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  1. I was looking at a few cyberpower pcs as well as lenovo
  2. 1,000 as of right now Ye basically. Sounds like something I should look into, thanks.
  3. Yeah I probably shoulda specified Id look to play mostly FPS like PUBG and CS:GO but also other games like Rust.
  4. Hullo Hearthigen, I come to yall taking a break from studying finals to ask a question. What is a cheap-ish way to get a good gaming PC? I need a good one to start with, then any suggestions of things to get to optimize it (ie graphics card, etc) would also be appreciated. I am not very good at finding good PCs to use at a reasonable price. Thanks.
  5. If this becomes a reality, I would love to help out.
  6. This is my favorite game mode. Mars and I tried to convenience people to get one a really long time ago... Lol I have played on different Russian ones before
  7. In that case, I believe this would be an effective way. I just thought a big change isn't all that neccessary.