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  1. Thanks for everything, Hearthigen.

  2. Nice reply, but next time you can highlight text then click the pop-up that says "quote this" and it'll be easier and clearer. Just a heads up.
  3. Stop stalking me pls.

    1. Rabbit


      Senpai notice me.

  4. Man, it's a hot one.

  5. :321_crescent_moon:

    1. Moon
    2. Rabbit


      ill never forget you crying.

      Moons not Bad guy.

    3. Moon


      I'll screw you up shut up

  6. :360_strawberry::360_strawberry::360_strawberry:

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    2. Rabbit


      I berried you before your secret was relieved in ts3.

      why u do this to mii.

    3. Moon


      which secret, what are you on about.

    4. Rabbit
  7. Now back to the good part.

  8. Facil decirlo, pero como cuesta...