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  1. Hi, it’s me! A lot of you don’t know who I am, don’t remember me, or maybe you do. I won’t be going on the server anymore sadly but I’d like to say thank you. During my time in this community, I was struggling with anorexia. I have hospitalized for a bit for that and depression. (which isn't good but I’m better now) Talking to my friends on here and in real life have really helped me. So thank you for helping me through my life! 

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    2. Heliuxen


      Slender! Glad to hear from you! Hope all is better as you have said! Thanks for being a shining light!

    3. Lil' Poof

      Lil' Poof

      I’ve missed you! I always wonder where everyone goes when they don’t show up for a while, but you’re strong. Proud of you.

    4. Rabbit


      <3 IVE MISSED YOU!!!