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  1. -1 too thinly spread out as it is. Helps lead sandbox, staffs TTT, good ranking in Conflict Resolution, and looking into helping future departments. adding another server is a bad call.
  2. Never realized i didn’t +1 / +2 this, Swiss is straight up an amazing guy, and really should be in a position that he can help the community out more. I know I’m not Jb, but he’s fairly active on TTT and certainly is the kind of person who I’d want to see in this position. Swiss is smart and level- headed, and over all, a good person. +1.
  3. i think you’re in your teenage rebellion years.
  4. No one ever said anything about it, since it appeared he meant to retire and not resign, so i was looking for some sort of approval/denial. I’m just working on clearing out apps since they’re flooded, and needed to know where to put this.
  5. Bumping this application since it’s dying and needs more responses.
  6. Someone in the interior please deal with this.
  7. @Asriel@Heliuxen@Lil' Poof Not sure if Staff should deal with this cause it’s sandbox related or if you should cause retirement is interior related. Please inform and/or deal with this.
  8. Just want to say, anyone want to deal with this? don’t even know who would accept it tbh
  9. that’s fuckin niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice
  10. One thing i feel compelled to respond to is your feelings on how a report need not be made if RDM is witnessed by staff members. I understand your feelings that it is indeed game-breaking in some sense, but really the way i see it and the way it is handled on TTT is how you believe disrespect should be handled. The way I see it, disrespect works that if the person is not disrespected, then there’s no need to intervene. And for me the same goes for rdm, it works that if the person is not angry at having been killed, then it’s just kinda meh, and we still don’t have to step in, with the notable exception that staff should intervene, at their own discretion, when repeated rdm occurs, because truly at that point it does break the game and make it less enjoyable. (WHY IS MY TEXT GOING BETWEEN SUB AND SUPERSCRIPT I’M NOT DOING THIS) regardless, that’s just my thoughts. I've also seen in my former community, the name of which i shall not say cause it triggers people for some reason – handling it as you propose. Honestly, it's not a bad system. But at the same time, it really does just seem a bit extreme, looking back on it. Slaying people for accidents, even when others are not angry, just seems odd. But I also don't have experience on Jb, and the situation might be a lot different over there. Just my thoughts.
  11. I’d like to just send a thanks out into the void, into the whole large community we have here. Thank you. Thank you to the people who came on today, from all parts of the community. We saw a lot of activity from our normal TTT player base, and from a lot of members that commonly play Jailbreak. It was a lot of fun today and that's due to everyone who’s helped TTT, today and since it was started. All of you really helped us get populated, and because of that a lot of other randoms also came on and joined, and we were able to keep the server at ~15 people all day. I’m just... happy. Proud even, of people for being so nice. Thank you to everyone. That’s all i really needed to say. <3
  12. Sup shadow, always nice to see good people make their return. I hope you'll stick around for a while.
  13. Would've been the first guy to +2 this all the way back when he posted it at 2 am like a few days ago but my keyboard is super fucking loud so i decided to wait and i forgot, Spartan is without a doubt in my mind the best of the YYG members currently here, and the best guy that plays TTT on the hearthigen server. Spartan taught me everything i know, and I have never witnessed questionable judgement from him. There is no man I would rather follow.
  14. I want fewer ranks too, but i figured, as @Lil' Poof elegantly put it, that everyone was in denial and just wouldn't accept it, so rather than make a post like this I just try and control the fire a little bit and make atleast the ranks we have half decent in their names. But yeah, fewer ranks would be great. I think people just need their feeling of accomplishment in ranking up so those ideas get shot down. R.I.P. also, being a deputy overseer over there, I'd like to confirm this, just so everyone is aware that yes, that's a perfectly apt description of what happens
  15. I was not here yesterday, thus i did not have any way to impact this, and there was no announcement of this meeting to me at all until a message popped up saying "meeting started" which I did not see until 8 hours later. Sorry that I never get any fucking news about when things are happening until they already are in motion. And I was planning to later make a post when I had thoughts on what they actually could be changed to, and just make it clear here that there was something wrong with it. AND rather than calling me out on my mistakes, maybe accept that there was no reason that this decision HAD to be made right then. As far as I've heard it from people who described the meeting to me, it was basically that everyone was so tired that everyone just agreed so it could be over with and didn't really say many ideas on what the ranks could be called alternatively. Just judging from the amount of care put into this post, and the quality of these names, people weren't exactly caring that much. And like the post said, the point was to *reduce* confusion over how the ranks go. So within your own post you said so if the write off for confusing names is "we have it written down" then why the fuck change the ranks names at all? why not just write down the ranks we had before? see how it just works really nice and easy, instead of making ranks that, if anything, are more confusing? And I guess I'll make a post about it somewhere else too, but do you guys know how easy it is to call it "Apprentice mod, Master mod, Grandmaster/Super mod - and then if you still want four moderator ranks, then HEAD mod can be the top of the mods." (or fuck, if you want it to be simple, literally call it "top mod") and the same thing for admins? and with those names the ranks are CLEARLY defined as one above the other, and not this abomination? seems pretty damn simple for a group of people to not do better in four hours. just saying.