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  1. Nope, just a terrible meme. Moved to shitpost central.
  2. > posts thank you in community sections > References a day that doesn't apply to a fucking gaming community's rank > Actually believes because it has admin, it applies to only ranks of admin and super admin Nice post.
  3. Uninstall the app.
  4. Last time was migrating to a completely different forum software.
  5. Remember that nerds.
  6. Be like cat, don’t buy one, so you can pull cool stuff like this.
  7. *says this is a jb problem* *uses this retarded phrase*
  8. weeb
  9. That’s cute.
  10. good...good, you on my good side now
  11. I told you to do it earlier. At least you’re not a traitor anymore, unless you have a BF rn.
  12. Hey! Wrong forums! JK, you didn't need permission to post stuff like this, we have people self promoting their map making "skills".
  13. If he did, then it would’ve been accurate.
  14. You haven’t touched a single ts channel request since you were ts staff. If you can’t even manage to do your current positions, why even try applying for another one?