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  1. *facepalm* he's a sorta old loser
  2. It's more so the channel owner abusing the trigger words than the people who joined the channel. Most of the time, people who have "trigger" words are very silly to the majority of the people. And in times where the trigger words makes sense. It is most likely covered by one of the already existing rules (e.g. nigg-hard-r). Wat...the definition of a private channel had to be changed to where it made sense. You can't have a private channel that anyone can access. While staying confined in a locked channel isn't advised, there isn't a good system to make sure it doesn't happen while still allowing users to have privacy when needed. As a side note, temp channels are not a good solution as a decent number of people can idle their bots in the channel and I don't want to add the extra unneeded moderation to keep that under control. The idea of channel owner abuse is primarily repetitive kicking for no reason. Now if you have a valid reason to kick a user, that's good, but it's better to channel ban sooner than constantly kicking. Due to the nature of recent channel bans and how people were doing it for fun instead of actually using it for its purpose, it will most likely be changed to where they are able to unban users from their channel. I'm not sure what you're asking/wondering tbh.
  3. It shouldve been removed when DarkRP was shut down.
  4. The sidebar on the feedback tab literally orders it from most positive feedback to least positive. https://www.hearthigen.com/feedback/
  5. Denied You copied and pasted an app. There's a reason you can't access it. Department is being reworked, but still remaining active with the current staff. Re-apply when they're officially open.
  6. Can confirm, dead community
  7. What are you even talking about? It already says that :)))))))))))))
  8. No, this includes all overseers since it is a one app for all. @Lazy120 @Kolor @Armegardeon @Sarcothice @Silverad @StarKiller @armerulez420
  9. Cat boi. Would you like a hostname for that instead. Idk what'd you want it to be since rust.hearthigen.com is already taken.
  10. update

    OSP is the only department missing as far as I know. @Savage
  11. Ew. All staff and members should be doing this.
  12. We changed the forum software we used.
  13. It's called being a good person and posting happy birthday for others? Why assume people will post for themselves? The calendar already shows birthdays. You would know if like...you looked at it.
  14. Approved
  15. Approved