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  1. I nominate myself for meme of the month because my department is a meme. I nominate @her majesty for warden of the month because like every good warden he is always mad about something.
  2. Its a gmod community one and never forget that. We have had a fuck ton of people who have been community banned more then once and changed over time. We should have a ststem that promotes chabgw abd not throw them in blindly. There are a lot more variables then you would belive. Then again this is all from perspective which is fine. Your perspective is much different then mind.
  3. I am very much for giving infinate chances but with a slower way of getting them in. Like heavy moderating and shit like that.
  4. Do waifus count Cause if they do then I got my waifu kobato hasegawa.
  5. After talking to him I have clearly seen he wants this position not for the power but because he has the ideas that can make jailbreak better. If I keep this short and sweet, he has a lot of brilliant ideas that this app does not specify. He is extremely friendly to new people and if he becomes overseer I would love to give jb a chance. +1
  6. I dont play much jb but I have a lot of fears about you becoming council in such a short time. You have clearly proven yourself as staff but with your time in the community I feel I have to abstain untill i see more of you.
  7. Brawlhala Event


    Do they have to be a community member for my partner. If not they can sign up.
  8. +1 is a chill dude. I wish to see what he can do in the department.
  9. Suicde < Small anime tits