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  1. @staffmage for being helpful to me while i started staffing on TTT. staff is just overall a great guy, and is very well spoken.
  2. until

    it was great, nice to be with all the staff/members and have a good time on deathrun 10/10 recommend again (ps daddidud best W bhopper ever)
  3. When @Feroh tried to roast @SkyDive and he choked and left the teamspeak server.
  4. Does your name on the forums match on all servers:: Yes Age: 14 How long have you been a member of Hearthigen: 4 months What do you know about TS: teamspeak is a place where people come together to connect with people and play games, its a good way to communicate, and make friends. Have you ever been banned if so why: no Do you have an app void and from who?: By accepting to these terms you agree to follow and uphold the rules of the Team Speak server. If at any time you fail to do this you may be demoted from this position at any time.: Yes By accepting to these terms you agree that at any time you break any rule of the community to be demoted or suspended. You may be demoted from this position at any time.: Yes
  5. Papa John’s, oh, Papa John’s. I love you because of your amazing crust. Your Hawaiian BBQ Chicken never fails to make me happy and satisfied. Your create your own pizza is always amazing and i would love to have it every day of my miserable life. Mr. John H. Schnatter, you are a beautiful man. Why cant i just have your wonderful pizza everyday of my life. But, of course i have to stay here eating great value brand pizza END
  6. skrrr hi
  7. i have witnessed him rdm and spam multiple times, but i was not on when he mass rdmed
  8. rest in death
  9. dawg you just changed it
  10. that fucking video got me dead
  11. i feel appreciated
  12. much love for you bacon, return safely and i hope for the best, for you and your grandmother.
  13. +1 #goodguygrief
  14. +1 nice fellow
  15. i will try to get on soon, i have no computer around currently