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  1. meeting


    I won't be able to make it since I have work til 8 pm
  2. @D_Cheese I'm not in yet not like you mate, you're off to boot camp in June, we all know you'll make it bro. So in advance we thank you for your service in protecting our country's freedoms.
  3. not-clickbait

    Even in my absence I still got it goin' on.
  4. not-clickbait

    I can't speak for the others, but @Archthious for me this is no stunt, I forsee myself being here for quite some time again. And also @5--Dead_Freddy--5 Scout til I die rucka.
  5. Congrats on winning HOTW lol
  7. I hope to see you here again. Miss ya. Hope stuff is getting better!
  8. Take care, Imasin!
  9. We miss you
    1. Imasin


      I said where I have been in the convo, FUCKING READ YA DAMN KAT! jk but yeah just been around, working on things and trying to get my life together basically, this military career that I'm trying to embark on is the spark to ignite my life's flame.
    2. LT.Kitty-Kat


      Half it started out okay but now it sounds like a poem :3
  11. Happy Birthday mai ninjah.
  12. Important

    Good work everyone and real good shit!! That is absolutely amazing!! KEEP IT UP ALL YOU SEXY PEOPLES!!!
  13. Suggestion

    Bi-curious Kat
  14. Welcome to the dark side Sig, here are your complimentary milk, cookies and a pizza party!
  15. Introduction

    [QUOTE="LT.Kitty-Kat, post: 3962, member: 59"]GIRLS DON'T EXIST ON THE INTERNET YOU NUB![/QUOTE] So guys don't exist on the internet? They're all female? G.I.R.L is a term (first used within MMORPGs) to mean "Guy in Real Life" so back in about 2002 or 2005 somewhere around there, the MMORPG players used to refer to female toons as "GIRL/G.I.R.L" to tell them that they are a guy in real life, 9 times out of 10 they didn't understand. So KITTY grills don't exist on the internet but G.I.R.Ls do.