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  1. dont have 2 much pp

  2. nah, they're just saying that their previous essay was wrong, so they are righting it.
  3. Don't worry, guys. It happens to everyone, having a huge fuck up. Seems like you have all learned from your actions.
  4. why andrew jackson tho

    i guess ur a democrat now

    lel xd

  5. that's from the beginning of school until now
  6. great way to come back 3 months later don't even know what the hell went on lel btw content moderator reading this: no ballz you won't approve this Anyways, let me say some shit to some cool d00ds (even if they're not here) @Big Don is a cool zog machine, pretty bad, democratic socialist xd @Silverad I'm finally taking French yw (Je m'apple ur mom) @Exler is doug jones grief is the fucking deathrun overseer... lel that's it for that shit updoots: finally stopped being shit at life finally wrote a (shitty) piece of music: Copy of lel u don't get the name.pdf finally started thinking about the world finally (never) stopped the suicidal thoughts finally became a non-squeaker looks like the same shit is going on as when i gave up also un-content mod me no balzl that's about it, any questions just ask (if the content modz approve)