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  1. Remember the good OL days when Hearthigen was MeME CeTRaL??? NOW IS MEME CAPITALLLLL The other day, life was a wet world, filled with puddles and and slips that lead to the ground, a cold hard place. IF you ever walked in life, through the rain, you onyl saw one thing… MeME CapItAL!!!!!1!1! It would be a lie of I told you I had no hatred against MEMe cAPITaL!!!!!!1@!1 but I can tell you one thing, one truth. Papa Bless. OH PRAISE TO THE SUN GOD Top Tier Aids Warning
  2. Can’t ask for Papa Bless, or you get no papa bless, you played yourself.
  3. I know a good bit about Jazz, I play it in a band. But I don’t need to know much about Jazz to know that Haitian Fight Song is a clusterfuck song.
  4. Mine was the one with guns.
  5. Lots of aids to go around for everyone!
  6. My Dad and his 2 kids lived a decent life off of 40k, I think one guy can do it. Especially an extra 10K
  8. Army makes a median earning of 56K a year, and Marines, 49K a year, and both branches have amazing benefits and free school. Afro, if you want to serve your country, and put your life for it, and you crave adventure, go ahead. If you would rather take a different path, be my guest. Many join the Military and take schooling, and then pursue a career afterwards, there are plenty of ways to go about it. Your decision, just think it through.
  9. Well, I don’t recall helping you, unless your name is different on Teamspeak. But nonetheless, I am glad that I could be of your service, whether it be in a way I notice or not! <3
  10. You don’t, that’s how!
  11. x^2 +4x + 3 = (x +1) (x +3) B
  12. Sorry man, Keep on moving!
  13. Guards would look pretty dank. But no. <3
  14. I like the kind of music where you can’t hear yourself think let alone breathe.