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  1. Can I have your picture so I can show Santa what I want for Christmas?

  2. Important

    On EXT I spammed and sent a number to intentionally troll, I am truly sorry for this and as a result I've decided to reflect on this and my immediate thought was to take a break. From everything, online. I will still check occasionally, but I'll be offline a lot for now on, I don't know how long. I just need to think away from the internet. Again, I truly am sorry and understand why everything happened. Hope to see you again soon
  3. Important

    [QUOTE="ForgetfulCat, post: 6163, member: 7"]THT's not what I would consider RIP, but it is empty a lot of the time. But why is that? Because people don't get on it. It is [I]entirely[/I] the community's choice whether it RIP's or not. If about 2-3 people get on at the same time, it takes off, the majority of the time.[/QUOTE] >communitys choice >communties choice is usually no.
  4. Important

    And tht over here on the other hand.... Rip.
  5. [QUOTE="Moon, post: 5968, member: 25"]Still waiting for that PM to help you...[/QUOTE] I got it solved, thanks though
  6. [QUOTE="Gore, post: 5931, member: 86"][FONT=Tahoma][SIZE=7][COLOR=#a6ff4d]Goddammit Wishful why would you delete it in the first place? Is that email also linked to your Steam? [/COLOR][/SIZE] [COLOR=#a6ff4d][SIZE=7]Aside from that, Wishful is the new Skyy. Good job.[/SIZE][/COLOR][/FONT][/QUOTE] Yes but u can change it all u need is password But I dont have a password here because im stupid
  7. So uhm I changed my google account (deleted made new email) without changing this email first, and now I'm kinda screwed. I never had a password due to using steam login and now I can't change my email and can't make a password since you need an email for that (it has to be sent but my old one doesnt exist anymore) Plz help
  8. Discussion

    I know it isn't popular... But Morbus/Gmod Its a pretty good game
  9. Hai tyler remember me :D from simsrp?
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    2. Wishful Kitty

      Wishful Kitty

      I didn't think you would be here again c:
    3. TylerWard


      what do you mean i was never part of this community before
    4. Wishful Kitty

      Wishful Kitty

      I meant I would see you again
  10. Is it possible to sexually harass kittens Wishful?
  11. 165 positive ratings 5 negative ratings how...
    1. Pirate Jay

      Pirate Jay

      Welll during christmas most of my posts got "You Need Jesus" soooo
  12. Thanks for the 26 alerts... jesus .-.
  13. Humor

    Phew at least im safe from heli
  14. Important

    Im up for unturned and hidden