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  2. Don't worry about it cause #Nou
  3. Being heads of departments, prior co-owners are still in leadership, and powerful roles. They haven't lost anything in this change, merely the title of co-owner. Ultimately this change just gives them purpose. Co-owners could do anything before the change. Now they actually have something to focus on and aren't really just this weird middle-ground of having power but no reason to use any of it. This change was for the best - Co-owner in the position it was made no sense.
  4. Banned for being another bork kid
  5. Banned for not being marked as mod cause no one does that needs to be done
  6. @Edward_Elric64 banned for being a scruberino that could'nt highnoon a barn door at thirty yards (why did this take nine years to post and go so far down lmao)
  7. Bumping three times in 16 hours disgusts me, no matter how good of a guy i think you are.
  8. Removal of Co-Owners= good, puts people into actually important positions instead of this ambiguous position of just some kind of power that was rarely if ever exercised correctly. TTT didn't get mentioned... I'd appreciate if we actually added in some of those models that we were split into teams to decide upon. (And seriously, Heli, look at the Tyrael one. It's dope even if it's kinda a big file) needs to happen. breakdown of communications was pretty sad in various places. I think Staff + Players is actually pretty good from where I'm seeing it, but the other connections could definitely be improved upon dramatically. (Well and Council and staff works well on TTT but elsewhere there's clearly some lacking of communication) No TTT again but I'm taking it as a compliment that we're a very strongly tied together group over here. Sounds like a good improvement, already seeing when we did this a little bit with Spartan and Jeff it was quite a good idea, definitely support more of it in the future, all power to the people! Tbh for me this is a huge no, for one thing I really just like how you lead meetings, it makes them actually half decent to sit through, and I know all too well how god damn long those meetings are going to be if they're panel lead. Even just having the questions section of meetings make them go from like an hour of heli talking to four hours of people ramble on about garbage. Sounds interesting, would like to hear this being expanded on in the future. Definitely sounds like something that might be good to implement, but for now I'd like to know where it's really going. Yeah, I like this idea. I like having the little achievement things. They're pretty goooooooood. And how nice of you Heli, I never expected that! Oh, and something funny that happened while I was typing this: And with that, I am done.
  9. I ran out of no u's to give a while ago and it makes me sad
  10. No U @Markozeeko
  11. Tbh just cutting off the people that either 1. tell stories or 2. Make public apologies when they both somehow manage to drag those on for 20+ minutes would make meetings go from 3 1/2 hours to 1 1/2 - 2 which would be a vast improvement. Which, if you ever need something to watch while someone you don't know goes on for 30+ minutes about something that really is completely unrelated to the meeting I recommend
  12. No U @Deport
  13. @Daddidud No U.
  14. Lazy120 @Heliuxen @Sarcothice @Spartan2496 @ismool @Fighterh2o5 @ForgetfulCat @kanalumaddela @Edward_Elric64@staffmage NO U. @dooshgasm @jeff_fan @Donka @zeme @Sir Lance @Kolor @Armegardeon @GamingX13 @popdog7
  15. Always go for the BM win.