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  1. nope, only two or 3 admin+ on murder.
  2. +1 there are no words really needed for this guy, amazing leader, even better person
  3. happy bday boo
  4. what rank would that be
  5. if you would like to talk to me, ill be on teamspeak for a few hours, thank you for the support.
  6. i love you all and if any of you want to talk to me my kik is (vartics) my skype is (coltontwrk) I hope to return soon enough
  7. Is this a Resignation or Retirement?: Retirement Application If this is a retirement application, how long do you plan to retire?: 2 to 3 months Why do you want to retire/resign?: For one my life is crazy right now, I am currently struggling with withdraws and I feel depressed all the time, I never feel happy, which makes my job here difficult. Two, my garry's mod still wont work, its saddening but I am building a new pc and once it is built I will come back, I want to still be apart of recruitment, and CRD I will continue to be active on the fourms and on teamspeak. I apologize to everyone who believed or trusted in me. I hope to come back fully ready, I plan to become deputy overseer of murder when I come back. Again I am sorry to everyone I am disappointing with this retirement application. Why should you be retired?: N/A Which parts of the community do you plan to leave from?: Jailbreak Murder You understand that by agreeing to this you will not get your rank back within 2 weeks if you plan to retire unless it was an emergency deemed by Council with discussion: I agree
  8. much love drunk
  9. thank you for the support, I dont know what i would do without it honestly
  10. i realize but this pain is growing. days feel like years
  11. it feels like every day, the feeling of wanting it grows. Im trying so hard but the progress is minimal.
  12. getting clean is important, but I know you can do it
  13. Hearthigen, as many of you who know me, I have been very inactive and distant when I come on. I feel its only right to tell everyone of you why ive been gone, and make some apologies to people. Ive been gone because right now my family is fucked, my mom is moving away while my stepdad has cancer. Its tough because I have to be that mental support for my mother, who is very distraught having to leave my stepdad to go work in a different state, and we have barely any money. Depression is real inside me, I gave into pain pills, oxy helps me sleep and take the pain away for a short time, addiction took over. But pills will and have been leading me down a road where I know I cant return from. I have been getting sick because of these pills, I have been working hard to get off these pills, hiding this from my mom hurts, so I am determined to get off of them for her, and myself. This post isnt to make people feel bad for me or to have a pity party. This community is my family, without hearthigen, without the amazing people in this community who help me get through my hardest days, I dont know where I would be. I want to thank a few specific people, and give them my upmost gratitude. @Silverad: Thank you so much, for everything, I love working with you on murder and just talking to you. We have and will continue to make murder great. I will be back at full force soon enough silver. @Daddidud: You are one of the greatest people I know, you are always positive and never fail to cheer me up @InfernoBorkExclusive: You are a great friend who I can always go to and not feel judged, and I appreciate that. @Rabbit: Where do I even start with rabbit, she is the most kind person I have ever met, she works very hard and I appreciate everything she does for hearthigen. I have no words for how hard working rabbit is. Thank you for everything rabbit @Savage: savage is an amazing guy, he works hard for osp and is always kind. Thank you for everything. @Kolor: if we are talking about hardworkers, Kolor is on top, recruitment would be nowhere without Kolor. Thank you for everything that you do for recruitment. Much appreciation for your hardwork. I know I forgot people, but you are all special to me and I love you all, I hope to be back on the server soon. thank you all -father
  14. Thank you all for the kind words and support