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  1. Happy Birthday JamesIsMyName !!! I Hope You Will Have A Great Day ^^

  2. Zeme, definitely has some things to be improved on in this position. His view on CR is a bit quirky, but he has good intention, and he has extensive potential. One definite thing to improve on, would be the way he deals with conflict between 2 people at once, he is a good 1 on 1 talker, but group conversations can be, irritating to say the least. But I will change my ABSTAIN into a +1 See how he does as a trial mediator, and go off of that.
  3. Could you, for me and staff, explain to us how, you would be as a CR representative. How would you solve a problem? Be as convincing as possible, for I only get confusion from your poetic way of speaking. I understand what you say, but you send mixed singnals. Prove yourself worthy, one last time.
  4. You speak in a poetic way, you have good intention, I trust in you. But at the same time, I could question your beliefs of a mediator, and the methodology behind it... I want to +1, but I am can’t put a decision to the board. Abstain, for NOW...
  6. No one seemed to care, no biggie.
  7. 5 For sure.
  8. Oh no, they are coming.
  9. The whole point of my post TL;DR Please don’t be mindless, just know how to read a situation! And I agree with you completely on the whole RDM thing. I never looked at it like that, but usually in JB, no one is happy or doesn’t mind RDM, it is a bit different!
  10. Put somtin seros boi!!!11!
  11. Law by the book, is different than law in action. Staff is placed in Hearthigen to ensure a healthy gaming environment, along with guaranteeing the community in-game is pleased and happy throughout the game. They are essential to protect members during the game from harassment, and rule disobeyers that break the game. They do this by guidelines listed in a simple handbook and an extensive list of rules. Sometimes, going off the books is necessary. A staff handbook was constructed, to make sure proper staffing is entrenched daily. Though, staff must be competent, to see past the barriers of black and white that are set up by this book. The handbook, is so staff do not overstep boundaries, and in turn abuse or ruin the game experience, but that isn’t to say staff can not think for themselves. Staff must be vigilant in context of every situation, along with being capable of making decisions fit for the situation, rather than relying to a handbook that they religiously follow, that does NOT fit every situation, if any. For example, when it comes to disrespect, staff should learn the difference between joking, or real disrespect, along with how serious it is, and whether they should step in, and when, and how stern the punishment (If any is needed) will be, based from context. When you call your friend “stupid”, or you refer to someone as “dumb”, it shouldn’t be encouraged, but calls for no need of punishment. But when you someone call another a “fucking disabled cunt”, staff deserves a right to step in. As Well as more complex context, if you say the same thing “fucking disabled cunt” and the other person laughs or doesn’t care, the situation should be left alone. But if you say the exact same phrase in a more aggressive, or demeaning way, essentially based on the situation, the issue can be handled with more gravity. There are too many shades of grey in between to mention. Staff has been told constantly, it has been engraved into the crevices of their soul, to “GO BY THE HAND BOOK!”, and this is simply unfit for reality. We must evaluate the problem, and functionality of our staff, and ask ourselves, is this truly an efficient way of leading? Staff needs to be reconstructed in a sense, not completely, but values of leadership must be incorporated. It is vital for success, for staff to obtain a stronger sense of critical thinking, and situational evaluation and awareness. We MUST show staff, new and old, that following rules like an emotionless machine, carelessly reprimanding and punishing, based on a higher command, is unquestionably flawed. Staff needs the skills to identify a problem, see the larger picture, evaluate the situation, and learn how so and when to partake in duty. No longer can staff operate in a mindless sense, it is unlawful to ourselves. But I will say, an appreciable handful of staff have taken these values upon themselves quite nicely, but others have not, and it must not be left untreated. This isn’t to say the handbook, could not be amended. According to @InfernoBorkExclusive (Name Drop), taking self employed action in a situation of disrespect is alright, but in RDM, a report is required! On what sensible grounds does this stand as acceptable? If anything, the opposite of the current must be turned in. Disrespect should only be handled if the one receiving the “disrespect” feels offended, and is impelled to report. If it is not reported, the one “offended” obviously was not insulted enough to take action into his hands, and report the issue, no need for staff to create unneeded conflict, and waste time. RDM on the other side of the coin, is an exact rule breaking, game breaking, violation, that calls for NO report if personally witnessed by staff. It is absurd. I am positive the handbook could be amended more, in general and specific, to better fit a new way of staff and the way they deal with issues. I have not seen for myself the handbook, though. This entire post, was inspired from tonight events, and a ban that lead to it. I see the need for some change. Something. I am sure @Heliuxen @Nova @ValentinoLucious And a myriad more would agree, that the goal for Jailbreak, is to see a healthy community, enjoying themselves, along with the proper staffing done alongside to ensure this stays this way. But how will we do this, if staff does not read in between the lines, and see past the the simple 2 numbers, they have. They are infinite numbers between 1 and 2, just like the infinite shades of situations, issues, conflicts, disagreements, and every social encounter. Thank you for your time, please leave your feedback.
  12. From McChicken to SPICY McChicken
  13. Holy hell that is kinky.
  14. Agreed. We have a lot of ranks.