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      PoliceRP Beta Tester Applications are now up, Feel free to apply for them though this link https://www.hearthigen.com/forms/69/policerp-beta-tester-application/ Keep in mind you need to at least be an HGEN Member+ to apply for it, If you're not I suggest you apply for that.


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  1. I didn't come to bargain. *leaves*


  2. Off topic spam belongs in off topic spam, tbh?
  3. How does e = mc and 2.171 at the same time?

  4. I was merely kidding about applying. I don't intend to return, ever. On a rather serious note, just try your best - don't compare yourself to others. As it is considered an important position, just try to be succinct and definitive in your statements. Be affirmative and resolute in your actions and decisions and you will excel.
  5. If you want to impress a teacher, if they say F=ma, tell them that they are somewhat incorrect. It is force equals the time derivative of momentum. It will typically be represented as ma as a=dv/dt. However, there are situations where the mass changes in respect to time, I.e rockets. 

  6. You did not address my statements when quoting me so. However, looking back, I realized that Conflict Resolution most likely does not handle the feedback system but merely arguments/problems that can arise from it. My concern was discouraging "negative for negative" without discouraging "positive for positive" however this, I imagine, is not of consequence to Conflict Resolution as it opposes the very definition of conflict... unless a conflict arises from giving positive feedback, then, uh, okay. "Stop giving me happiness" - Grinch I appreciate you clearing my built in assumptions regarding Conflict Resolution. I was drawing upon past experience where it seemed as if CR seemed ineffective. When using coddle to describe the situation, I have a different perspective of it. Generally speaking, I view any situation where two different parties are forced to sit down to come to a consensus as coddling as it is not a mutual endeavor to resolve said conflict without a mediator. I respect two parties coming to a resolution independent of a third. Just to stress once more, on a serious note, my concern is with the over saturation of positive feedback as a result, in some cases, of "positive for positive." I should have addressed it in a post to whatever department or whatever, that oversees all of the feedback instead of in a post regarding the duties of conflict Resolution. #IsraelPalestine, Obama Administration >Israel>Can I settle the West Bank? >World>No. Stop bullying. >Israel>Do I have to get my dad, America, involved? >Israel>...World, are you anti-Semitic? >America>Palestine, Israel, you are both beautiful children of mine but I have to say - stop. >World>We just asked you to stop violating the Forth Geneva Convention like a proper human. >Israel> Okay, Hitlers. tryandstopme. tl;dr - I hate Israel. AIPAC is evil.
  7. Solve for e


    2x2 + 3x + 4 = 0

  8. I supposed I should have clarified on that. Even though negative emotions/actions are not the same as positive ones, in essence, they are akin. I like to think of it as opposite but equal in magnitude. Applying that to the discouraging negative for negative, positive for positive should also be discouraged.
  9. In my experience and opinion, using negative feedback is easier and more effective to handle one's behavior than it is to be coddled in conflict resolution. I think what I'm trying to get at is that as I continually reread this post for the sake of clarity and I keep getting this perspective that you are intending to discourage pure spiteful actions/argumentative opinions/revenge posting, but at the same time, I feel as if you are discouraging the use of negative feedback in its entirety. Negative feedback is a candid, very effective resolution to a member acting inappropriately or incorrectly and should be used more often, frankly. Furthermore, I hate this idea that we are to all be happy, niche members. What I mean by that is that if you are to discourage revenge negative feedback, you need to also discourage the "I give you positive feedback and you give me positive feedback." I giggle at every moment I see an individual give someone positive feedback and that someone give positive feedback right back. It just over saturates the feedback system and destroys the purpose of it, in my opinion. What value can there be in a system where it is that over saturated?
  10. I wish I was recognized for my staff work on JB for January.
  11. As there is no "this is dumb" rating, I rate disagree when I think something is legitimately retarded.
  12. I think I will apply. :13_upside_down: jb needs staff.
  13. !!!11!!
  14. If y = mx + b and a+ b2 = c2, is the half-life of Brandon NULL days?


    Solve mentally.


    1. Brandon


      You will never escape the quadratic formula, tbh. I used it last semester when solving the real and imaginary solutions of a second order differential equation.


    2. Daddidud


      no u

      x = -b ± (√b- 4ac) / 2



    3. Brandon




      Can't preview images because Hearthigen website is dumb. Just open them in a new tab so you can see full size.

  15. >used to The attempt at DarkRP fell short, in my opinion, due to the community being uninterested in genuine roleplay. I did a suggestion at the time as a lot of people who got on DarkRP from JB and treated it as a deathmatch. For example, when I was building my hobo village as it's ruler, I got several random hits placed on me and it just broke out into a full out death match. For DarkRP to succeed, it will require an iteration that is appealing to the community rather than one built around consistent, genuine roleplay.