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  1. You're doing a great job! keep it up!
  2. You smart, you loyal, you’re grateful. I appreciate that.
  3. NO I MISSED YOUR BDAY I Am SOrry For NOT SAying Happy Bday So Happy Late bday to the coolest Guy ever
  4. Sorry I have not been on my computer broke and I am trying to fix it so sorry guys
  5. Can anyone make me super mod in jb
  6. Be on today after a long time of not being on sorry guys
  7. Nice name thing XD
  8. Sorry that I have not been on lately have just had a lot of projects and crap be on soon
  9. Important

    Congrats to those promoted gg
  10. You got promoted nice gg :)
    1. P1NGU


      Your comment got promoted nice gg :)
  11. Important

    I most likely well come not sure don't have the game yet
  12. Welcome to staff
  13. Important

    Aayyyy yeah
  14. Life's been great with this community :)