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  1. This used to be the place where the old HGEN forum bot would post birthday threads.
  2. :321_crescent_moon:

    1. Moon
    2. Rabbit


      ill never forget you crying.

      Moons not Bad guy.

    3. Moon


      I'll screw you up shut up

  3. Hearthigen's own Rust server is now up and running for the community and friends to use! You can find it under the "Modded" servers by simply searching for "Hearthigen". Or with our ip @ 3x Resource Gather | Bi-Weekly wipes (Starting Today 2017/1/9) | 1/8th Crafting times (And alot more!). As always, we're open to suggestions and don't forget to report ANY issues/exploits and such. There's some stuff still left to do and I'll be working with those today. Please don't hesitate on joining. - -What is Rust?-
  4. :360_strawberry::360_strawberry::360_strawberry:

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    2. Rabbit


      I berried you before your secret was relieved in ts3.

      why u do this to mii.

    3. Moon


      which secret, what are you on about.

    4. Rabbit
  5. Now back to the good part.

  6. Facil decirlo, pero como cuesta...

  7. Not hi, hi
  8. To be honest this game is quite simple.
  9. Which actually is. He was banned first for coming from another community with ill intentions towards ours and Mass RDMing on our JB server along with 3 other "pals" by Drazoure. Drazoure not knowing his actual intentions just gave him theruled ban for his deeds. When his intentions were discovered the ban was replaced with a permanent one handed out by Archtious on which he removed the existing one, then replaced it with the current one, hence why there's two different bans. Archtious did this on a community owner request.
  10. Hey moon, I was wondering if you could send me the director of recruitments profile page.

  11. Where's the dota 2 and warframe one??
  12. Are you hoping for a miracle?

    1. Markozeeko


      As well as a plane ticket to Canada.

  13. You look like the fat Pillsbury dough man. Please fix that.

  14. Happy Birthday, Moon



    Now you can legally drink