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  1. People. Comment on this. I need more responses.
  2. A natural +2. Great to be seeing Skyy around again, and seeing her as staff would be wonderful. Great personality, great at dealing with people due to former experience, and just a good person over all. Should consider applying for dep. in the future maybe, give Jeff a run for his money lmao. In any case, hope to be seeing you on and in your new position soon. -Sarco. Oh I’m sorry I had a meme before i left ; gtfo with that. Ya got more than enough ref’s so it isn’t a problem, but I mean. First damn reference and it’s already this nig? get outta here.
  3. +2, The only person perhaps equally qualified by quality of their character and dedication to the server from what I’ve seen would be Lazy. And seeing as how he probably won’t be applying for the position, Asriel is literally the best person to take it. By dedication and his character Asriel has proven himself to be overseer material, and with no doubt in my mind will help deathrun to flourish under his control.
  4. teamspeak

    @SCOTSCHIEF Just so I can know before i flood apps, Is it alright if we request multiple groups – to denote people that hold positions on TTT leaderboards or have done specific achievements? (example would possibly include, as the awards department has on the forums, TTT elite – being in top 10 active, and perhaps TTT Elite Killer, for killing some high % of the Elites that has yet to be decided on by us who are trying to organize it.)
  5. +1, active enough, couldn’t give less shits about application effort. Good dude. Would do well as staff.
  6. these bumps give me cancer, but I’ll accept a bit of responsibility for them since i forgot to give my feedback here apparently. Could’ve sworn i did already, but w/e. Edward is a great person,and is dedicated to this community. I believe that he has the necessary dedication and other qualities necessary to help prophunt become a more legitimate server, and another limb to Hearthigen’s continued success. As such, I am +1’ing this application, and asking others to give their feedback aswell, as this application needs some.
  7. Happy easter, everyone.

  8. As I’ve done once before, I’d like to take a moment to appreciate all the good inside this community. The past two days have been amazing days for TTT, and a lot of that has been players that we usually don’t see there, but rather in other parts of the community. I’ve had the chance to talk with old friends, and make many new ones due to everyone hanging out for a while, and coming in and joining the channel. It may have gotten a bit hectic today with so many people there actually, but that was all part of the fun. To everyone who's been there, thanks for showing up. Thanks for the support, and thanks for the friendship. Thanks for being awesome people, and a part of this community. And to everyone who wasn’t there, I hope you'll show up sometime, and I can’t wait to get to know you all. -Sarcothice
  9. You have very nice hair ;D

  10. +2, good dude. Is always calm and professional to my knowledge, and does good work around the community.
  11. If you are dedicated enough to edit, Lazy is now TTT overlord, and staff is just a regular overseer, not deputy anymore. (and also he’s dooshgasm and not doogasm lmao)
  12. jokes on you, i like that song.
  13. alright so I’ve heard this from sandbox too, the hell is with these spells? I’ve been on other deathrun servers and it’s just kinda the traps and you have to do what you do with them. Tbh all these spells seem to do is allow people to do they shouldn’t be doing.
  14. kek. you need overseers before staff, and like he said, the overseer seems to not be doing much with it.
  15. +1. he’s a good dude and deathrun needs some love and attention.