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  1. To enter tell me what you want and I will get back to you. all are welcome no competition I will be making for everyone who wants one
  2. @Watermelon
  3. @Silverad for being an great overseer and helping improve us as an community so thank you.
  4. I Think we need to get murder more popular so why not host an event on it. I think we should have it to where it is the basic gamemode but we do have changes like the murder get slaped every 1 minute so that the round does not take forever and if the murder guy wins and if the bystanders win the person with the most collected goods wins. and this should be a best out of 5.
  5. I think this would be very great for the players as there is no time limit this would be an great addition and I think we would bring in more players by doing this.
  6. +1 really great guy he would be an great ts moderator
  7. i would like to nominate @Silverad for being an great staff he is very helpful i love him to death and i do believe he deserves staff of the week
  8. changes

    I Would like to get an spot that allows me to help players more accurately so i will be going after on of the positions that have power to help the growth of the community
  9. Lol if your going to hack atleast hide it........... there is no way you legit are scoped this aint csgo cant flick headshot like that and then legit you kill one then insta switch to another.......
  10. I would have to nominate the 2 deputy overseers for there non stop hard work and effort they put into the server daily they make sure everything is fine and if staff have problems they deal with it. @XxIllusionZz420 and @Donka
  11. General Information FIRE Channel Name: Fire's Savage Squad Position in the Community: Staff Reason for Channel: So i can chill and have private talks with my boy's Agreements / Terms By Accepting to these terms you agree that you have read and understand all rules of the Hearthigen TeamSpeak, and at any time that you break the rules or misuse the powers of the channel ranks. Your channel can be deleted and you may not be able to reapply for another channel for a set period of time. I Agree. By Accepting to these terms you agree that if you do not join the TeamSpeak with in 30days. That your channel will be deleted and you will have to reapply for another channel.
  12. Okay listen me and gamin both warned you and then you come on disrespecting again calling him an pussy that is an 1 day ban I could of made it less but I wasn't dealing with your you were warned multiple time and then you do it again I'm sorry but an 1 day but was justified and you need to be an man and take the punishment.
  13. Okay as many now our Jb server is becoming very hard to play on and have fun. The players like to not respect the staff when your under top teir and they will mic spam scream and some people are getting scared to do that like some new officers. Well to all the new officer if this happens to you dont be afiraid to do your job as our Jb server is becoming cancerious by the day and when i got on like a day ago i was told to get on because all the mass rdming that was going on and today i got on and scott was on to to see this happen the mic spam and our new officers did not know how to handle it im just advising that us staff should be more strict than we are.
  14. Cleary this was an day made for mass rdm I'm sorry you had to go through this day.