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  1. release

    What are you talking about? We have groups, the only thing I haven't gotten to make were kits for each respective group, the hub world DOES NOT HAVE GROUPS on purpose due to the fact that it's just that, a hub, a general spawning location where you choose a world. Hence the grouped player would not carry over regardless. And honestly it's the same exact thing that jeff did, I find it VERY disrespectful to PUBLICLY state what you had stated, if this was told to me via private message then maybe I would consider the extra help, it wouldn't hurt (within restrictions) and I get you want to offer your help to us I do appreciate that. But do it privately, you don't need to publicly state this, also we don't need like 6,000 groups for stupid stuff. All we need (and what we have) are the donor ranks, default, owner ranks and a member, literally all we need tbh. This has been fixed thanks poof, just a little something I overlooked due to third party builders
  2. release

    @Kolor @Archthious @Armegardeon @Rabbit @Icepaladin @Icebait @Drunk @Markozeeko Thank you all for building the spawns in the respective worlds! Message me a list of what you want in your respective groups and I will deliver. Again thank you all for your hard work toward getting us to this release state.
  3. You are correct, Boxic should not be banning, he's supposed to actually help build and keep people on track building while I'm not on, I literally got of off work a little bit ago to deal with this, headache and stress inducing. My thoughts on the matter is that no one should be getting banned at the moment, though cheaters should be looked out for if in one of our actual main worlds. I was told that this happened in the temp. world if that is true then I don't really care too much since it won't affect new players, but if he was cheating and is lying in this unban and cheats when the server is released then the punishment will be severe.
  4. 1. Must build in a world created by Imasin/Heliuxen no other world will be used period This means no other worlds will be used. I do appreciate the effort but this is to ensure that neither your world nor moon's world will ever be used since it was created without my actual permission.
  5. We need builders to work on three MAJOR things for us! We need 1. a Hub Spawn 2. a Peaceful(PvE) world spawn 3. a Factions(PvP) Spawn Since I am far too busy with my work schedule plus dealing with balances within the server I cannot build a damn thing (plus my building skills are strictly interior design not exterior) so I need you guys to help me, I am asking you guys to please do what you can, however there are rules, regulations and requirements that you must either have or adhere by. Rules: 1. Must build in a world created by Imasin/Heliuxen no other world will be used period 2. You MUST WORK WELL TOGETHER! I DO NOT want to hear any bitching or complaining that someone is ruining your fucking build, this is NOT YOUR BUILD this is a COMMUNITY BUILD FOR THE SERVER! Understand that and move on; grow up! 3. May bother Imasin if it's 100% absolutely needed or if it could help in some way, shape or form, DO NOT BUG ME about some stupid kiddie BS, thank you. 4. MUST ACTUALLY BUILD, do NOT piggyback or not build altogether or build 1 statue or w/e and not log on anymore, you must be active and actually build Regulations: 1. This build must be 100% unique, what I mean by this is it NEEDS to be out of your own head, meaning; no copying other servers, not using any pictures/photos to make a "comparison" build and a spawn that not every server can easily acquire. We're not trying to catch a fucking case here ight? Requirements: 1. Must have a decent eye at exterior/interior design 2. Must be willing to compromise to benefit the overall build(s) 3. Not crying every 2 seconds that someone is messing with something, calmly talk about the situation with that person and if it goes no where then you may contact Imasin More of these will come soon as I think about them, tired AF at the moment. Now, you may be thinking. "Hey bundle of sticks! What do we get out of this you fucking queer?!" well, glad you asked nicely. Your rewards are but not limited to 1. A custom kit in-game (the variable of the cooldown time however will depend on what's in the kit and such other variables. MAY NOT ASK FOR GAME BREAKING THINGS LIKE 64 GOD APPLEES, GOD ARMOR/WEAPONS, OR DIAMONDS/BEDROCK etc.) 2. A custom group (with custom prefix/suffix/either or; your choice) 3. Custom permissions within those custom ranks (however permissions must be realistic and not exceed your donor rank if donated or actual default player rank) 4. Given a special gift from Imasin as a thank you Thank you all for reading this far into the post and you will need to contact me if you are interested and wish to be a part of this. Contact me either in Teamspeak, or if I do not answer via TS then contact me here on Hearthigen.
  6. Happy birthday pleb! :D

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    Did I do my math right?

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  12. meeting


    I won't be able to make it since I have work til 8 pm
  13. @D_Cheese I'm not in yet not like you mate, you're off to boot camp in June, we all know you'll make it bro. So in advance we thank you for your service in protecting our country's freedoms.
  14. So the day is explained in the video and @SCOTSCHIEF comes up with an amazing joke about some shit when the day ends!
  15. I love false RDM reports because the person doesn't want to listen to a guard. And I was also having a good time, wanted to get my dick wet but that was ruined. YOU COCK BLOCKED ME BRO!