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  1. asians
  2. what u left out like everyone but jb anger
  3. then its a +1 from me.
  4. you are applying for quite a few positions, do you think you can handle all these tasks and be an admin on jailbreak?
  5. wHYYyy
  6. ill be applying when i come back
  7. mem e IMG_1072.mp4
  8. Thank you all for the kind words and support
  9. my vote changes to a +1. swiss has grown as a staff member and im very proud of him.
  10. I appreciate the kind words Daddidud. thank you savage you too nate
  11. -1 I was not going to voice my opinion until the actions that were taken today. Whenever Gaming is called out or told he is wrong, he becomes super defensive and wont even talk to me about the situation. Gaming is not ready for this position.
  12. There is a difference between having too much and not being able to do it and having a lot and being able to do it. Savage has proven he can do this, so I dont see your reason being valid
  13. +1 do I even need to explain this man does so much work for JB and he is a great guy