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  1. It's my one year in Hearthigen. Wowza.

  2. come back

  3. i really didn't think the justice department could get more federal.
  4. +1. a very chill person who doesn't take everything 100% serious which we need more of in CR and council. He's an approachable person & just great all around :^)
  5. Can you not copy & paste this big ass text every time you see " Ferox's Deathrun Application " ? It's really annoying and you're just using the same opinion every time without even reconsidering " hey, maybe he has changed " just because you don't like him. +1. I have some faith that if Feroh gets this position he will do great things. He's applied for Overseer many times despite the fact that he's been denied many times which shows he truly cares about Deathrun and will not give up trying to help it.
  6. happy birthday :)