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  1. are you able to get on TS

  2. Hey nova! Long time no see. Congratulations on accomplishing a lot. I hope you do well.
    1. Nova


      Sorry for replying late. Thanks man. I really appreciate this.
  3. Dear Heliuxen, I would like to take this time to thank you for the valuable efforts that you brought forth on this community. I can tell things have changed a lot which I haven't really been on lately ever since I had trouble with TS3. You are a great leader but one of these days, you will bow down to RisingGlory. I will overthrow this kingdom that you reign. Beware.
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    2. Incend The Spy In Disguise

      Incend The Spy In Disguise

      Trust me, I tried and I failed. It is impossible. If Heli goes down, he is bringing the community down with it. Besides, why do you want to pay for all the servers Heli made ;)
  4. Congratulations on achieving to be staff m8
  5. @[1:@Heliuxen] I will make your own life a living hell. I will make your own tumblr & YouTube videos go boom with one strike beware of Rising.
  6. @[1:@Heliuxen] this is why you can't have nice things. I will overthrow you and the others one day you will bow down to RisingGlory.!
  7. Been quite awhile since I've spoken to anyone, holy shit I missed a lot
    1. Lil' Poof

      Lil' Poof

      Yes u did
  8. Important

    No, I didn't mean to confuse any of you guys at all, what i meant was that I would rather stay and help out instead of leaving. Sorry for the confusions.
  9. Important

    Due to my behavior, I've had in the past has been shredding me apart. I understand that a lot of you guys are getting fed up with me leaving multiple times that I keep on letting down the community. I have been developing negative energy instead of the positive side towards each staff on here which is unnecessary that I shouldn't wraith on any of you. I feel like trying to gain sympathy from any of you wouldn't be tolerated based on my actions. I do want to prove everyone that I can change into a better member than I was before.
  10. That Kindred artwork gives me a heart attack THAT'S SO FUCKING CUTE
  11. I use both so yeah
  12. Important

    I am down for this.
  13. Looking back over the months got me thinking was it worth on leaving? Dedication, hard work, determination to strive through goals.
    1. RisingGlory


      you got a valid point there. I guess looking back at my first application as RisingGlory had great moments. Ever since I remembered, I do miss those days
  14. Hell has broken loose in the bunny asylum
  15. what the fuck happened?! were you demoted?!
    1. Lil' Poof

      Lil' Poof

      ??? Questions have yet to be answered
    2. RisingGlory


      I wasn't denoted at all. I left. They were my own personal reasons. I already told some people on why I did