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  1. I didn’t look at the tiny text below lol
  2. Gaming has been one of the most active staff members in my opinion, and lets be honest here there’s usually a lot of players on the server. He’s active, he’s mature, he knows what he’s doing. -1 jk +1
  3. dad?
  4. Thanks <3
  5. Alright, thanks./
  6. I was inactive for about 2 months, but now I’m back. The reason I was inactive is mostly because my steam account was compromised, but now I have full access of it. But I also did go back to my country to visit my family, and stayed there for a bit. So I’m sorry I was inactive but if I can reinstate for Officer that’d be nice. Again, I’m sorry for not telling you guys that I maybe going inactive. I was a trained officer,