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  1. Smite tourney pls
  2. what type of shitposts makes woman swoon senpai?
  3. loud j
  4. Hey, I was one of the people on the dance floor. No one, to my knowledge, had taken their fists out, including me. I wasn't even facing him and he killed me and the other prisoners.
  5. hearthigen

    i was looking for a new server to play on since my old server (Aftermath Revolution) became inactive as I hadn't played jailbreak for a year. I damn near almost decided to quit playing on the server due to the obnoxious chat, but i persevered and here I am today.
  6. retirement

    I understand ya June. I remember, maybe 2 years ago, playing Jailbreak (on a different server) all the time before suddenly finding it boring one morning for no apparent reason. I took a year or so break from it and managed to find fun it it again. I hope that you can, once again, find joy in playing on Hearthigen one day soon. Good luck~