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  1. Hey guys, it's been a while but I'm hoping to actually be part of the community again, maybe not staff but still here
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    2. Jaws


      P. Good, kinda boring summer though. Lots of new staff, lots of old staff gone tho
    3. Nova


      Yeah, shit's been kicking. Talk to us soon when you do get on TS.
    4. Lil' Poof

      Lil' Poof

      JAWS AAA!
  2. Alright well I guess I am temp retired for now. I will be coming back, eventually, probably over the summer, but until then, SEE YA LATER
  3. yo @[8:@kanalumaddela] why do I still got ma other tags
  4. Important

    Oh Nein I think I need the DarkRP certified thing cuz heli said I'll be put as an officer until j retain my rank after like a training thing
  5. Discussion

    woo thats me
  6. Important

    I am going to say Earl or moon all the way. They are both super dedicated, nice people, even to me haha, they take this community extremely seriously and one of them more that deserve this position.
  7. Kanal is currently in the process of finishing up the rest of the icons for the ranks and adding them when they're complete =)
    1. Jaws


      okay yeah I've been just a bit, well, yeah
  8. hey @[8:@kanalumaddela] so I've been a little bit, away, from the forums this week, so is there a reason that I can only see my head mod, etc.
    1. Killer Memestar

      Killer Memestar

      the forums just died
  9. Loving your new signature. XD
    1. Jaws


      thanks earl, haha
  10. Important

    Alright well my reply may seem harsh compared to all the others that have been said, and I still do very much like you hotline, but I don't think that you should just get your position back. This is not me saying that you should completely lose staff, but I feel you should have to climb your way back up from a lower rank, go back to the roots so to speak, as to be sure that this won't happen again. I know this may sound harsh, but I am just speaking from a logical standpoint and this doesn't reflect how I feel about hotline, I do very much like you, but I just feel that some sort of punishment should be dealt.
  11. Actually pretty solid rules, but I'll still try to think of loopholes. Oh wait make sure to put that you can't intentionally look for loopholes
  12. Important

    Name: Jaws Why I should be approved: Cuz I will blackmail u bb It is downloaded
  13. Alright well I'm going to join the heli appreciation bandwagon and talk about how you've kept this community together through the worst of it, you're awesome
  14. http://hearthigen.com/index.php?threads/corruption-a-hearthigen-overview.2226/#post-15794 - EVERYBODY PLEASE LOOK AT THIS SOON
  15. It should be a townie server