also don't support the current way Council operates (secret power to delete Journalism and be backed up) and I think the Arbitrator rank is garbage. Have a Council that's actually a Council, everyone on it equal power with only you (ForgetfulCat too I guess) being the "Arbitrator" if need be.
  2. My gripe was frame rates, often hitting 20 fps
  3. Introducing... The Integration Department Frequently Asked Questions: 1. What is the Integration Department? Hearthigen is more polarized than ever, currently in the midst of a civil war with a bubble of elders at the top popping. It is time to unite and empower the world to pursue their creative endeavors. 2. What do you mean by bubble of elders? Many people join Hearthigen, play Jailbreak and have fun, then are left with no more content and join the stewy slush known as being an elder, where you sit on your front porch with a shotgun reminiscing about the good ole days and moving on to proper titles that aren't Garry's Mod. 3. That's kind of alright though, right? Kind of! There are 2 schools of thought... anarchy and order. We need to find a middle ground. 4. And that middle ground is...? The Integration Department! 5. Which is...? A way for people who have received a ban to receive an unban through the only way we know how, gaming. 6. That's crazy. You're crazy. Yes and sort of, we need to bring people fragmented to different Discords back into Teamspeak through love, incentive, dudebro, and grace (grace meaning that we operate knowing full well a community member can walk away at anytime). 7. Give an example. Inferno gets banned, everyone loves Inferno, he appeals for an unban and is soft-denied, meaning he has a chance at integrating back into the community by gaming with a member of The Integration Department. 8. So the banned person just... plays Garry's Mod, CS:GO, League of Legends, Brawlhalla, Battlerite, Radical Heights, or just whatever strikes both the people's fancy? Yea! And the member of The Integration Department decides when he's ready to be unbanned. 9. That's lit, this is the littest idea of all time. I want to join. You're lit. To join you'll need to convince @Heliuxen that this department exists, then you'll need to interview with him on why you're the perfect candidate. All banned members that are integrated need an Integration Report written up for scrutiny, all members of The Integration Department are bound by honor and gaming. 10. I really want to ask a tenth question because it's a nice rounded number. I guess it's cool that you go on a gaming-date with banned people it sounds more personal than just giving them time. I'll give you a well rounded 10th answer, like that one blue chick from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!
  4. Not interested in the points, my best memory is meeting Inferno and gaining the ShadowTiger namedrop. Had a lot of fun with Timmey, Toxic, Jex, JamesIsMyName, PassTheAux, Xyteria, INomKittyHearts, and a few others a lot of nights The rise and fall of Journalism was lit.
  5. +1 Me and SaltWaterHippo were talking about hopes and dreams one night and he literally said that he wants to start a space tourism business. The man wants to go to the motherespecting moon with his creativity, also he's persistent and took 3 months applying for Journalism... when I see he wants this I am confident it's because he'll try to get it populated and will bend over backwards for anyone who becomes Sandbox staff with him. He's constantly learning programming and other bits and bobs and is on good terms with everyone (the worst I've heard is "I dunno man he's weird" but I quite like his weirdness) including people in events and awards to get unique experiences happening on certain nights. Much [email protected]#! <3
  6. +1 You definitely have the X factor it takes to be Overseer, put in lots of hours, most like you. I've heard from others that you spin conversations to be about yourself a lot and I can see it although it's also a positive because you open up a lot. When leading Jailbreak you'll be at the top with infinite power so you won't need to hype yourself up any longer and the real growth will come in learning how to empower others to clean up our shitsho- dumpsterfi- very clean and always respectful server. It's a weird spot to be in with people constantly sucking up to you and I feel that's a pitfall you'll need to stray from because the drama and attention will feed your ego. Don't feel I'm being harsh on you, the opposite! You're great to fill the role and it's impressive how you've worked your way up in such a short time, don't burnout.