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  1. You can't have 2 submissions cheater! \ YA FUCKING MEME
  2. I am always on late, WOT IS THIS
  3. @Romulus For taking my insta-muting joke of him like a champ.
  4. When @Troy kept trying to roast @SGK for being touched by his uncle at a BBQ @Feroh @Grief
  5. Papa John is my daddy.
  6. Back of your neck built like a dumpster.
  7. A Lot of stuff in one picture. Some would say a lot of good stuff in one picture, not sure what I would say. Bless the creator.
  8. No Masso Taggo!
  10. changes

    Beginning to grow irritated and concerned with the way staff was going, and what it has become, I am glad to see a change in a brighter direction, to a more vast horizon. The change is appreciated.
  11. You are not supposed to expect ranks from donations, they are out of kindness, but Hearthigen still offers some perks for your kind heart. If I am correct, the ranks go from Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Titanium, to Diamond Donator. The ranks include Access to donator shop, I believe a few new things to buy in shop such as character items.
  12. What is this thread coming to? He has only shown absence in the matter and refuses to reply if even view this any longer. I think he is done with us, and I think, if he won't even bother to reply to his own ban appeal, we should be done with him. I am sorry, but this is just ridiculous.
  13. Though I am somewhat upset that you didn't mention me as someone you even know, after all I have been through with you, I digress, into my true opinion. Chase, you can be a handful, not going to talk to you and tell you, you're perfect. None of us are. But in sheer honesty, it would be a good time for you to start contemplating your place here. I so dearly wish for you to stay, you have given me and others so much happiness, whilst you also give many others distress. Your issues as Mark stated, can be argued, for example. The entire situation you had with Mystic, was resolved, you don't talk anymore to him, and we left it at that. (Not to mention, Half of what Mystic has said in the past is fallacy, and Mystic was also an instigator and Shawn said this himself). Also, most of his Ear Raping tendencies are done in private and have been discussed and resolved, I can say this with 100% accuracy because I was in these CR channels with him. On the flip side of the coin, Chase, you have openly disrespected, to a great extent, and have done border line bannable actions in the past. I won't list everything for the point that I don't know them all and that would be a waste of space. What was mentioned in this thread alone is enough for a day ban, a lot of reason it seems like you were banned longer was because of past events that have been boiling up for a period of time now. My final stance is this, Chase you need to take some serious thought. I know you have no intentions of being banned on purpose, or always purposefully hurting others, but it still happens. I am also aware that you may have not been informed of all the complaints against you, which should be fixed, but most of it you were conscious of your choices and you knew what you were doing. I personally feel you should not be permanently banned, but now would be a good time for atleast some slight change in behavior, and to rethink your actions. Chase, you are a good guy, and you have potential, you don't deserve this eternal punishment, but adjustment needs to occur or I can't support you for much longer. You are on a sinking boat, and you either need to repair it, or find a new one. I hope you make the right decision, to stay with us, and fix the issues.
  14. You've got a good selection on here, dead space and amnesia would most definitely be the creepy scary way to tread.