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  1. What do people call you?: Corporal Cactus What are your thoughts on us doing PoliceRP?: I think its awesome and a great step towards expanding the community. Why do you want to apart of this?: I used to play a lot of RP and had a lot of fun and would like to assist in letting this move forward as quickly as possible Do you have any experience with something like this before?: Sure. I helped test santosrp public servers with new features Any set time that you can play?: not really, whenever. Most likely later in the day Are you cute?: Yes Would you smash Markozeeko?: No By agreeing to this, You accept the fact that not all people might be able to Beta Test, You also acknowledge that you should be giving us feedback during this Beta about anything that comes to your mind.: I agree By agreeing to this, You acknowledge that this is a Beta, and if needed there will be a wipe.: I agree