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  1. record

    -3 music bots
  2. They deserved to be deleted. Makes me happy.
  3. ...That's not an error that's just a requirement put up there. You are still able to submit the application.
  4. Teamspeak sync isn't active nor is it required to fill out the member app. The two are not associated with each other.
  5. jailbreak

    Technically the 12 days of Christmas start on Christmas.
  6. contest

    You're gonna have to make small adjustments for New Years
  7. This topic can go one of two directions. This should be fun.
  8. contest

    Poll is up
  9. Be sure to follow this topic (the Follow button) for updates. More information here, still waiting on a New Year's logo. Number choices are associated with the images in the numbered list.
  10. contest

    final version needed transparency needed
  11. hearthigen

    Heli gave me officer on TTT/THT one day and I never applied/was trained.
  12. nike shoes iphone 6 flat screen computer galaxy s7
  13. contest

    An idea that just slightly modified our current logo.
  14. test