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  1. You all literally have a fanfiction section? I am shocked. This is probably the best thing i have ever seen. But since i posted here guess i need a story... Heli's Sex life: Heli is a very attractive man. however many can not see his true beauty, so he often has to result in blackmail and bribes. However once his victims get a taste of him... he already captivated them. No matter how many other times they have sex, no matter how good it was, one thought will always pop in their head. "it wasn't as good as Heli..." The end.
  2. eh just type dead by daylight in images. its the first image that pops up.
  3. I'm back bitches! Also to anyone who doesn't know me, Hi! I'm Blade. I used to be on here a lot. But today i am embracing my inner psycho. Why? Ladies and gentleman and others, let me inrtoduce to you, Dead by Daylight! [IMG][/IMG] What is dead by daylight? For those who don't know, it is a 4v1 game that is to be released on the 14 of june. One person plays a murder in the woods and the other 4 try to survive. In other words, it's paradise to me. So i am obviously getting this. The question is, will any of you?
  4. Important

    Actually i got to drop out of this. wont be able to make it.
  5. Important

    I, TS name Blade1Hunter or Blade1hunter (other comp.), will participate in this event.
  6. Welcome to the Retired Staff Team
  7. Important

    Please do keep a copy of this Tster, and if anything post it on the forums. Since i will not be attending i would like to see what people have discussed since i was gone.
  8. can't make it i got a concert for band.
  9. Introduction

    I already hate you. you put no effort into this and i had to ban you for mass rdm. Nah i'm just messing with you. Welcome bud! Don't shit on the floor while you're here.
  10. Suggestion

    I got a decent voice, saxophone, and a clarinet, LESSSS GOOOOOO BOIIIIIIIIII
  11. Discussion

    [COLOR=#ffffff][B]Since i have been gone fore the past few week i probably don't have much of a say on these, but i will try:[/B][/COLOR] i Kind of find backseat modding a little more... open if you will. I am okay with people telling others the rules since staff are usually busy doing something or just don't give two shits to explain it to them so we have to have users explain rules. But i hate it when it is CONSTANT. Since i've been busy with finals, real life, and overdue projects for the past 2-3 weeks i can't say if it is still a problem, but i remember how constant people kept telling others the rules, even though they explained it not even 10 minutes ago. I also find it backseat modding when they try to enforce rules. and i don't mean the "You''l get slain now" Or "Staff kick him" kind, i mean when they literally try to tell the person what to do. I had to discuss with someone about the times since he gave prisoners 5 seconds to move to a waypoint, and then another guard was saying "Invalid, you need to give eight second". I know it's in the rules but i mean come on, it's literally just 2 seconds! now if they said you have 3 seconds then i would get that. But telling people what to do based of the rules isn't their job, it's staff's job. Now i know others have other opinions, but this is just my POV. As for the squeaker thing: Staff, if they only do it one or two times, take it as a joke. But if they say it in a nasty tone, or are doing it constantly, do your job! You have to remember this is the internet, in this world, anyone can take offense to anything, and being called a squeaker is one of them. And the fact that some of you JOIN IN on it makes me sick. I know we're a little lenient on disrespect here, but you guys need to have better judgement. if anything Squeaker is almost on the same level as Nigger. You wouldn't walk up to a black guy and say "Sup nigger?" (unless you know them) And you wouldn't walk up to a young kid and say "Sup Squeaker?" But that is what you guys are doing when you join in on that. Kolor seem to handle everything on issue 3 so i'm ignoring that one. To any newbies out there or old ones that can't get it through their thick skull, i am going to prioritize the people that are important when it comes to staying alive. Warden > Guards > Prisoners > Rebellers > Staff. I don't care if you have to be in spectator for an hour. If it helps you do your staff duties, do it. I've had to kill myself multiple times just so i could concentrate on reports and other staff stuff. I'm just going to flat out say it: Your life in GMOD, doesn't mean shit anymore the minute you sign up on staff. And just flat out ignoring reports is not responsible. I know it get tedious, hell it's probably the most boring thing to do next to watching grass grow. But you signed up for this, so please deliver. As for the promotions thing: SUCK IT UP! "But i've benn playing with you guys for 5 weeks!" And if you didn't get promoted in that time clearly something your doing isn't working. We promote based on how well you can handle your job and more. We're even judging you based on how you act Outside of your job, such as playing CAH or Brawlahalla with us, or just even talking with us on TS. Think of people who promote others as high schoolers: We hear and See almost Everything, and we judge you for it, Harshly. and now issue 5: Please just follow guidlines. They are there for a reason. And i am speaking from experience that guidlines can only take you so far, but please try to follow them as best as you can. I know i probably repeated a bunch of stuff that kolor said but if hearing it from a moderator didn't work, maybe hearing it from a higher up would. Now like i said, i have been gone for a while, but i still check the forums, and i still listen to rumors, and i can tell that some of us are starting to get lazy with staffing. From what i hear, the way people are staffing is kind of hypocritical. They get away with stuff, but the minute a normal person does it they get yelled at. Let's not be known as the community that does that. We always try to be the family friendly server. Does that mean we have to give a little tough love? Yeah it does, but we still want to be as friendly as possible. TL/DR: Do your job correctly, and everything will be just fine.
  12. P1NGU I am so sorry you have felt this way. We try to make this a family friendly community but that can't always be the case. We don't want people to think of us as the "Community that hates squeakers" Since that's what most of Garry's mod is composed of. We don't punish for disrespect that often because it is usually in a joking manner. And staff can't waste 15 minutes on one rdm report if we keep getting more and more of them. And as Lykkos and Cheese have stated, just signing up on the forums get's you trusted rank. All in all, i want you to take this from a staff members point of view: We get rdm reports, we have to deal with rule breakers, mic spam, chat spam, and people trying to tell us to do our jobs. Half the time i can't even play the game because i am too busy moderating. We try our best, but we can't make everyone happy.
  13. Discussion

    Well i haven't been on these past few days so i can say it wasnt me. But I think we can check the ban logs to see who banned you.
  14. Important

    Upper tier: Demi-Gods