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  1. Yeah who are you? jk glad you're back and I hope you revive Prophunt again #MakeProphuntGreatAgain
  2. But don't you think it would be fun having them? I just made this post because I was messing around on sled build and thought what if we had thrusters? Idk it's just a suggestion I thought of that could spice up the server a little bit.
  3. There can only be one froggy, besides I bet you couldn't even name every position I have @Pizzablawk
  4. I remember you, we didn't really hang out the last time you were here, but maybe this time will be different 😁. Welcome back.
  5. Well, this was a great thing to wake up to. Confusing tho, are you applying to take my position or are you applying for a server named rarefroggy? 🤔
  6. This is not for dark rp, this is for the sled build server which has no suggestion form. WHY CAN'T YOU USE THRUSTERS? For some reason someone removed access to use thrusters for people. I need thrusters.
  7. Here's my full idea, Medieval Towny (A Factions-Towny server). This server will allow you to make a country and build it into a great empire. So say I hop on the server and I want to make a country, well with the towny plugin I can make borders and let everyone know they're in my country. Say I create a country called Fronada (Frog-Canada) and I let all of my friends join. I make myself King and make a list of rules everyone in my kingdom have to obey. There could be jobs too. So you could be a guard for a kingdom or a farmer that grows food and sells it to the kingdom. But this is where factions come in. Say one of my guards destroyed the crops of a farmer who lives in your kingdom, the farmer goes to you telling you what happened. You the king of Death Crusaders declare war on my kingdom. You burn my farms so my people starve and you win every battle against my army. I surrender, and you my new king can decide what to do with Fronada. You could take some materials or maybe some people for slaves.... or maybe... conquer my kingdom and grow your great empire. There's a lot of things you could do on this server and I think this would be awesome, but maybe that's just my love for the medieval ages. What do you guys think?
  8. About a year ago (or maybe it was a few months ago I can't remember) I made a post about my most played games on steam, it's been a while and things have changed so I thought I would update it. 1. Garry's Mod (798 Hours) 2. Rocket League (465 Hours) 3. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (285 Hours) 4. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (260 Hours) 5. Europa Universalis IV (198 Hours) 6. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition (139 Hours) 7. Mount & Blade: Warband (45 Hours) 8. Chivalry: Medieval Warfare (38 Hours) 9. Primal Carnage: Extinction (28 Hours) 10. Golf With Your Friends (27 Hours) Yes I know I don't have many hours in these games but that's because my Froggy steam account was made in 2015, so it's pretty new. I used to play on a different account before this one. Tbh this list kind of surprised me, I was shocked how high up csgo was considering I just bought the game like 4 months ago. But I've been playing it so much it's weird that it's still under Skyrim. It's been a year since I've played skyrim, it's not that I don't like it it's just that I broke it. I put so many mods on it that it messed with the files and broke the game. I could remove all of the mods and reinstall it but deleting thousands of mods isn't something I fine fun. So now when I play skyrim on PC I play special edition because that one isn't broken (yet). I own 4 copies of skyrim so if I added up all of the hours spent on all of them it would beat Garry's Mod by hundreds. Enough about me. What are your top 10 most played games on steam and why? Also maybe next week I'll do a top 5 most played games of all time which will count every console and just anything you can play games on.
  9. This might have been done on purpose. You have to understand these are donator classes. If someone donated just so they can play as these classes then they should be allowed to just become whatever they want without having to be a different class beforehand. Maybe it is a bug and I wouldn't mind if they did make it so you had to be a doctor before you can be a psychiatrist, but in my opinion it's not a big deal and doesn't need to be fixed.