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  1. Memories.
  2. That does actually make me less salty, but that's also sad. Poor loot. :(
  3. I agree with that thinking, but on the other hand, traitors getting stuck in their own grav nades is already detrimental to them, since there's no guarantee you'll survive a grav nade. Main reason I changed it is not because you guys asked for it, but rather that people from other servers did. I can always change ours back
  4. I'm a genius, so the grav nade now gives you back your credits after you unragdoll. However, I don't want to update the Workshop version of the Grav Nade until we are sure the changes are stable. So I implore all TTT players to help me test this. TL;DR Use the grav nade a sh** ton.
  5. I will wink at you so hard that your sleeping bag will spontaneously combust.
  6. Let me preface this by saying that I'm salty as f***. @Boxic was supplied by Baby Lyon (I don't know if that's Lyon or not) on the Rust Vanilla server, and he blew up everyone else's base and took all their stuff, including me. And that's all fine, but he did something that I find pointless, and every Rust player does it. He killed the sleepers and destroyed the sleeping bags. Why? It doesn't benefit the raider at all; it just ruins the fun of the victims. It's spiteful, as far as I can tell, unless I am missing something. Looting is fine, it's part of the game. Destroying part of the base is fine, you need to get in somehow. But killing and destroying sleeping bags? Can anybody enlighten me on why people do this? (PS: I give you props, Boxic, you did well. I'm still salty, but ya know, that's Rust.)
  7. These folks are correct. It's a shame, but not too big a deal usually.
  8. This is a silly statement. Debate is healthy, don't try to squash it. Some people seem to be getting more emotional than they should in this topic, sure, but arguments are good things; they help us all understand why we believe what we believe. And everyone is entitled to an opinion (obviously, that fact has been drilled into all of us Americans from a young age, thanks public education), but people can debate about their opinions. Just because someone has an opinion doesn't mean it is unassailable. Most likely true. That puts too much power in our hands and takes away the voices of members and lower staff. I don't like that.
  9. I'd like to take a moment to address this question, as it seems to be what you're most confused about. I'll avoid touching on the rest of your question as it seems to have been beat to death by multiple people already. Being active, friendly, and outgoing are the most important qualities of a staff member. Knowing the rules is secondary, believe it or not. Active staff are learning staff, since they are consistently on the server, therefore learning more about the gamemode and how to staff effectively. Friendly/outgoing staff make people feel welcome in the server; they make the game fun to play. Gmod is a social game, without a doubt, no matter what gamemode is being played. What makes a server fun is the people on it. A server can be the best coded, most addon-packed gamemode ever, but if the people aren't fun to play with, it won't do well. Friendliness is key to the popularity of a server. And friendly staff are even more important. In TTT specifically, people are less likely to RDM if the staff are friendly to them (trust me, I've seen it from all sides, as staff, member, and piece of sh** RDMer). So you've listed the most important aspects of being a staff member. A willingness to learn is the last important quality, which ensures that they will know the rules eventually if they don't already. Officer is a rank for learning how to staff; as somebody else mentioned, friendliness and activity are things that people inherently have, rules can be learned.
  10. I am Master Chief (only '90s kids will get it): 00d3946ba7.jpg

  11. Oh it's rustv currently (v for vendet- vanilla). I personally prefer IP's I suppose, so I didn't put the other.
  12. Hearthigen's second Rust server is up, and this time it's vanilla! There are some basic commands and a live map; information on those can be found by typing /help in server chat. Enjoy IP- Can also be found in server browser under "Modded" (even though it's not really modded)
  13. 1) Use common sense. Do not be stupid. Respect others building. 2) Don't spam. This includes mic, props, and chat. 3) Don't try to crash the server. 4) Don't use any cheats/exploits. Breaking this rule will result in a kick/ban with a warning. 5) Don't be annoying, disrespectful or rude to any players or staff. 6) No offensive/inappropriate sprays. 7) No racism or prejudicial behavior - 1. Mute; 2. Kick; 3. Hour Ban 8) No casual use of racial/prejudicial names and curses in public chat - 1-2. Warning; 3. Mute; 4. Kick 9) No advertising - 1. Mute; 2. Kick; 3. Month Ban 10) Listen to the staff. 11) Occasional swearing is allowed but no abuse or offensive behavior towards other players - 1. Warning; 2. Kick; 3. Hour Ban 12) Trying to make the server lag or crash - 1. 3-Month Ban 13) This is a build/kill server. That means do not kill players who have their physgun, gravity gun or tool gun out or who are obviously building. Only kill players who have their weapons out and are visibly death-matching. 14) Any threats of DDoS/hacking the server will result in an instant ban. Also, typing something like 'I am using hax xD just kidding' will get you kicked without warning, even if you weren't actually using hacks. 15) Do not prop abuse. E.g prop-pushing/prop-surfing/prop-killing/prop-blocking or generally being a prop minge. 16) Remove your unused props. Or an Admin will and an Admin will remove ALL your props. 17) If you have access to the duplicator (which you get at a certain rank) then please refrain from spawning big duplication that will cause lag spikes. If you start spamming big dupes or try to make the server lag on purpose, then you WILL be punished and it might involve you losing access to the duplicator. Same goes with Wire. Don't use it to annoy other players or cause lag on purpose. 18) You will be granted Noclip at TBD rank and duplicator at TBD rank. See below for more info. 19) Do not abuse the radio addon {spam music or ear-rape to annoy players.} 20) Do not abuse Pac3 {Make yourself unkillable, smaller than 0.5, make naked skins or ear-rape with custom audio} 21) Do not abuse E2 {Make machines that make you OP / Unkillable}
  14. This is the full changelog from vanilla TTT to our current server. Additions: · Basic Hearthigen server bling, I won’t list that here; it’s a secret · CSGO HUD · Clean Mapvote · F4 Leaderboards · F8 Damagelogs · TTT ULX Commands · TTT Scoreboard w/ Custom Ranks · Scoreboard Right Click Menu · Spectator Deathmatch with F7 Statistics · ULX Playurl · Hitmarkers · Exploding Heads · Gunstats · End Round Music · TTT Killer Info · Voice Chat Displays Playermodel · CS:S Weapons · MR-CA1 Assault Rifle · Contender Sniper Rifle · M16-A4 (Semi-Automatic M16) · Silenced Sniper Rifle · AWP Traitor Sniper · A300 Traitor Pistol · Headcrab Launcher for Traitors · Jihad for Traitors (with custom sound and right-click taunts) · Cat Launcher Traitor Weapon · ID Bomb for Traitors · ID Defuser for Detectives · Advanced Disguiser for Traitors · Grav Nade for Traitors · Flamethrower for Traitors · Negev Detective Weapon · Dubstep Gun for Detectives · Defibrillator for Detectives and Traitors · Remote Sticky Bomb for Traitors · Remote Sticky Bomb Defuser for Detectives · Old Bessie for Detectives (Long Range Shotgun) · Many maps Tweaks: · Increased Jump Height and Health Regeneration for all players · Detectives spawn with 2 credits instead of the default 1 · Players will not be auto-kicked for namechanging · Players will not be auto-kicked for low karma · Throwing grenades is disabled during preparing stage · Nerfed shotguns (too OP in vanilla TTT) · Adjusted various weapons (I don’t remember, ok?) · Magnum Fire Rate is greatly increased (it’s high noon) · Traitor Knife is One Hit Kill · Buffed Traitor Silenced Pistol · Increased Default Ammo Count for all normal weapons (scavenging for ammo is lame) · Double Elites now fire two bullets for each shot (cuz there’s two of them, so it makes sense) · Attempted to balance weapons to make them all viable PointShop: · Playermodels · Trails · Hats and Masks · Weapons (one-use only) · Loadouts with those same weapons (for donators) · Donator playermodels (two for bronze, two for silver, two for gold) · Donator crowbar reskins (for silver+ donors) · Throwable boot with right-click taunts (for gold+ donors) · Discounts for items as donor levels increase Fixes: · Detective cannot drop DNA scanner as it will duplicate if they do
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