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  1. In the every living words of Gassylemon Star "NO this is Gassy"
  2. Important

  3. Important

    Our three year anniversary is coming up soon, So I need your help Step 1. Ban Gassy's account until the 11th Step 2. Help me with Ideas I want to impress my Lemon because I really like him and I know he likes me. I want Ideas and lots of them as I will try to get most of them in on the plan
  4. Welcome to the forums! Enjoy your stay and don't be tempted to message a forum staff member if you have any questions. Follow a link above (cuz I can't post links on my phone) to become a member today! Also join our teamspeak @
  5. Hanging out with boo gonna watch bleach
  6. Introduction

    so first Yes I am gassy's girlfriend My name is Makyla but I prefer Kayla Gassy and I have known each other for 4 years now and I have been dating him for 2 I do not have a pc or a steam account I am mostly over at his place on tuesdays I love anime mostly bleach which Kurt can't stand I have been known to text way more than I need to I do call Kurt KurtyBear and you can use that to make fun of him I have no plans to break up with Kurt I am like the girl version of Kurt and that's why my friends call me Kurtla I do hope to get a computer for my birthday I am going to get gmod I might also get Tf2 I have heard stories about almost all of you and enjoy what I have heard