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  1. Happy Birthday! You're one year closer to death!
  2. I am making a return to the server, I am now on school holidays so I will definitely be on more frequently! :)
  3. Discussion

    I am busy trying to apply for darkrp to become a staff member and I would just like to know if I need to fill in the referances because I don't know anyone who is staff on darkrp at the moment.
  4. I Just Want To Say I Am Sorry About The Big Thing I Caused Between Me And Staff, As Some Of You Know, I Am Young Thus Immature.
  5. Discussion

    Thanks, I dont really know how to create my own discussion thing so thats really helpful
  6. Important

    [QUOTE="kanalumaddela, post: 8735, member: 8"]Google says 12 PM for Australia, but like you could've Googled that also :p[/QUOTE] I Guess Yeah.. I Can't Come Then
  7. Important

    Okay, How Long Until We Play The Movie? Australian Time Isn't The Same.
  8. Important

    Man, I Am Only 13.. I Hope Those Don't Get Picked
  9. I Went Back On Jailbreak And People Are Mass Rdming And Not Saying Anything, And OF COURSE There Are NO Staff On.. @[ug_48:@Jailbreak Certified]
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    2. LT.Kitty-Kat


      What was this ''bigger chat''
    3. TheSwagTurkey


      @[59:@LT.Kitty-Kat] A Chat With Alot Of More Poeple In It
    4. LT.Kitty-Kat


      Where was this taking place?
  10. It Feels Awkward To Play Jailbreak Right Now.. Goodbye For A While.
    1. EarlWheeler


      Aww Swag, I hope to see you around at least. I'm sure people don't look at you with any contempt, though it is important to take time from this. Don't leave!
    2. rieley009


      don't worry man just learn from your mistakes ;)
  11. I Can't, I Am Already At School By Then.
  12. Important

    Im Not Too Sure But I Will Try To Make It.