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  1. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who as welcomed me back since I have been here I really appreciate all of you. (A very short one but I just wanted to say thank you)
  2. Hello everyone, Another competition for you guys to do if you are bored. This is the Hearthigen Shortest Story Competition. All you have to do is comment below a very short story about ANYTHING. The best story will win. Winner will be announced this Friday. Good luck!
  3. Thank you to everyone who competed in "The Hearthigen Meme Competition" I still love everyone who competed, especially you KING ❤️ Here are the results! Runner-up - @Sage with his Hearthigen Cock. Winner - @Kevin With his Hearthigen Homemade Character. Also, it is his birthday so can we get a Happy BDAY and a GG in the chat?
  4. Happy Birthday, @Kevin we love you!

    1. KiNG


      No we dont

    2. Afro


      @KiNG How dare you. 

  5. Afro


    Sage was community banned. Reason: Sending Nudes
  6. You put the milk in first..... I'm dead
  7. @Kevin He isn’t afk freezing he’s KOS
  8. Haha, so if you wanna win my virtual afro then put some homemade fresh Hearthigen memes down below. Suprise me. Winner will be announced next Monday. Good luck! This is just a weird fun competition I thought about. PLEASE WELCOME BACK THE CRINGE HEARTHI-TITION!
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    Afro's Album Cover
  10. Is there an event co ordinator I can pass this onto??