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  2. @kanalumaddela always shows up to ruin my fun cause he knows more about the website cause he handles it :( i just use them man, i don't know there's an actual page dedicated to feedback for all players, that just seems kinda like useless information
  3. So, just because i get bored and like to look up random statistics, I found something very interesting. While checking who had the most positive feedback (running down the staff list) I was convinced that @Asriel must have the most with 13. I was very surprised to find actually that @Daddidud had 14! due to this i figured that I should continue checking to see if there was anything interesting left to find. Ultimately, I found that @KiNG in fact has THIRTY SEVEN. Some of these are actually duplicates, but still. thirty damn seven. gratz mate.
  4. this was left for a little while, but none of what was said here really changes the fact that this place is unused. people just put posts on people's actual forum accounts for birthday things for people they care about, this area has been here for a while and has seen no use due to that. still should be removed.
  5. expectations were set and met. quite happy with this post.
  6. it actually did, thankyou.
  7. we're gonna miss you lazy
  8. got rust yesterday, time to repeatedly find cat's house, steal absolutely nothing, and explicitly kill and destroy sleeping bags. NEVER REVEAL YOUR WEAKNESS TO ANYONE CAT. NEVER.
  9. Round started normal, they were fully loaded in and playing, and we only noticed after they died. nothing weird with how they spawned in, just a chat and menu bug from what we saw. And yeah, just went to look on facepunch to check, i guess it is something that just happens with an error in processing a player's death.
  10. Well alrighty, if ya'll say so. I mean it must be rare for me not to have seen it until like 1400 hours in TTT. but alright. I guess that's fine.
  11. Old works of our friend Eris Zero, for @MiddleClassAsian @Spartan2496@jeff_fan@ForgetfulCat and I think that's all.
  12. Today around 7:30 the server swapped maps to Snowtown, and on the first round of the map a really strange issue ocurred - We could clearly see chat and hear dead people even when alive - despite the server labeling them as *dead* in the chat and the tab menu showed everyone as alive, even spectators. This only lasted the first round, and everything worked perfectly the rest of the time on the map. No idea what the hell happened, Jeff says it wasn't the map and that makes sense to me, but still. Really weird. would love @ForgetfulCat to look into it. Honestly really distracted while I'm writing this, if @jeff_fan has anything to add, that'd probably be helpful, especially since he's a smart dude.
  13. Gotta agree with Arme, these ideas would probably improve overall quality of applications and make them more thorough. However, one concern I have is with #4 sending this type of message that you need some sort of experience for the position - whether this affects applicants or people judging it, I'm just afraid of seeing a sudden storm of -1's on new applications for not having any experience. It'd still be very nice to know if they do have experience for training's sake, but maybe in the application just have something saying it's not necessary? Still, solid post.
  14. Yes, you're right, she should edit it to make it longer to appease people like you who measure people by what they say w/o any knowledge of who they are. The point is that she shouldn't have to edit it, and she shouldn't have a -1 just because she isn't a great writer. People who don't know a person, what they know, or what they are capable of shouldn't matter on voting on people's apps. And you're also absoutely right, being friendly is only half of what you need in order to be a good staff member. And since you only know half of it, having never seen her, WHY WOULD YOU MINUS ONE IT?
  15. the dude is literally quoting her app. Maybe he didn't mean it to be offensive, but I cannot think of better proof of targeting someone than using their exact words while talking vaguely about them. but w/e.