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  1. yeah you're a good example
  2. ryan is a boring name
  3. how's life mi amiga


  4. Why? It's common sense that telling someone to kill themselves in harassment, and they should be punished for it. No need for a separate rule.
  5. there is definitely a rule that covers this, but probably in a more general sense. harassment is still harassment though.
  6. Seems pretty unnecessary. People would stick to one server most likely. He literally just said they tried it before. It failed. Don't say that he's refusing it without reason, he has more reason to be against it than you have to be for it.
  7. Alright, are we talking about physical maturity or mental maturity? Control doesn't equal maturity. You could have all the power in the world yet still be immature.
  8. Why do you capitalize every word? Just curious, I see Swiss Cheese do the same thing.