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  1. 1 minute = 61 seconds fix time plox
  2. i love drugs they balloon our prison population into the millions they ruin and take innocent lives they destroy communities they destroy families brb gonna go get some crack lil peep more like lil sleep
  3. Yes, and I was giving my feedback and opinion on the idea.
  4. Maybe instead of increasing the complexity of everything, we make it more beginner-friendly, which is a thing Jailbreak has been straying away from. Combat is not something that needs to have layers and layers of complexity. It just needs to be simple and easy to learn. Recurring players don't want skill trees, or complicated M9K4512253253764952 weapons. They want a simple assortment of weapons which are simple to learn how to use. If we keep complicating every bit of the combat system, people may not come back. Sticking to a basic weapon and combat system like before will make more players come back to our servers. When you have to constantly do a "rework" to something, you know that something has been wrong the entire time. We need to restore what we had in the past instead of over complicating everything.
  5. done you were supposed to put yes tho
  6. @Flying Fladoodle, @JamesIsMyName, @Big Don, and I have embarked on a quest to convert every person who gets on TeamSpeak to Trump. So far, we have had a nearly 100% success rate. We will not stop until every member of the community supports Trump! Get on TeamSpeak to support Trump. If you are on the edge about it or if you do not like Trump, get on TeamSpeak and we will change your mind! Comment below to support TRUMP 2020! People we have converted/People who support Trump: @Flying Fladoodle @JamesIsMyName @Big Don @Daddidud @Error @Incendiary @RareFroggy123 @Rona @[test]Asnue @Shadow Flwuffers @Noav @Pizzablawk @NessPKfreeze @CorruptCloud @HulkGroundTheMan @Ryan @Moosee @Theboithatplays @Lucifer @Hyper @Salt Water Hippo @ForgetfulCat @-HGEN-Revand @SkyDive @Flower @Bobby "Two Tits" Milano If you support Trump and you're not on the list, leave a comment below and we'll add you!
  7. @Flying Fladoodle and I completed it in 1 hour and 5 minutes (with James' "help")
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