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  1. I've played this before and it was very fun and entertaining but rounds take awhile like almost 20 minutes each which can be unfun to people who have died and/or joined.
  2. What if I gave the command jumping is now kos, kos overrides commands. Then I decide to do Simon says and then say Simon says jump, wouldn't all the prisoner's be kos due to them jumping or not doing simons command. If simon says to do something like jump, normally the prisoners that wouldn't jump would be KOS since this game is the prisoners have to do what Simon says. So if the warden says "Simon says jump" they would normally have to jump. If the warden just says "jump" those who jump would be kos. Therefore, wouldn't this make all prisoners kos since all kos override commands and jumping would be kos? And those who did not jump would be kos from the game. Basically I would consider this baiting.