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  1. Welcome to the community! Join the TeamSpeak and become a member today! http://www.hearthigen.com/index.php?applicationform/hearthigen-member.10/form
  2. Welcome to the forums of HEarthigen JTD. Your name is like the mix of the wrestler JTG with an STD (if that offends you in a way, I'm sorry about that). Here's an application form for a Forum Membership Tag: http://hearthigen.com/index.php?applicationform/hearthigen-member.10/form Any questions regarding the forums can be answered to a forum officer and above. Don't hesitate to ask one.
    1. JTD28


      Thanks for accepting me in, glad to be part of the community, and actually JTD is my initials xD
    2. ShameOnTurtles


      Let me guess, your name is Jerry-McGerryson Donaldson :P
    3. JTD28


      ummm no ShameOnTurtles xD