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  1. Hee hee hee, glad ya liked it ;3
  2. [SPOILER="Forgetful, Part 1"]I slid to a stop and pressed my back against the brick wall, my breath forming small clouds in the chill air. Looking down, my fingers fumbled with the clip in my glock pistol. After a few moments, I managed to slide it out of the magazine. Shots rang out nearby. I quickly glanced back around the corner to see [USER=1285]@Onyxfang[/USER] fall to the ground, causing little puffs of snow to fly up. [USER=807]@ChewBacca[/USER] stood over the body, M16A3 in hand. I ducked back into cover, beads of sweat beginning to appear on my forehead. I turned the clip around in my trembling hands, looking inside it. Six shots left. As I heard the footsteps approaching from around the corner, I jammed the clip back into my glock and pulled back the slide. I heard the distinctive metallic sound that signified the gun is ready to fire. And after that single sound, all went silent. My heartbeat echoed in my ears, louder and louder, as I pressed myself further back against the cold brick wall. The tip of an M16 came into view, followed by a shoulder. Without a second's hesitation, I jammed my glock into that shoulder and pulled the trigger. I let out a battle cry as I emptied those last six bullets into [USER=807]@ChewBacca[/USER]. I saw his face as he fell to the frosty ground, in shock. The glock trembled in my hand. My fingers loosened and let it fall to the ground with a clunk. [I]I got him. It's over.[/I] I knelt to the ground, inspecting the body of the traitor [USER=807]@ChewBacca[/USER]. I felt cold metal brush my fingers. [I]Score, [/I]I thought to myself, as I pulled a knife out from his coat. I twirled the blade around once or twice, getting a feel for its balance. Satisfied, I tucked it away in the pouch near my hip. Standing up, I was just about to leave, when I noticed a slip of paper peeking out from under [USER=807]@ChewBacca[/USER]'s body. Kneeling down once again, I teased the paper out from underneath his arm. Holding it out in front of me, I saw the words "Wire 3" written on it in ink. [I]A bomb! [/I]I thought to myself. [I]A C4 is planted somewhere in this area, and I'm the only one with the knowledge to defuse it.[/I] I took off running, my boots creating dark footprints in the snowy drifts.[/SPOILER] [SPOILER="Forgetful, Part 2"]As I ran through the empty snow-covered streets, I kept a lookout for any signs of movement. Rounding the corner of an old abandoned warehouse, I was confronted with a sight that immediately prompted me to crouch against the wall out of sight. Three figures were huddled together in the center of the street a little ways ahead, and it looked like they were talking. I slowly crept along the wall, trying to get close enough to overhear their conversation. "-looks like [USER=317]@Nikki_Page[/USER] might be a traitor after all," one of the soldiers was saying. "Yeah, she certainly didn't have any qualms about using that shotgun on [USER=1266]@Archthious[/USER] ," another muttered. Now that I was close enough, I could see that the three were in fact [USER=1336]@Lazy120[/USER], [USER=1237]@Sarcothice[/USER], and [USER=1235]@MiddleClassAsian[/USER]. Confident that they were innocent based on their conversation, I stood up fully and stepped out of the shadow cast by the decrepit building. The three jumped a bit and raised their guns. "It's alright, guys, it's just me," I said, raising my hands a little as I walked towards them. "But we have no time for small talk; I have the instructions for how to disarm a C4 that is planted somewhere in this area. Any idea where it might be?" [USER=1237]@Sarcothice[/USER] and [USER=1235]@MiddleClassAsian[/USER] lowered their weapons and shook their heads, indicating that they had no idea where the bomb might be.@Lazy120 however kept his Galil trained squarely at me, with a face set like flint. "You're bad, Cat!" he exclaimed. "You're baaaaaaad!" His finger slowly started to tighten on the trigger. "Woah, woah, woah, hold on there @Lazy120!" I said, halting my advance. "It's okay, I'm not a traitor! I actually killed one earlier, see?" Upon saying this, I dipped my hand down towards where I had stored [USER=807]@ChewBacca[/USER]'s knife, deftly pulling it out and showing it to the three soldiers before me. The blade glinted in the winter sun. Looking at [USER=1336]@Lazy120[/USER]'s face once again, I realized this may not have been my best move. There was no real proof that I had killed a traitor, after all, and pulling out a traitor-only weapon in front of a panicked and armed man probably wasn't a good idea. "You... you... is that your knife?!" Lazy yelled, the Galil wobbling in his grasp. Before I could open my mouth to reply, a shot rang out. Thinking [USER=1336]@Lazy120[/USER] had shot me, I grimaced and shut my eyes against the pain that was sure to come. After a few moments, I noticed I was still very much alive. Opening my eyes, I looked down at my chest. No bullet holes. I glanced up to see [USER=1336]@Lazy120[/USER] still holding his gun, but his focus was no longer on me. [USER=1237]@Sarcothice[/USER] stood in shock with a hole in his forehead. He turned his head slowly to return [USER=1336]@Lazy120[/USER]'s surprised gaze, and slid to the ground. [USER=1235]@MiddleClassAsian[/USER] pointed towards a window on the third floor of an office building. "There!" The glint of a sniper rifle could be seen from the location that [USER=1235]@MiddleClassAsian[/USER] was pointing at. "Alright Middle, let's take care of that sniper!" Lazy shouted, before turning his attention back to me. "We can't afford to trust Cat though." I widened my eyes in shock as he raised his Galil and fired. Time ground to a halt. I felt myself already diving to the left in a desperate attempt to avoid the rain of bullets. Noticing the knife was still in my hands, I drew it back to throw at Lazy. Bullets whizzed past as I let the knife fly. It spun end over end, arcing towards my unexpected attacker. As my shoulder hit the hard-packed snow, the blade embedded itself in [USER=1336]@Lazy120[/USER]'s chest, dropping him to the ground as well. As time resumed its normal speed, I felt my shoulder burning from the impact, but looking over myself I saw that none of the bullets had hit me. [I]Whew, that was close[/I], I thought to myself. A shadow fell across me. Looking up, I saw [USER=1235]@MiddleClassAsian[/USER] standing over me, AK-47 in hand. "You killed Lazy, Cat. I can't allow that, even if he is a dooshbag," he said, taking aim with his weapon. [I]Well, this is it now. I have no weapons.[/I] Before I had a chance to even attempt anything, another sniper shot rang out. [USER=1235]@MiddleClassAsian[/USER] crumpled to the dirty snow, felled by the same sniper that killed [USER=1237]@Sarcothice[/USER]. I quickly forced myself to my feet. I debated grabbing a weapon from the three that had fallen, but thought better of it. That sniper would get me for sure. I took off running for cover behind the warehouse wall, out of sight from the third-story window. One last shot rang out just as I entered the shadow of the wall. I saw a chunk of brick get knocked loose from the corner.[I] That's one accurate sniper, [/I]I thought to myself, knowing that had I hesitated one second longer, I would have shared the fate of [USER=1237]@Sarcothice[/USER] and@MiddleClassAsian. Gasping for breath in the cover of the wall, I thought of my next move. I had gained no further information on the whereabouts of the bomb. But, risking a peek around the corner to look at the third-story window, I figured I knew somebody who might be able to help me with that. "I'm coming for you, mysterious sniper," I whispered in determination.[/SPOILER] [SPOILER="???, Part... 3?"] "Damn it! This damned gun, I almost shot him!" Holding the gun in my hand, I slammed the metal barrel of the sniper rifle against the ground, then I brought it back to the window. Peering through the scope, I saw [USER=7]@ForgetfulCat[/USER] scurrying away, back from where he came before that trio of innocents died. A bold move like that would earn someone a bullet in the back of the head. But [USER=7]@ForgetfulCat[/USER] wasn't just "someone"... The sound of a lower level door being opened made my heart skip a beat. "Alright, you piece of shit, time to die!" [USER=1272]@Ergadactyl[/USER]. His voice was recognizable. I tossed the rifle aside and replaced it with my trusty shotgun, its blood-coated barrel aimed at the opening in the floor; the only way in, the only way out. The sound of chunky boots ran against the ground, going towards the ladder up. The metal clanging of him climbing grew louder as he got to the second floor. He ought to be careful though... "Shit--!!" As I predicted, he slipped on the frozen metal and fell to the ground. It sounded like it hurt. I used this to my advantage and went down a level to hide. As I knelt behind a pile of boxes, I heard him getting back up and climbing, then I saw him scurry past me and go to the other ladder. Looked like he didn't let the fall bother him. As he began to climb the second ladder up, I swiftly followed behind, letting his rowdy movements mask my own. He stepped onto the floor and walked forward, weapon in hand, ready to kill. The crunching of the broken glass allowed me to sneak up without him noticing. "Hm... This is it alright. There's the rifle, but where's--" I answered his question with loading the barrel. [USER=1272]@Ergadactyl[/USER] stood frozen in place as the muzzle caressed the back of his neck. "Wh-... B-... How?! I don't even get to know who the traitor is?!" "You already know who it is, Erg~" "No..." He craned his neck to look at me. "I- You- I-I trust you! How could you, N--" The trigger of my gun cut him off. Crimson red splatters forward, painting the wall, ceiling, and floor with its beautiful color. The echo of the shot spread out over the snow; any deaf fool could've heard it. My cover's blown; gotta move. I reload my shotgun and consider what to leave or take. The rifle stays because there's no other good sniping points here that don't conceal as well as this. I grab the detective's badge and check the back to see how many credits I have left. A gentle, flickering one is lit up on the back of the small, cracked screen. Compared to my device, it also says one, along with goodies I can purchase and get air-dropped in. So, two credits, a shotgun with five rounds with a spare eight, a dead partner, and at least a handful of innocents to put to rest. Can't be that hard. The C4 [USER=807]@ChewBacca[/USER] planted a few buildings should go off in a few good minutes, "Hopefully Cat doesn't go near it." Before I turn around to leave this place for good, I step over [USER=1272]@Ergadactyl[/USER]'s body and grab my rifle one last time. I peer through the scoop to see if anyone is out and about; why would they be? It's cold as shit outside, and a blizzard looks like it's about to blow through, judging the clouds. If they're all holding up in the separate buildings, it'll be hard to find them, let alone separate them. I won't be able to walk around as freely as I please. That aside, tossing the useless weapon down, I descend down the ladder to leave the building for good. After all, I still have a job to do. [/SPOILER]
  3. I may make dumb uniforms for the Embassy like I did with the Faction, who wants in
  4. mfw four TTT admins and five refs needed
  5. Introduction

    [QUOTE="ForgetfulCat, post: 19086, member: 7"]Welcome back Nikki. You ain't trash.[/QUOTE] i am aND YOU KNO IT
  6. Introduction

    [QUOTE="kanalumaddela, post: 19084, member: 8"]I suggest [USER=7]@ForgetfulCat[/USER] disables any shotgun or weps with shotgun characteristics when nikki is on[/QUOTE] #get rekt #360 noscope this BITCH #rekt rekt rekt rekt #im not the scrub #u r
  7. [URL='']DO YOU REMEMBER ME NOW?![/URL] *ahem* yo. For those of you who don't know me, the name's Nikki. I'm just your local piece of trash. That's all. For those of you who DO remember me... I'M BACK BITCHES! Let me tell y'all a story: Undertale. It came out. I became obsessed. A friend I know irl posted a status on Facebook, saying how they were helping some friends with voice acting for Undertale. Being the obsessive trash I am, I inquired, and I was auditioned for the group. I got in, and from that point on, we just GREW. That's what I've been spending most of my time with. Just... being trashy for Undertale. For those of you who do remember me, I'm sorry for up and disappearing. I did frequently check the forums, but that was about it. Eventually, I stopped doing even that. I made a lot of new friends with this voice acting gig, and I just got wrapped up in that, and in them. (If you're curious as to see the work I've done, you can check out our channel [URL=''][U]here[/U][/URL] :3) Well, I suppose I better properly introduce myself. The name's Nikki. I was an admin back in ye old times of the group, but as you all know by now, I disappeared to be trash. I have a [URL='']Tumblr[/URL] that I frequently use, I draw, and I'm on Skype a lot (because of the voice acting thing). Um... I'm trash? Like, very weeby, nerdy, trashy, etc. Oh, and I also write. And role play. Yeah, just fking trash. I don't know anything else?? If you want to get to know me, just talk with me, see me talk, I don't know?? WORDS??? That's all I got lol
  8. Getting back into TTT~! mfw need refs for application
  9. Yes, hello, I finally decided to rejoin the group. My reasoning? SO I CAN LINK THIS!! HAVE FUN ;) ;) ;)
  10. Welcome to the forums! Enjoy your stay! Dont hesitate to message a forum staff member if you have any questions or conserns. To apply for member please look at this. Also join our TeamSpeak @
  11. Welcome to the forums! Hope you enjoy your stay! If you would like to apply for member, go to Application Forms at the top and apply there! Good to see you again Nikki.