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  1. well tossing my 2 cents thats a toggle =O
  2. thats LIGIT someone point out a flaw cause i dont see any
  3. i think i know whatv your saying i could do that next update but that wont be for a while
  4. v1.2 yea sooon
  5. get on ts and explain it to me
  6. so people complained that had 6 months to try and have what they wanted in the map and people still complained cause they never spoke up so heres some pics of what it will look like not muc other than looks has changed so before i send a copy to be put on server anything else not too big that you think i should add let me know
  7. goiing to try and make my map less laggy  prolly be accepting suggestions

  8. thats wack wtf thats not even in the VMF of new summer lmfao wtff
  9. i would love to see my map back on the server.... not my maps fault people cant join from california :33_unamused:

    1. Show previous comments  9 more
    2. FatesDeath


      its orlando to be clear  if thats in cali or florda idk

    3. Alucard The Warden's Ex

      Alucard The Warden's Ex

      If I'm not wrong, your map is on the server as Fair Day(idk i haven't gone on for a week as I'm in the midst of getting my pc set up.)

    4. FatesDeath


      yea its been up since last night i renamed it  and theyu got it working

  10. so its up to kana to remove and edit every post good job =\ smh just so he has less of a reason so remove this my opinion is that it is fine how it is if it said "allauh ackbar infidel" would be wayy better but its fine how it is