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  1. Gimme Caramel coffee with caramel creamer and I'll be happy.
  2. https://www.gmodstore.com/scripts/view/1673/admin-popups-for-ulx-and-serverguard This one is so much nicer and easy to claim. If you're staff, all someone needs to do is use admin chat and then you can claim the case. I would suggest getting it, it's cheaper, and more efficient, and you can see how much people claimed tickets with a command in the console, but I forgot which one. This one is much easier than Athena, and would make claims so much easier to do.
  3. Make the fucking minimum on text screens 48. It's aggravating when people have small ass KOS signs that are hard to see until it's pointed out. You can easily walk past em without knowing it and get killed.
  4. add fidget spinners to be sold by black market dealers
  5. Count me in, sounds fun!
  6. why the hell do you type everything in comic sans and with 72 size
  7. Make it RDM for running people over in the road. People have been getting away with it recently, and it's starting to get annoying
  8. Regular Bank Security does, not Weeb.
  9. Sure it's not the only deciding factor, but it makes the quality sound better.
  11. Guess you haven't used the full ability of discord then. Discord and TS have an equal Bitrate, if not, Discord has a a bitrate setting where you can make the quality better. Plus, you have it the other way around. and cough cough Compact mode is a thing. Now IMO, discord is more suitable: Full customization with roles, along side channel tabs, where you can minimize so you can hide which tabs you don't want to see, along side what tabs you want to see. Roles are easy to manage, and you can separate groups so they show on the side and you can see who has what by just clicking their name. Free. (Do I have to say more?) Customized chat rooms, where you can select what roles can be in it. Easier UI, everything is nice and simple, easy to know where everything is. Want to let everyone know about an important update? @everyone / @here Easy to use and customize bots. Want a fancy looking discord? Use BetterDiscord! Want emotes to make your chatting experience more enjoyable? Add em! If you're feeling really fancy, you can pay $5 a month for Nitro! On the spot emotes, not having to click on somebody just to see a photo. Ect.