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  1. Hap Birth. TTYL, bst wishs. Hav gud birth.

  2. same Also I love you, Silverad!!
  3. That’s the best thing I’ve read for a while xD And a good attitude to have, quite honestly! Neat! I like friends.
  4. POOPDOG YEAHHHH!!!! You’re not just any dick, you’re my di- never mind.
  5. Hey, you’re probably better at it than me! I know a little bit of C and some Gmod LUA (obviously), but my knowledge of all things programming is very limited. *claps* A good idea! I may just do that!
  6. That… is awesome. You are awesome. I used to read a lot, I kinda suck now and it takes me a month or so to get through one book (cuz I get distracted by everything else). But people who read are the gr8est!
  7. no u
  8. Happy to see you made it back to us, Shadow! <3
  9. Ye, but it's Unturned, so it'll be less annoying when it happens (I think).
  10. I am fully aware of that fact, but I put the password on it to prevent people who don't view our forums from getting on. If they're viewing our forums (even if they're a guest), I'm fine with them having it, because at least that means they're interested in Hearthigen. (And this server may push them to join)
  11. =^-^= Ayyy Hearthigen, we have an Unturned (vanilla) server now! This is the IP: This is the port: 27015 This is the password: ForgettiesTBH *This is a server for Hearthigen members + friends, that's why there's a password. ____________________________________________________________________ Unturned has received massive updates recently (as usual). It now has NPCs that give out quests, tons of new maps, unique zombie classes, zombie bosses, and as always, more items to use! If you have played it in the past and haven't yet tried these new updates, please do so! It's epic!
  12. Dad, I couldn't sleep so I browsed the interwebs and found something you might enjoy 


    1. ForgetfulCat


      That's amazing! I appreciate the small details of cats holding their guitars upside-down or eating. Thanks for this, son. =^-^=