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  1. So on jb when I tried so hard to be warden every time I would do a day with @KiNG as judge and the first time there was many rebels and I got killed, the second time many people got killed and then when we started the first prisoner went for the day and then the guards weren't doing there job so I got killed by rebels, third time everything was fine until king got him self killed half way through the day! The fourth time everything went well and KiNG was judge like the many past days with me as warden, then one guard that just rdmed a few the prisoners, suddenly one guard rdmed the prisoners who were afk frozen against the wall! Only one prisoner remained and that one guard said "I'm new sorry" so then me and the staff decided to ban him for a few days then he rage quit and left before we banned him! Then that one prisoner who was about to go up and give his Lr got banned by the previous one guard who killed a few people! Lol then I said to @KiNG and the guards, You guards are really bad at doing your job that you would become a prisoner at a prison and then I said I'm going full out prisoner for get these dead guards!
  2. Ok So Yesterday I was warden on Jb and I tried to be warden but someone kept taking it and when I did I did a day with King as judge like jokeday and mixtape and every time I would die and the third time it was actually working when someone told their joke and roast and then KiNG had to die again! KiNG never got his full judge day lol!
  3. Yes Such a Great Idea! Roast or Mixtape day! Or a day where we can join on ts and suggest music and games!
  4. Ok Yes *dab*
  5. +1 Good guy!
  6. KiNG really deserves this, he has proven his skills as a staff and was a really good one! Also since many staff were moved to mod and he used to be a higher rank! He at least deserves this and more! +1 My boi you deserve this!
  7. Hi if I may talk I've seen you on the server before maybe once or twice and you did cause trouble one of the times I saw you on the server. Not saying your bad or anything! But if you have rdm maybe just once every time you joined the server recently you technically are rdming multiple times which results in a punishment also you have been banned 2 times! Even though I was close to that number when I was just a player I had a true valid reason! For instance I have mac and I have a trackpad which can get stuck making you in the game if you have a gun shoot nonstop! But based on this rdms happening once several times you joined the server. I believe you should be given a punishment but maybe not a perma ban! Also this is just what I see based on the information that is provided by you and staff! Also this has been backed up with witnesses so I suggest you really change your attitude on this server and your actions. Also prove it if your punishment is revoked that you changed and if you decide to continue to keep up these actions on the server if your punishment is revoked! In that case you would deserve a perma ban!
  8. meme

    Umm ok I might actually make this my cover photo for my profile!
  9. Ok I now understand everything! I'm going to try to get to mod! Also by the way I can't be active on schooldays because I'm way to busy with work and homework! But I will be active friday-saturday!
  10. Um ok welcome to Hearthigen!
  11. Sorry I see the submissions next time can you make it a bit earlier? Please I would appreciate it.
  12. Wait I have to submit something to be on this what do I send? Can you send me a link or something?
  13. Thank you beautiful staff looking people including! @Donka, @KiNG, @XxIllusionZz420, @Silverad, @Heliuxen, @MR_BangZ, @GamingX13, @Archthious, @Derrick, @Asriel, @ValentinoLucious I guess because she's a girl, @Carrot, @Armegardeon, @ur father, @Daddidud... And it goes on, well thank you all and have good health and hopefully a good new year! And I know I wasn't the best staff when I just started but I'm done fooling around sometimes and I'm taking it completely for real so watch out for meh! As of now my learning days as a staff are over because I think I know everything which I usually do when I become a new staff on game to just test it out and see how it goes! God Bless you all!
  14. Ok thx, you rock like the other staff.